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Current anime episodes comments - Hyouka, Tari tari, Guilty Crown Lost Christmas


Episode 15

Juumonji's messages keep appearing throughout the cultural festival.
There's a whole bunch of things missing as well.
Now that is a case worthy of Oreki.
Interesting how their club was getting the most unusual promotion.
Chitanda was as pushy as always to promote the club ^^"
Sometimes I think she's overdoing it.
Guess this case goes on..

Tari Tari

Episode 5

Wakana with marakas LOL
Guess she just wasn't in the mood to cheer.
Tanaka's badminton match... he should have practiced more.
Since he's sharing a club with them, no wonder he couldn't have.
Flasbacks to earlier days with Wakana's mom were nice, but sad.
Seems like she's being hard on herself because she treated her mom badly & then she lost her for good.
This episode was all about Wakana and it was just sad.

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas 


Lots of action in this special.
He actually managed to pull a weapon out of a dog!?
That was really interesting!
Well... one fight was all we got. Not bad at all.

Anime Movies - K-ON! (Movie)

I never watched the anime, but I decided to watch the movie to get the whole idea of it. The beginning was pretty fired up with the music and fighting and general disagreeing about things. It was interesting how they had the tendency to make up as fast as the fight started. Their lives in high school were all about club stuf like tea, sweets and music. It was nice while it lasted, but it was even nicer they decided to go out with a bang and one last hangout before moving further with their lives. Deciding where to go and what to see was done in a unique way which was enjoyable to watch. Excitement was so thick that you could cut it with a knife, but it's always nice seeing people who are excited about something they love. Going to London was easy, getting around London was a challenge. Getting an unexpected gig at a sushi bar was just awesome. This graduation trip was way more than they planned it would be. 
Have you ever noticed that when you are in a foreign country and you meet someone familiar or even a stranger from your own country you'd feel more closer to them there than in your country. It's an interesting thing. Guess even K-ON! is not immune to that. This movie totally made me want to go to London!! ^-^ Seeing them have so much fun during their trip made me live it through together with them.
Preparations and final performance in their old classroom were really nice. It got really popular really fast, but it's not a surprise since those girls know how to make some really nice music. Totally cool and just awesome! Wish more people had their spirits to go for it and live their final high school days to the fullest.

Genres: comedy, drama
Themes: moe, music, school life

After passing their university entrance exam, Yui and co. started to discuss a variety of things they wanted to do before they graduate, including doing something for Azusa. In the process, they managed to decide to go on a graduation trip to London as a club.

Director: Naoko Yamada
Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida
Release Date: December 3, 2011 (Japan)
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Current anime episode comments - One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Space Brothers, Arcana Famiglia, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Rinne no Lagrange 2, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

One Piece 

Episode 557

Franky was seriously kicking butt with his new weapons.
Those pirates were not as dumb as previously thought.
The sink hole sure did them and their weapons in ^^"
Franky's ultimate weapon was just awesome!!
The rest of the crew was loving it too.
Chopper's transformations perfected. Just amazing!
Luffy's angry kick was just wow!

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 41

Gon & Killua learned interesting info about Greed Island.
So basically you enter the game and can't get out if you don't find a save point.
That's sure one dangerous game, but not unexpected since it was made for Nen users.
Kurapika & few others managed to get hired finally. First mission: protect the boss.
Wtf, the boss is a cute girl called Neon?! No way! Her dad is the one Kurapika is after, probably.

Space Brothers

Episode 18

Duragram meteorite scam was no match for Makabe.
It was interesting info though.
The toilet problem for Mutta's team was LOL
Mutta's green card sure came with an interesting task.
The stress levels are getting slowly higher with each day.

