Friday, August 8, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Kuroshitsuji: Book of Cirus, Jojo Stardust Crusaders, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, One Piece

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Episode 5

Smile working hard LOL
He's never gonna get used to it.
At least he got a first hand experience about lower class people.
Sebastian just can't seem to get rid of the Reaper LOL
They keep getting paired up.
Freckles is one weird girl.
At least she helped him out.
I knew it was a matter of time before Ciel got sick.
He's totally not used to working.
I guess they found out as much as they could.
That Reaper is messing things up for them..

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 19

Kakyoin's bad dream was kinda scary.
Looks like his dream was not just a dream after all.
How low.. to use a baby as a killer.
Polnareff was taking that dream too lightly at first.
Dream killer, not bad.
Round & round we go with the plot..
Guess this will end next time.
At least they are a bit closer to Egypt now.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 5

Rinka meets the Professor.
He even has similar powers to Xavier LOL
So Peggy is a collector.
He is the one responsible for the appearance of the glowing fish.
Rinka got an interesting offer from him.
Interesting that he's connected to our Azuma.
Short background info was nice.
The flying ship came at a very convenient time for Rinka.
It was like a public announcement that espers are real.
Damn, Kyotaro & that surprise arrow attack.
Kobushi & Kyotaro got themselves into ESP trouble.
Luckily Rinka showed up at just the right time.
Professor is obviously a madman with nothing good planned.
Things are heating up!

Fairy Tail

Episode 19

Bombardment by eggs LOL
Damn, it was more like parachuting new soldiers.
They totally remind me of Aliens (the movie).
Guess non dragon slayer wizards basically have nothing to do.
They are basically only good as a diversion.
Zirconis is the only one not fighting.
He's basically chillin' and having fun ^^
Showing off and making humans squirm.
Lucy got felt up by that perverted Zirconis.
Natsu is having Rouge problems..
What if he really is too strong for Natsu?
Maybe he just needs additional motivation.
Lucy and clothes crisis ROFL
Looks like she found something interesting.
Good episode.

Sword Art Online II

Episode 6

That threat wasn't something Kirito could take lightly.
Flashback to SAO was interesting.
Attack on Laughing Coffin HQ explained some things.
No wonder Kirito got the creeps when he saw that tattoo.
Still, why was he scared shitless? Overreacting much?
Well, at least Sinon could relate to his state.
BoB round 2!
Kirito got a chance to vent his frustration.
Sinon round 5, the first they showed us, nice though.
Damn, I knew this would happen.
Kirito vs Sinon!
That was no battle, it was just drama.
I get that it was hard to fight..
When the finally got to it, it was good.


Episode 6

War against Earth is official.
Slaine is making an effort to find out more.
Vers sure used the Princess the start the war..
Poor girl didn't have a clue.
Halfway through the anime we finally get more info about Aldnoah.
Wonder when we'll be able see it..
Sudden attack on the ship made things more interesting.
Looks like another knight is gonna try out her luck.
She sure has an interesting mecha.
Our team caught a lucky break.
Looks like Slaine is defecting with a nice mecha.


Episode 6

Seishuu's friends got into trouble right from the start LOL
Those islanders don't have much tolerance for suspicious people.
Looks like they also know how to party ^^
Kawafuji & Kousuke are not just any visitors.
Damn, Kousuke is Seishuu's competition.
I was surprised he didn't get worked up about it.
Looks like Kousuke totally idolizes him ^^"
That kid was pretty insistent on Seishuu's return to Tokyo.
He was convinced the island was having a negative effect.
I'm glad Seishuu isn't easily convinced.
Guess he likes his current life & calligraphy style.
Nice episode.

One Piece

Episode 656

Law vs Doflamingo!
That was one epic fight.
I'm glad the Straw Hats managed to escape.
Brook was acting a bit wackier then usual.
Momo was worried sick about Kanjuro.
Sanji was up to his old tricks, thinking about Violet.
Bartolomeo was totally ROFL with his idolizing of Zoro.
Rebecca proved to be quite resourceful.
There is still some hope left.

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