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Current anime episodes comments - Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!, Noragami

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 4

Sousuke x Rin childhood days.
Gou's food evaluation was harsh, but necessary.
For athletes nutrition is essential.
Mikoshiba obviously has a crush on Gou.
He was acting like a child around candy.
Guess Rin & Sousuke just needed to resolve their past issues.
Nice episode.

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 4

When no one wants you, just start playing in the streets.
That proved to be a bad choice.
They sure come up with the weirdest ideas..
Getting a manager. Doubt that was smart.
Yataro looked like a suspicious character right off the bat.
Katsura was having a personal crisis for some reason.
Maybe he just missed his old sensei.
Looks like our band is doing something right since Shinsengumi was worried about the concert.
Guess that's recognition enough.
The concert was a success.
People are starting to like them..

Love Stage!

Episode 4

Izumi broke the precious marble.
LOL here comes trouble..
Rei sure is a sly one.
Guess Ryouma crush isn't going away that easily.
Gotta cut him some slack since he thought Izumi was a girl.
Izumi's manga dream is just too far to reach.
Maybe if he got someone to draw & he only did the story..
Ryouma actually going to get his charm back from Izumi, wasn't that convenient.
Izumi & Ryouma home alone... Epic!!!!!
I did not expect to see that much.
That fan service was awesome!



I miss this anime very much.
It was really nice to see the characters again.
Bishamon and other gods & our trio at a picnic together.
Damn, never thought I'd see that.
It sure was fun ^^
Yato and Bishamon really are more alike than they'd care to admit.
The group fight was awesome!
Yukine finally found out there is better life out there.
Still, he chose his friends ^^
Nice episode.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

JDrama - Last Cinderella

Don't know quite how to describe this one. It certainly different from anything that I've seen before. It has all the typical elements of a Japanese drama, but with one interesting exception. With all the ups and downs the only thing that kept surprising me throughout the series is that unique love triangle.
The characters were interesting, sometimes funny and sometimes serious. Everything was well balanced. The emotions conveyed to the viewers were very real, genuine and made you feel exactly what the characters were feeling.
Since the love triangle dominated the entire series things were always on some kind of  a scale that could tip over on either side. It definitely keeps you guessing until the very end. Also, what would a good drama be like without a love rival or two.. 
Somewhere around the middle of the season you'll probably pick your favorite guy and start rooting for him. In this case your can cheer for Team Tachibana or Team Saeki, whichever you prefer. I know I did, even though it was hard to choose. Both guys were great in their own way, but in the end it was Sakura's choice.
The only annoying thing about it was that one side fell in love during a deception game and that kinda complicated later events. The selfishness of one of the characters was just too much to handle. It was a bit over the top and near the end even kinda pathetic.
Final episode was an unexpected bitter-sweet twist of fate. Guess all is well that ends well. 
All in all I recommend this drama because it's interesting, motivational and really good. Give it a try if you get the chance.


Women today can sometimes forget about their gender, as they devote themselves deeper and deeper into their career. Among such women, some suffer overwork, unbalance of hormones, hair loss and the likes. In fact, few women even experience the growth of a thick mustache! According to a survey, there have been results indicating that about 60% of women feeling that they were “turning male” in the past. At 29, these women only had to be concerned with marriage or work, but at 39, the time limit draws nearer, with increased concerns of pregnancy, divorce, aging parents, and change of job.
"Last Cinderella" will depict the reality of these women, who try their best to live each day to their fullest. Playing the main character, a 39 year old female hair stylist Toyama Sakura is Shinohara Ryoko. Sakura meets a handsome younger man, Saeki Hiroto at a party and is drawn to him. A BMX rider since age 20, Hiroto’s income is dependent on his performance, which means that his pay is unstable. As he gets to know Sakura, he is slowly drawn to her as well. Then there is Tachibana Rintaro, Sakura’s boss and good friend, Takenouchi Miki, Sakura’s best friend who suffers from a sexless marriage, and Hasegawa Shima, the other best friend who is addicted to sex, and finally a regular customer to the hair salon, Ooami Chiyoko who is in love with Rintaro. It’s a modern heart-thumping love comedy that’s sure to make you smile!

Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 11
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-11 to 2013-Jun-20
Screenwriter: Nakatani Mayumi
Producer: Nakano Toshiyuki
Directors: Tanaka Ryo, Hirano Shin, Sekino Munenori
Music: Hanzawa Takeshi

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Aldnoah.Zero, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter

One Piece

Episode 654

World Government history lesson.
Finally, Giolla defeated hands down.
I'm so glad they put an end to her weird art.
She was the most annoying character ever.
And there they go again... from one trouble to the next..
Doflamingo pulled a fast one on Straw Hats.
Never trust a guy like that!
D block battle continues.
Cavendish really likes the attention..
Law was impressive.
Sanji to the rescue!
Good episode.


Episode 16

Receiving is still their weak point.
Flashback to get to know the other team was nice.
Tokonami didn't have it easy.. but they tried hard.
Karasuno sure was on a roll there ^^
Their victory was a rather easy one, but not too satisfying.
The female team wasn't doing so good though.
I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't show them from the start.
The losers guilt trip was justified since they didn't work that hard.
Kageyama's wisdom is always spot on, but sometimes it's just wasted on Hinata.
Next is: Date Kogyo!


Episode 3

Kinda dropped this, but then decided to give it another try.
Chaos everywhere..
Nao seemed to be the only one with a cool head.
He was clearly serious about helping.
The situation seems rather one sided, in favor of Martians.
All the humans could do was think and test possible attack methods.
Taking out the camera was a smart move.
The princess finally played her part as a good distraction.
Destroying the purple mecha felt satisfying.
That Nao feels like a machine sometimes.
Great episode! Picking this up!

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 3

I like Incursio, looks cool!
Tatsumi's first group battle.
Our MC is growing up slowly ^^
Night Raid sure has no mercy..
When you consider the atrocities others do, I don't blame them.
So Mine is Tatsumi's new teacher.
That was more of a shopping trip than anything else.
Damn, she has a violent personality!
It's horrible what the government is doing to people.
Mine's sniping was impressive.
Her life story was as tragic as expected.
Tatsumi is fitting right in ^^

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 3

Aoba got an interesting customer.
Oh he wished that guy was just a customer.
He was his opponent in Rhyme.
Aoba's amnesia is a bit annoying.
Hope he remembers everything soon.
He seems to have collected an interesting bunch of people.
Clear is totally the weirdest one.
Noiz can be so unpredictable he he..
Aoba's grandma is a fun lady but she has a secret..

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 3

Kashima, a trap?
Looks like a guy, but it's a girl. Dangerous.
So we get another interesting & fun character.
From duo to a manga trio ^^
Sakura sure is in guy heaven.
Kashima just might be a baka.
Guess she can't excel at everything.
So now it's from trio to quartet.
Another totally fun episode ^^

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 3

Those flashbacks to before are always so sweet.
So she got Kou's approval for the friends thing.
Her dirty mind works in mysterious ways LOL
Kou's brother seems to be a fun guy ^^
Kou is still so sensitive to his situation.
Whatever happened must have hurt him deeply.
New school year started really well for Futaba.
What an amazing luck to have Kou & Makita in the same class.
That's even more time for them to spend together ^^
I bet that workshop is gonna be a blast!
Great episode.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 139

Damn, Alluka is scary beyond belief.
That was one messed up investigation of his/hers powers.
At first glance she/he looks as a totally normal kid.
Killua's big bro sure is a negative kind of guy.
He might be right about the request, but he should have some faith.
Almost forgot about the Zodiac guys.
Guess they're still at it..
Pariston is really starting to annoy me.
It's cool that Alluka has a different set of rules for Killua.
Hanging out like normal siblings was kinda sweet ^^
OMG, that request was a shocker!!
Did not see that coming. Awesome!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. Kanjani8: Omoidama
2. Infinite: Last Romeo ~Kimi ga Ireba Ii~

LastRomeokimigairebaii by Bored4Lyfe

3. AAA: Wake up!

4. miwa: Kimi ni Deaeta Kara

kiminideaetakara by Bored4Lyfe

5. v[NEU]: hitori janai

VN[HJ] by heart9

9. Tokyo Ska Paradise: Wake Up! feat. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

13. Sanmyu: Junjyo Mermaid

14. My Dragon: Pokapokan


G[A] by heart9


1. San E: A Midsummer Nights Sweetness
2. Maroon 5: Maps
3. Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips
4. AOA: Short Hair
5. K.Will: Day 1

23. Mamamoo: Mr. Ambiguous


Nothing new this week!