Arcana Famiglia

Episode 5

Liberta still having an issue with Dante.
It's no wonder, actually.
Anyone would be hurt by what Dante did.
That little flashback to Nova's childhood was nice ^^
Nova really is the opposite of Liberta...
Felicita & Nova do make a good team.
This episode sure was full of those two.
Looks like Nova has his own set of issues that bother him.
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if each character would get their dirty laundry aired.
Jolly & his connection to Nova's parents is kinda suspicious.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Episode 4

Nobuna with hurt feelings, now that's an interesting sight.
Monkey was feeling sorry for himself.
At least he had support to try and fix things he messed up.
Even Nobuna's brother came to help out.
That kid sure was useless in a fight...
He ought to get some training since he's already in the past.
Nobuna's surprise attack was pretty awesome!
This a pretty good episode. Wish there were more of those.

Rinne no Lagrange 2

Episode 4

Villagiulio and Lan's brother in the same room, talking.
That was quite of an achievement for Asteria ^^
Lan's brother is way to serious, while Villagiulio is relaxed.
Their talks were pretty interesting too.
Yurikano makes an appearance as  lost Villagiulio's little sister.
Being rejected by his own sister didn't sit well with Villagiulio.
Well, his approach wasn't very good either.
So she was the one that appeared in Madoka's cockpit last time, at least it looked like her.
Some really interesting things are happening.
Lan smuggling Madoka & Muginami on the ship as her "normal" friends was just LOL
Getting recognized that easily was even more funny!!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Episode 5

Still having problems with the TSF.
Bridges always seems to be on the bad side of Takamura.
That guy also has bad luck of running into Inia & Cryska all the time...
Seems like Takamura thinks highly of Yuuya just not to his face.
The action parts were nice to watch, as usual.
Have a feeling they are doing too much practicing...
Yuuya vs Takamura was really nice to see.
Guess it was all for his sake to become one with his machine. It worked too.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Area no Kishi, Eureka Seven Ao, Kokoro Connect, Dog Days', Kuroko no Basuke, Sword Art Online

Fairy Tail

Episode 141

Yet another end of the world arc.
Oracion Seis up to their old "let's destroy the world" tricks.
Find the clock and take it back Fairy Tail mission was predictable.
So they're destroying churches now, interesting.
Kinana's behavior was really weird. She's acting like a prophet of sorts.
Even Zentopians are having issues with Oracion Seis.
Those guys seem to be messing up everyone plans.
Will Neville, finally a name that could help Fairy Tail's quest.
They sure divided into interesting pairs and groups. Hope it'll help.

Area no Kishi

Episode 28

National finals!
Kamakura vs Syukyu.
That was some really nice soccer.
All the famous guys really made the difference in the quality of the game.
Even though Kakeru and others were watching from the stands, they were enjoying it.
Also, they were better commentators than the actual commentators LOL
Araki is just hopeless.... food is his biggest enemy.

Eureka Seven Ao

Episode 15

Ao's bad dream about Naru was not far from reality at all.
Those medical examinations were a nice cover for inspecting if someone was infected by scub coral.
Ao & sleeping pills. Things are really started to affect him.
Japanese government playing around with Secret.... dangerous.
Re-awakened scub coral sure was bad news for Ao.
Seems like Secrets are getting smarter... and harder to deal with.
Some really interesting information came to light.
Looks like Secrets really are Earth's immune system.

Kokoro Connect

Episode 4

Taichi got teased by the girls ^^
Seems like others didn't know Yui's reasons for not liking guys after all.
Well, at least Taichi did his best to help her.
Oh, even Iori has a trauma from the past.
Looks like Taichi is a substitute psychiatrist for them now.
Damn, Iori sure had a lot of dads. So she has a problem of being herself.
Well, when you keep pretending you're someone else, you lose your real self.
Inaba was having trust issues about the whole body swapping thing.
This episode sure was full of everyone's issues....

