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Current anime episodes comments - Haikyuu!!, Glasslip, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer


Episode 19

Aoba Johsai seem like a pretty strong team.
Oikawa is most dangerous as setter.
He's also good as a regular player.
LOL he also got all the TV attention.
Karasuno's meeting showed a nice analysis of Aoba Johsai's play.
It's finally here. Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai!
This is going to be even more nerve wracking..
Way to go Kageyama!!
Damn, can't wait to see more!


Episode 2

Touko caught an eye of an interesting guy.
Nagamiya was just a nuisance on Touko's date with Okikura.
It was a  good thing she left.
Looks like both Touko & Okikura can see fragments of the future.
Nagamiya seems to be a bit jealous of Okikura.
Maybe 'cause she's scared she'll lose Touko to him.
Poor Okikura, everyone sees him as competition.
Well, it's no wonder since every guy likes Touko.

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 6

Tatsumi & Leone make a good team.
Fighting for justice!
I wonder if she really has a thing for Tatsumi or is just messing with him..
Sheele & Mine vs Seryu & Coro!
Who knew that girl & little dog were so dangerous.
They're both monsters!
Our girls got themselves into serious trouble.
The fight was pretty intense.
Damn, I always thought Mine would be the one to die first.
Shame about Sheele. I was just starting to like her.
To top is all off Esdeath is back.
Next episode should be very interesting.

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 6

Just want kind of a monster is Aoba?
It's about time his hidden past gets revealed.
I mean we are halfway through the anime.
Well, at least he managed to rescue his Grams.
Mizuki & his crew weren't as lucky to get out without consequences.
Finally, Grams opens up & spills the beans.
Truth was awful and disturbing.
That Toue is one sick bastard!
Aoba's power got explained too.
Damn, when Grams put it like that.. it's a power with great responsibility.
Interesting that it was his power that harmed Mizuki.
So the turn of events forced him to go to Platinum Jail..

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 6

Yuzuki sure has a beautiful voice.
That girl is a true renaissance female.
Nozaki played basketball in Junior High?
Could not even imagine something like that.
He sure knows how to use people as help.
Wakamatsu sleeping problem solved.
If he knew it was Yuzuki's voice he'd flip.
I think that deep down he actually has a thing for her..
OMG! It turns out that she likes HIM!
She doesn't know how to express her feelings so she bullies him.
They are so much alike... *sigh*
Both of them are hopeless.
2nd part was kinda more serious.
So Wakamatsu ended up joining the manga team..
All of them are surrounded by weird girls.
Can't even use them to make a decent manga.

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 6

Pretending everything was OK to Yuuri was such a lie.
Futaba was totally in denial..
Yuuri was just too obvious about her feelings for Kou.
She was also full of all kinds of questions about him.
Kou certainly didn't appreciate Futaba's acting.
Futaba really enjoyed her alone time with Kou.
She is thinking about other people's feelings too much.
For once, her own happiness should come in first.
The truth will come out eventually & Yuuri will get hurt anyway.
Kou obviously shares Futaba's feelings..
Looks like love is stronger than friendship.
At least she was honest with herself.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 142

Hisoka vs Butler!
I always enjoy watching Hisoka fight.
His powers are cool & always interesting.
That grandma butler sure is full of surprises.
Those butlers sure are resourceful.
Killua finally spilled the beans to Gotoh.
Illumi isn't quitting his plan.
Using innocent people as a zombie army, scary!
Killua is determined to overcome every obstacle, even his own brother.
Damn, he must love Alluka & Gon a whole lot!
Hunter backup is on the way as well.
This could turn out to be a pretty big fight.
Or course some used it as a chance to promote themselves.

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 7

Everyone qualified for regionals.
Nagisa sure likes to eat protein powder a lot..
Regionals are not going to be easy.
They're up against Rin's team before that too.
Sousuke is going to participate.
It's not easy being the captain of a team.
Sometimes Rin has to make difficult choices.
Interesting how Haru isn't interested into getting scouted.
He's swimming purely 'cause he loves it.
That relay was intense as hell!!
This time Iwatobi was a bit off & not so lucky.
So Haru got scouted after all.. so did Rin.
They are going to have train hard to beat Samezuka.
Everyone except Haru just barely qualified.
Sousuke seems to be hiding something..

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