1. Lala Xu: Missing Person
2. Wilber Pan: Da Hu feat. Rainie Yang
3. Queen: Rhythm Of The...
4. Jess Lee: Cliff to the Heaven
5. Jam Hsiao: Anywhere,Somewhere,N...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Tokyo Ghoul, Zankyou no Terror, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Jojo Stardust Crusaders, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, Barakamon

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 3

Kaneki learning at his new job.
Now even the government is starting to move.
Things will become more intense for ghouls.
New characters made an appearance, nice.
That kid sure has a lot to get used to and none of it is easy.
Toka seems to be having an even harder time but she deals well.
Playing teacher was Hinami was kinda sweet ^^
A little bit of normal in all the ghoulness.
Good episode with not much action.
More of a base layer episode.

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 2

The aftermath.
Not a pretty sight..
Wonder what their motives are.
Lisa's life isn't a nice one.
She might have gotten herself in over her head.
Looks like the duo has just begun..
They sure know how to tick off the authorities.
It was interesting watching the police think.
That basement guy shows the intellect needed to stop the duo.
Good episode.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Episode 2

A case of missing children.
It was nice to see the Undertaker again.
That guy was as weird as ever..
Sebastian actually volunteered for something.
That must be a first, since it was very public.
Damn, he was just blinded by that tiger ^^"
That sure was entertaining LOL
Those circus guys weren't half bad.
I kinda liked them, but there is definitely more to them than meets the eye.
Another great episode!

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 16

Buying kebab "How-to" was fun but unnecessary.
Enyaba threw a fit, but with a good reason too.
Dio has no mercy for anyone.
Damn, they just can't seem to catch a break.
Dan of Steel sure has an interesting stand.
Try to kill him and you'd take a few times greater damage too.
That's just messed up, but also very practical.
Jojo was practically boiling with anger.
It's cool that they could make their stands small too.
Not a bad idea; fighting from inside.
Can't wait to see how it plays out!

Tokyo ESP

Episode 2

This anime is never dull.
I like it how they opened both episodes with action scenes.
Why do the bad guy have those space suits?
It makes them look weird.
White haired girl (Rinka) made an appearance.
Guess it was time to see her story.
Rinka's dad, Rindou, looks very much like Wolverine, just older.
That guy with her was impressive too.
Guess he can teleport, just like Rinka can go through things & just like her dad is magnetic.
Could Azuma be the thief the police is after.
Looks like there is another... an invisible one.
A lot of things happened this time.
It was nice to see how it all began.

Fairy Tail

Episode 16

The fight we were waiting for: Natsu vs Rogue!
Guess that one was inevitable.
Loved the Shadow Dragon Mode.
Shame Natsu wasn't strong enough..
What was with the sinking in shadow part?
Hope he isn't crossing to the dark side.
Eclipse cannon countdown started.
They have the cannon & all the wizards against the dragons.
What could possibly go wrong?
Of course Rogue has to be right.
Wonder what possessed Lucy to act like that.
Can't wait to see how it'll play out next time!

Sword Art Online II

Episode 3

Asada is pretty pathetic in real life.
Weak and being bullied too.
No wonder she finds comfort online.
So Asada seems to have her own "Kirito".
That's kinda sweet too.
What I don't get is her fear of guns when she loves them in a game.
At least that got explained in the getting-to-know-her flashback.
Damn, never would have guessed that kind of a scenario.
But still, in reality they are a big problem for her, but not in game.
Maybe because she can be a different person there, stronger.
Looks like Kirito is finally ready to dive in.
And our killer has a new target.
Next episode should be intense.


Episode 3

Naru was acting even weirder than usual.
She took the growing up a bit too serious.
The life in the village sure is relaxing, but in really short intervals.
Seishu seems to be doing a lot better now.
The megane manga girl was totally crazy.
Like she has a double personality or something.
Damn, he got sucked into something weird again ^^"
Seishu gets down so easily ..
Life on that island is never boring.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Ao Haru Ride, Yowamushi Pedal, Hunter x Hunter, Nobunaga Concerto, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Kyoukai no Kanata, Love Stage!!

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 2

Such a typical shoujo episode start.
There were so cute together.
Shame things aren't like that now.
OMG Futaba just met her past self.
No wonder she keeps acting anti-cute.
I was wondering when she'd snap at her friends.
Win some, lose some..
Guess she's evolving after all.
The window scene awwwwww (´ ▽`).。o♡
Great episode!