Dog Days'

Episode 4

So the games are officially over..
Instead they did a summer training camp, nice ^^
Bathing time was pretty LOL
Basically it was just having fun and some light training.
Looked a lot like those summer beach fun episodes.
The occasional cat fight made things more interesting though.
Those girls sure were touchy about certain things.
Little romance under the moonlight was nice until morning ROFL!
Seems like Eclair really likes our Hero ^^

Kuroko no Basuke

Episode 17

Touou vs Seirin continues. Aomine enters the court.
Kagami vs Aomine was interesting to watch.
It's just wow how that guy played.
This game really was intense and on edge, but also very impressive.
What was the deal with all the lemons? I missed the point of that.
Kuroko is really good when it comes to assessing other players.

Sword Art Online

Episode 4

Silica sure found trouble fast..
Lucky her there's always some guy out there to save her.
She was being pretty selfish and proud though... it cost her.
Kirito... always such a kind hearted guy. 
That redhead Rosalia really annoyed me.
The path to revive Pina was a thorny one 'cause that Silica always got into trouble.
The story about Kirito's sister was nice additional info about his life in the real world.
I was right to dislike Rosalia. That ambush was in for a nasty surprise.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Natsuyuki Randezvous, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Yondemasu Yo Azazel-san, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, Campione!, Accel World

Natsuyuki Randezvous

Episode 4

Rokka and Hazuki on a date at the amusement park.
Seems like Shimao was getting to him even when he wasn't around.
He was pretty aggressive around Rokka this time.
She is just so indecisive.... it's starting to seriously annoy me.
Wow, she actually admitted she's not over Shimao to Hazuki's face.
Shimao the Ghost, was pretty clever using Hazuki's drunken state to get consent to use his body.
Wonder if he'll give it back now that he'll get the taste of being alive..

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Episode 4

Oojima officially on the running-for-president board.
Aomi & her problem. She's one weird girl ^^"
Oojima became enchanted by her smell instead of worrying about campaign finances.
Looks like they just found the first serious obstacle on their political road.
That baazar, some candidates are exactly that just to be able to sell stuff.
Campaign goods they decided to use were pretty interesting.
Shinonome sure knows how to deal with student affairs.
Her manifest seems to be a good thing for student equality.
This way Aomi and others like her wouldn't be bullied.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san


So we got to see Lucifer for the first time.
Beelzebub vs Lucifer was pretty intense.
Well, it was until Saku summoned them both.
So just needed them to help pack stuff LOL
That pride stricken koala got his share of Saku's rage ROFL
His little cocky act didn't sit well with Akutabe.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Episode 4

Ousawa the Hero is back for sure.
He dealt with that cockatrice without any trouble.
Uncovering the culprit was no problem for his as well.
Those two sure picked an interesting time to deal with him killing her father.
Shower time was really really ROFL!!
No wonder Miu keeps serving him Calorie Mate for breakfast.
So Ousawa is actually being tested with all the incidents that happened so far.
That blond guy looks interesting. Wonder who he is..


Episode 4

Athena really was serious about her quest, but so was Mariya.
Kusanagi & Erica thing keeps stretching through this episode as well..
Isn't it about time to accept her or reject her?
Liliana & Mariya together were no match for Athena.
After Kusanagi joined the fight against the fully loaded Athena things became interesting.
First he gave her lecture about her origins and then they fought with Greek mythology and some actual weapons.
What can I say... she went down, but that was expected.
The unexpected part were all those historical facts.

Accel World

Episode 16

Who knew Ash would be willing to help him out.
Sky Raker gave him the brutal truth about his wings.
Looks like Nomi took more from Haru than just his wings.
Incarnate system seems like something that could make him fly even without wings.
Didn't know Silver Crow had a mouth.... interesting.
Silver Crow in training LOL if being pushed off a cliff could be considered that.
So... if you imagine it, you can do it.
Haru learned something valuable this time.
Nice episode without that annoying Nomi.

