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Current anime episodes comments - DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!!, Naruto Shippuuden

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 7

Koujaku & Aoba were so cute when they were little.
Guess they have been friends for a long time.
Those 2 actually went to Platinum Jail. Dangerous!
That place was just beyond suspicious.
Guess they really are performing experiments on the masses.
Damn, even those immune to that are mean & dangerous people.
Ryuho sure is a piece of work too.
Him and Koujaku have an interesting past.
It got that bad that Aoba had to use Scrap on him..
Ryuho got what he deserved and Koujaku got better.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 7

Sakura got herself a date  ^^
Well, at least she was happy.
Nozaki saw it as an idea hunting..
The sailor uniform situation... ROFL
Nozaki sure can be weird.
Mikoshiba got caught in the bishoujo figure section LOL
Nozaki really does live in his own special world..
He is totally work obsessed.
For him everything revolves around making manga.
Mikoshiba got ambushed to pose for the art club LOL
They used him up nicely ^^
Still, he was pretty demanding on Sakura.
Even Nozaki joined in sketching & used it for manga again *facepalm*
Fun episode :)

Ao Haru Ride

Episode  7

Futaba needs to stop being sloppy.
After all she doesn't have to worry about her friends opinion.
She started worrying about the small stuff.
Guess she finally admitted her feelings to herself.
Futaba's history emerged.
It was interesting to see how things were back then.
She started to lose friends just 'cause she was popular with the boys.
Well, at least one of those friends apologized.
That gave Futaba something to think about regarding her Yuuri situation.
It was hard to tell her & jealousy started to emerge as well.
Thinking is easy, doing is hard.
Under the window encounter was totally sweet ^^
Kou is still playing hard to get though.
He even noticed something was off with Futaba & Yuuri.
Damn, he's an observant guy.
Futaba was guilt tripping herself in advance...

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 143

Those elections for chairman are something I'm not too interested in.
It's not like I need to know everything about the process.
Totally not into politics of things.
Pariston is so annoying.
Hope he doesn't win.
Anyone else is a better choice.
That grandma butler is pretty cool.
It was Killua's time to fight.
Illumi figured out his plan and caught up to him.
Luckily so did Killua's butlers..
That Hisoka sure is a weird one.
Hmmm... Killua proved a point to Illumi.
At least he got him off his back for a while.
So Hisoka is the bad one? Or is it Illumi?

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 8

Makoto as kids coach, kinda sweet ^^
Seems like his pretty good at it too.
A new character makes an appearance.
Looks like Kisumi was Makoto's friend from middle school.
Guess Haruka doesn't like him that much..
Kiumi's little brother, Hayato, was lucky to have the kind-hearted Makoto as a teacher.
Guess he's gonna be a backstroke swimmer like Makoto ^^
Gou can't swim ROFL
Wonder why she doesn't learn..
The disappointment was obvious when Makoto was told it was a temporary thing.
He loves it & the kids love it. Shame...
Sousuke info got revealed.
No wonder he's having problems with slower swim time.

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 8

A female band? Interesing.
They do come a bit strong though..
Also, the seem to be assassins LOL
Some of their fantasies were kinda hot & funny.
Seems like they like our guys ^^
In the end, it seems our guys made more friends.
That sure pissed off the government guys.

Love Stage!!

Episode 7

OMG! Epic beginning.
Didn't appreciate the censor though.
Was surprised to see Izumi confused & disappointed about Ryouma backing off.
Guess he does like him after all..
This anime sure is making nice progress.
Izumi's Lala-Lulu dreams are amusing.
Rei was seriously worried about Izumi.
Ryouma took that extra step for Izumi's manga just to cheer him up. Sweet!
That sure boosted his confidence ^^
It was nice to see Ryouma got acknowledged by Izumi, but their relationship still has a long way to go.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 373

That hokage barrier was amazing.
It managed to hold the 10 tails blast.
Madara was kinda funny.
Refusing to fight a clone & waiting for the real deal.
Of course they had to throw in some childhood flashbacks..
Still, they was a nice reminder.
Wouldn't mind if they were much shorter though.
Guess the Naruto-Sakura-Sasuke trio has grown a lot since then.
Nice episode but it would've been even nicer if there was more action.

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