Yowamushi Pedal


Onoda's anime loving otaku nature got some attention.
Well, it was about time for it too.
Since in the series that part was practically left out.
Only that "Hime" song was mentioned a few times.
Makishima so didn't enjoy that otaku display.
Yet he managed to help out more than he understood.
That sure was a fun episode ^^

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 138

Calculating, thinking, discussing.
Guess we're stuck with Zodiac members for a while.
Killua went home to "visit".
That was one dangerous family reunion.
Alluka, damn, those powers are just crazy.
Killua's family sure knows how to hide their biggest secrets.
Great episode.

Nobunaga Concerto

Episode 1

Just seen it.
Damn, that Saburou is a baka.
Didn't think the animation would bother me.
Still, it was pretty unusual and takes some getting used to.
It's not that bad, it actually kinda fits the surroundings/the story.
What did bother me were the movements of the characters.
The "new" Nobunaga sure gave them a run for their money LOL
Saburou just might fix things for the real Nobunaga..
Will give this a few more episodes before I decide.

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 3

Nitori lost Rin to his great disappointment..
That festival could be a good chance to get new members.
Some of them just weren't meant for running..
Still, a win is a win, but no new members..
Pool season is finally open!
Even if it is just those 4, it's still nice ^^
Rei is definitely the weakest link..
He just might get poached back to the track team.
Oh, so his secret was much more interesting.
Never would have thought he'd ask for help their rival.
Guess he really is serious about swimming..

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 3

It was fun to learn more about the Shinsengumi.
Our trio got to see how pro's do it.
Funny how they ended up working for them.
They're so down the food chain that it's hilarious.
Kondo seems to like the baka trio.
Shinsengumi has good songs, but they sound better with rock.
Pretty cool concert.

Kyoukai no Kanata


An action filled start was great!
Things from Nase's point of view..
Think he might have a slight sister complex.
The whole tug-of-war situation was LOL
It was nice to reminisce while watching this OVA.

Love Stage!!

Episode 2

Lala-Lulu = total perfection.
Never seen such a skilled transfer student.
I bet he regrets it was just a daydream..
His first kiss... stolen forever... ^^"
Ryouma... sigh...
Shougo is way too happy-go-lucky.
It's amazing how naive & easily persuaded Izumi is.
Still, that just makes things even more interesting.
The ending was epic & that realization was priceless!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Anime episodes comments - Welcome to NHK!

Welcome to NHK!

Episode 1

Damn, what a start of an episode!
Weirdness everywhere..
A conspiracy obsessed shut in?
He seems to be a bit of a perv too.
His problems just kept piling up.
At least he made an effort to change.
This should be interesting.

Episode 2

Satou got a chance for a new start.
His imagination is way too wild.
He was conflicted like crazy.
And in denial too...
The annoyance next door was finally revealed!
Guess there are more crazies around.
At least he's surrounded by more people now.

Episode 3

From an idea to create a game to a successful company.
It's so easy to dream, but dreams require hard work and dedication.
Those two don't really have what it takes.
Satou got himself a new kind of obsession.
Poor Yamazaki got suffocated by numerous questions.
Each time he gets a task, he becomes overly obsessive about it.
Yup, Satou really has issues..

Episode 4

Still working on that game..
Looks like both of them have issues.
Doing research for the game.
Maybe that maid cafe was a bit much for Satou.
Guess those two got drowned in the otaku world.
Well, at least they got seriously inspired.
Maybe even too inspired..
They just can't do anything moderately.

Episode 5

Damn, seems like all his friends are messed up in some way.
Oh, man, now he's even a full time otaku too.
That Satou really is something...
Well, at least he seems to be collecting his school friends.
Hitomi is also a piece of work.
It's like there aren't any normal people in his life at all.
So he finally signed the contract.
Sure took him a while.
He seems to be making progress.

Episode 6

It's nice they didn't give up on the game thing.
Still, it cause them all of frustration.
Well, it's good he's still persistent with going to Miskai's lectures.
Her lectures were actually pretty good too.
Satou might actually learn a thing or two.
His priorities and interests are all messed up.
Satou learned the hard way Misaki was right.

Episode 7

His fears are still ruling his life.
Satou needs quite a few more lessons to deal with real life.
He's really quick to revert to his hikikomori ways.
Lying and inventing stories are a part of his daily routine.
Even worse, anyone can see through them.
Man, he's really pathetic.
It was nice to learn more about Miskai though.