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. NEWS: Chankapaana

chankapaana by Bored4Lyfe

2. French Kiss: Romance Privacy

romanceprivacy by Bored4Lyfe

3. Ikimonogakari: Kaze ga Fuiteiru

4. Kana Hanazawa: Hatsukoi Note

5. IU: You & I (Japanese Version)

6. LinQ: Shiawase no Energy


8. Yui Ogura: Raise

raise by Bored4Lyfe

14. back number: Watagashi

16. D: Danzai no Gunner

19. Tenpa Gumi. inc: Kirakira Tune



1. PSY: Gangnam Style

2. 2NE1: I Love You
3. PSY: Passionate Goodbye Feat. Sung Si Kyung
4. T-ara: Day by Day
5. SISTAR: Loving U
10. Brown Eyed Girls: One Summer Night


1. Kimberley Chen: Ai Ni (Love You) Feat. Lil Jay
2. Fish Leong: Ai Jiu Jian Ren Xin
3. Jane Huang: Tu Zhong
4. Della Ding: Bu Shi Ni De Cuo
5. Zhang Yun Jing: Wei Dui Bu Qi

11. Kenji Wu: Hu Nao

22. MC Hotdog: Li Kai feat. A-Yue

28. Jane Huang: Zhi Pa Xiang Jia

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Sket Dance, Binbougami ga!

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 271

Wtf was this episode.
Just as Sakura fell from the sky, this episode dropped in out of nowhere.
Totally unrelated to the war...
At least is was pretty funny ^^
The whole amnesia thing was kinda interesting.
Looks like this setting was before the war, back in the good old days of fun & games.

Sket Dance

Episode 68

Chuuma-sensei's love life.
That love potion had pretty complicated instructions.
Bossun's plan was pretty interesting.
Suzu was really determined to pair up her dad with Remi.
Watching Chuuma's confused face was just LOL
The restaurant part was just LMAO!!!!!
I'm glad Remi decided to give the old fashioned way a chance in the end.
The unexpected marriage proposal was just wow.

Binbougami ga! 

Episode 4

Momou & Momiji duo vs Sakura.
He was totally cute, but a total masochist.
Momiji was really enjoying her sadistic games with him.
Dragon Ball moment was just awesome!!
Momou successfully infiltrated Sakura's home. She really is really messy.
He just didn't stand a chance against her. Her luck was too strong.
OMG! Sakura going through trash at the dump. You go to admire her will.
Momou was surprised to see that Sakura had a different side that what Momoiji told him.
Bathing time was... BAD for Momou ROFL!
Awesomely funny episode!!!

Japan Shopping - Uta no Prince Otoya Ittoki plush

Today was a good day. I was thrilled when I saw our local postman coming over with a box for me. When I saw the label on it I was really happy because my package from Japan finally arrived.

I carefully opened the box and the first thing I saw was actually not the plush, but a promo sticker from the store I bought it from. It was pretty cute too. 

After removing all the protective layers of paper, there it finally was. My beautiful, adorable and totally cute Otoya Ittoki plush doll was here right in front of me. He is also my favorite character from Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 1000%. 

I was taken aback by how amazing it actually looks when you have it in your hands. The pictures you might have seen online just don't do it any justice. It came packed in an additional plastic bag which is kinda nice for storing. 

When I took it out of the bag I was surprised how soft it was and really nice to the touch. Its eyes, which are sowed on, really draw your attention and are filled with details. It really resembles the anime character. The clothes are also very nice and everything about it is high quality work.

I remember searching for this plush everywhere, but in all the stores it was sold out. I was really lucky to find it after a long search and even got a pretty good deal on it. 
This plush really is a great item for any Uta no Prince fan. When you put it on display, there is just no way that it would go unnoticed! If you manage to find it, don't wait, go get it. You won't ever be disappointed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Episode 3

So they are now officially under Shogunate's protection.
Serizawa made it happen, but everything comes with a price.
I wonder how much that cost...
Ryunosuke playing hero kinda backfired.
He also has a tendency to find himself in interesting situations.
Hijikata and his Rules of Conduct. Pretty strict, but also smart.
Soji was really acting strange throughout the episode.
Serizawa's influence seems to be having an impact on him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Asian Movies - Guilty of Romance (Koi no Tsumi)