Episode 8

Satou's mom's visit.
Damn, he sure lived in a garbage dump.
His room was filthy and disgusting.
Misaki posing as Satou's girlfriend, so cute!
So his mom just played along with the whole thing.
Looks like Satou-Misaki relationship is evolving too.

Episode 9

Those are slowly growing between Satou & Misaki.
Could it be love?
Misaki is mysterious, but cute and smart.
I wonder why she even decided to help him..
Maybe she liked him from the start.
Anyway, Yamazaki & Satou are back on the game.
That seems like the never ending task.

Episode 10

Satou is a lost cause...
His stupidity is beyond me.
At least he's enjoying his time with Misaki.
Oh, yeah. He's in love.
But those stupid fears of his are always in the way.

Episode 11

Hitomi's current life.
Guess she doesn't have it easy at all.
Well, it's good to hang out once in a while.
She could be a possible 2nd love interest.
This could make things very interesting.

Episode 12

Satou threw away Misaki too easily.
Just because she came from a rich family.
Guess not everything was as it seemed with Hitomi.
He got his hopes up way too soon.
The island trip was nice though.
Until the other guys turned out to be unfriendly.
Still, he managed to turn them around.

Episode 13

The island of death.
That's why everyone was so gloomy.
The trip was a suicide pact.
Baka Satou was the only one clueless about it.
Can't say that I'm surprised at all.
Luckily some of them had people who cared about them.

Episode 14

Misaki managed to convey her feelings to Satou.
The whole island ordeal ended happily after all.
From an island to an onsen.
Not bad considering all that happened.
It sure gave them something to think about.
I think Satou grew a little from this experience.

Episode 15

Bad news for Satou's budget.
Guess he's gonna have to find a job now.
What bad luck for a hikikomori.
That online game might help him out a bit.
Seriously, is he unable to communicate even in a game.
Damn, he's useless in reality & in virtual reality.
Another obsession has swallowed him whole.

Episode 16

He's traded Misaki in for some virtual reality chick.
Luckily, Misaki pulled an ace out of her sleeve.
It didn't work, interesting..
Yamazaki sure put him in his place.
There's no substitute for real work.

Episode 17

At least something good came out of that online game.
So did yet another possible love triangle.
He keeps straying form Misaki quite a lot.
Still doesn't get she's the only one who cares.
Satou got sucked in yet another stupid situation.
He really knows how to get pulled into trouble.
Sigh, he totally fell for it.... idiot.

Episode 18

His stupidity is beyond belief.
So are his insecurities..
All three of them are idiots.
That ex class president sure can sell anything to anyone.
Looks like she had a hikikomori of her own that got her into problems.

Episode 19

So she got into debt cause of her brother.
Guess she wasn't lucky as Satou.
Trying to reason with her brother actually gave some results.
Was surprised by that.
Yamazaki still devoted to his game.
He's actually pretty talented, but Satou (of course) is slowing his efforts significantly.
No way, Prez's brother's survival instinct prevailed & he cured himself.

Episode 20

Yamazaki's unfortunate circumstances put the game on pause.
They actually even left Satou without a best friend too.
Well, it was nice to see he didn't give up on it.
Poor Yamazaki forced to go back to his planned out life.
That just sucks!
His new found bravery didn't backfire at all with Nanako.
Well, at least not until he went overboard.

Episode 21

Another failure of their game.
Guess Yamazaki really is moving now.
It was nice to see those two have fun before he moved.
They made some nice memories together.
No wonder Satou felt lonely and lost without him.

Episode 22

Yet another Satou's senpai made an appearance..
This one was actually not single.
Seems like Satou really is a nice guy.
One the other hand, Misaki totally misunderstood the whole thing.
Will he be able to fix the situation?
Yamazaki seems to be doing fine back home.
Misaki situation kept getting worse.

Episode 23

Misaki going away, just a story or for real?
Looks like Satou is fine with crowds when she's around.
So she helped him to help herself.
Satou's reaction to that contract was childish.
In the end the circumstances forced him to get out  & work.
That was the best possible thing for him.
Still, it was a shame he lost Misaki.
That girl had it much worse than Satou.
The truth about her was finally revealed.

Episode 24 Final

What a complicated situation.
Who knew that compared to her Satou was just plain selfish.
She always looked like a well off girl who had it all.
Guess looks can be deceiving.
It was about time he did an awesome thing!
But then again his stupidity took over..
They both have a lot to learn and they make a perfect team.