A naive housewife's story. From boring and bored to something totally unexpected. Seems like that "modeling" job was exactly what she needed. After that everyone started to notice the change in her, even her up to then reserved husband. Interesting how her husband was a romance novelist, but the stuff he wrote in his books, he never did any of it with his wife. It's no wonder she became promiscuous.
It was good for her while it lasted, but that sort of behavior always has consequences, because sooner or later something bad is bound to happen. Looks like she wasn't the only with with a dark side. It's interesting how seemingly successful and fulfilled women in this movie go skulking around at night looking to satisfy their darker needs which would not be approved by their daytime society.
Things went from happy and satisfied to just not enough and guilt which she overcame rather quickly with the help of a unique reasoning from her fried. She kept on sinking deeper and deeper and it seemed nothing could stop her. The irony was that her seemingly pure husband was always just like what she became recently... The truth came out with a cost for them all.
This was a seriously disturbing movie that explored the dark side of humanity and what it can do to people who are lost in their own lives. These characters felt the lack of purpose and wanted to do something to feel alive, but the road they took and choices they made lead them straight to the bottom of humanity.


Category: horror, drama

A grisly murder occurs in Maruyama-cho, Shibuya — a love hotel district — a woman was found dead in a derelict apartment in the pouring rain. Whilst the police investigate, the story interweaves with that of Izumi, the wife of a famous romantic novelist whose life seems just a daily repetition without romance. One day, to break away from the loveless monotony, she decides to follow her desires and accepts a job as a naked model faking sex in front of the camera. Soon she meets with a mentor and starts selling her body to strangers, whilst at home she hides behind the facade that she is still the wife she is supposed to be.

Director: Sion Sono
Writer: Sion Sono
Release Date (Japan):
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

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Current anime episode comments - Rinne no Lagrange 2, Hyouka, Tari Tari, AKB0048 Final

Rinne no Lagrange 2

Episode 3

Summer haunted house was a total bust LOL
They were still enjoying their jobs at the beach.
Summer time really is the best in anime ^^
Vox as something else than a weapon proposal was an interesting idea.
Madoka really gets fired up easily.
Their little experiment was a bust... until Asteria put some embarrassing pressure on her.
It was pretty LOL watching her go all red in the face ^^
The weirdness after it was an interesting surprise.


Episode 14

Chitanda really is clueless sometimes.
At least she was giving her best to sell the remaining copies of the anthology.
Oreki sure got some weird customers.
He did more trading than actual selling...
Cooking contest was fun to watch ^^
That lucky flour bag saved the day! Who knew it would come in handy.

Tari Tari

Episode 4

Konatsu found her childhood idols LOL
She was really fired up about those Condor Queens.
Sawa finally resolved things with her supposed stalker too ^^"
Her mom's connection to them was a surprise to Sawa.
At least Konatsu learned she needs to follow her own path and not someone elses.
Their little Hawaiian setting was pretty nice.


Episode 13 Final

It was an interesting final episode.
They decided to finish the concert no matter the danger.
For that, they had full support of their fans!
Their performance was pretty cool.
Nagisa & Chieri and others sure knew how to combine fighting with singing.
Nagisa's reunion with her parents was really nice.
I really enjoyed watching this episode.

K-pop group - BTOB

BTOB is a new K-pop group that hit the scene in spring 2012. They were formed by Cube Entertainment. BTOB is short for Born to Beat. With such a cool name they will surely get the audiences attention. They were chosen as the new group in order to show their competitiveness and their survival strategies for being known as 'performance-dols' within the competition of the music world for cable Mnet's reality program Amazon (Idol Master ZONE). Right from the start Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lim Hyunsik, Jung Ilhoon and Lee Minwoo were on the list of original members who are waiting to be debuted under the name of "BtoB". However, Lee Minwoo had dropped out of the list of confirmed members due to health problems after their first appearance on the sitcom and the fact of him not debuting with BtoB had upset many fans. BTOB now officially has seven members.

Member Profiles

Name: Seo Eun Kwang
Stage Name: Eunkwang
Birthday: November 22, 1990
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Height/Weight: 173cm/62kg

Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk
Stage Name: Minhyuk 
Birthday: November 29, 1990
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group
Height/Weight: 173cm/61kg 

Birth Name: Lee Chang Sub
Stage Name: Changsub
Birthday: February 26, 1991
Position: Vocalist
Height/Weight: 177cm/64kg

Birth Name: Lim Hyun Sik
Stage Name: Hyunsik
Birthday: March 7, 1992
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height/Weight: 177 cm/66kg

Birth Name: Shin Dong Geun
Stage Name: Peniel
Birthday: March 10, 1993
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height/Weight: 175 cm/63kg

Birth Name: Jung Il Hoon
Stage Name: Ilhoon
Birthday: October 4, 1994
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Height/Weight: 176 cm/64kg

Birth Name: Yook Sung Jae
Stage Name: Sungjae
Birthday: May 2, 1995
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Height/Weight: 180 cm/68kg


Extended Plays: Born to Beat (2012)
Special Edition: Born to Beat Special Asia Edition (2012)
Singles: Insane (2012), Irresistible Lips (2012)
Digital Singles: Father (2012)

Music Videos

BTOB: Insane

BTOB: Irresistible Lips

BTOB: Father

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Sword Art Online, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Arcana Famiglia, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Sword Art Online

Episode 3

Opening scene was a total deja vu to .hack//
Kirito seems to be doing just fine on his own.
Reunion with Klein was kinda flat. Kirito is one weird guy.
He doesn't like guilds or parties, but joins one anyway. His strategies are pretty unusual.
Just can't figure him out. He keeps to himself, but helps others when needed.
Going to a higher floor was a really bad idea. That trap came with a high price.
I think I get it now. Kirito avoids others because he always gets them killed...
He took Sachi's death pretty hard.

Space Brothers

Episode 17

First the clock and now the beeping.
Stress levels are getting pretty high.
Good thing Mutta remember what Jennifer told him.
I was suspecting certain people were ordered to do things to annoy others.
Everything is a test with JAXA.
Since Mutta figured it out, seems like tension was reduced and things got a bit relaxed.
Food shortage issue will be a problem. Mutta misunderstanding Serika was just LOL

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 40

Kurapika got himself an interesting job.
The requirements were pretty high, but he is also very determined.
Guess revenge is his driving force.
Introductions and displays of power were really interesting.
So Killua's brother managed to discover something after all.

Arcana Famiglia

Episode 4

Fishing with Dante LOL
It's not really Liberta's thing.
The bright idea to take a shortcut over the roofs resulted in a crash.
At least Felicita & Liberta did something right by working the stand.
Luckily everything went their way later on, at least it did until they came home.
Flashbacks from Liberta's childhood/past were interesting.
Liberta has a pretty cool, but dangerous power and his childhood was anything but happy.
No wonder he was feeling betrayed. Being unable to remember and then finding out everyone knew except him...
In the end he took it relatively well.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Episode 3

I'm seriously thinking about dropping this one.
All the history talk is just confusing and I can't keep up with it.
This episode was all about politics, marriage proposal and current war strategies.
Oda was totally caught off guard by that and it really showed!
All that mixed with some blackmail made her worried.
There is way too much responsibility weighing her down...
Saving Dousan was a pretty big feat, "Monkey" sure had some guts.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Episode 4

Yuuya's worst side comes out every time he's around Takamura.
That was not his only problem either.
The japanese TSF was as hard to handle as Takamura LOL
In a fight, it sure made him sweat a lot.
This way he's more of a nuisance than anything else.
Yuuya got scolded by Takamura.... again.
Flashback to his childhood was kinda gloomy.
That little scare with he Russians was a nice bonus.