Sunday, September 28, 2014

JGames - Rewrite (PC)

I finally managed to finish Rewrite visual novel. Honestly, this game could have been great and amazing. I truly don't understand what the developers were thinking when they put in so many unnecessary dialogues and pointless discussions. It was pretty much torture playing it except those few parts with the robed men and super powers. This is mostly related to the first half of the game.
The characters were really beautiful and very detailed. Even their behaviors were interesting and kinda fun. Like I mentioned before, dialogues were pretty much boring and that is the main reason it took me almost 7 months to finish the game and by that I mean the Kotori path. The story was stretched too thin and that is another mistake to add to the pile. 
Now for the good parts. The second part of the game was better. Things finally started moving forward and the explanations for the mystery parts were offered. There were even action parts. Some of those action parts were pretty intense and generally well done.
All in all, it's a mediocre game with good, but too stretched story, beautifully made characters and good setting. If you have some spare time I'd recommend this game, if for nothing else, just because of the characters.

The main part of Rewrite's story takes place in the fictional city of Kazamatsuri in Japan, where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and vegetation. The protagonist Kotarou and his friends in the occult research society attend a high school in Kazamatsuri, and the characters also spend time in the society's clubroom. Outside of the school, frequented locations include the forests of Kazamatsuri and Kotarou's house. Throughout the story, Kotarou encounters an alternate dimension of Kazamatsuri where everything is silent and the sky is gray. There are many entrances to this dimension throughout the city. In this secret world developed by Gaia, demons are free to roam and a sufficient ecosystem exists to support life. When on the Moon, a hill where daisies grow is prominently shown amid a ruined Kazamatsuri and the night is eternal. This hill appears again later on Earth in the forest of Kazamatsuri.

Kazamatsuri is the setting for a secret war being waged by two main groups: Gaia and Guardian. Gaia, an organization under the auspices of the environmental conservation group Myrtle, is populated by nihilistic and misanthropic people able to contract with demons, which manifest as constructs fueled by the summoner's life force. Myrtle itself used to be a church and contains within it a holy maiden group of girls with developmental disabilities. Guardian is dedicated to the destruction of demons and is composed almost entirely of humans who possess special powers. Gaia and Guardian came to Kazamatsuri in the pursuit of a special type of demon named Kagari, who manifests as a young, high school age-looking girl. Kagari, the main heroine of Rewrite, has the power to destroy all intelligent life on Earth, though can also initiate a period of re-evolution, which restarts the process of evolving another means of intelligent life. However, this is done with the use of the Earth's energy, and by the time the events of Rewrite occur, there is no more energy left to do another re-evolution. Gaia wants to capture Kagari to ensure the destruction of humanity, but Guardian wishes to seek out Kagari to kill her, ensuring that human life continues. 

Developer: Key
Publisher:Visual Art's
Genre: Visual Novel
Rating: All Ages
Platform: Windows
Released: June 24, 2011

Current anime episode episodes - One Piece, Akame ga Kill!

One Piece

Episode 663

Bellamy got his ass kicked.
Luckily Bartolomeo intervened at just the right time.
Finally, a good plan by the little inhabitants.
Can't wait to see what'll happen when toys turn back into people & everyone gets their memory back.
Don Quixote Family members sure are scary dangerous!
Taking down Sugar is not gonna be easy..
Luffy just realized getting out of Colosseum is not gonna be easy.
Guess that's one of Doflamingo's evil plots.
Those disguises were pretty LOL, but at least it worked.
Still, who was that blond guy that made Luffy cry..
Could it be Ace?! But that's impossible...

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 13

 Esdeath just isn't giving up on Tatsumi.
That girl is just delusional about their relationship.
The humanoid monster things were making a mess.
Bols is so much more benign than justice biatch despite his appearance.
None of them is innocent though.
Bols family moment was just totally out of place.
Susanoo training Tatsumi, that's a good idea.
Tatsumi got laughed at... that was fun ^^
Interesting how both Jaegers and Night Raid had the same goal this time.
It must be fate that keeps putting Esdeath & Tatsumi together..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Zankyou no Terror, Terra Formars, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Karen Senki

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 379

Madara vs Hashirama!
Now that was interesting to watch.
Everyone else could do only that... watch.
It would have been useless to interfere.
Was nice seeing Naruto & Sasuke work together.
They make a great team combined with the Hokage guys.
Still, Jinchuriki seems pretty unbeatable so far.
Seems like he has evolved quite a bit.
Luckily, Naruto always comes up with new ideas.
Wtf?! 9 tails in Naruto is only half of its true form.
Didn't see that one coming, but it would be cool to see it complete.

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 11 Final

An atomic bomb threat!
That definitely takes first place in their bomb threats.
A balloon with a bomb, interesting concept.
This bomb sure got everyone worked up to the max.
12 was in pretty bad shape..
Damn, this episode was the icing to the cake!
They actually did it, they detonated it.
It was nice to see those 3 hang out afterwards.
In the end they wanted to get caught and wanted Shibazaki to do it.
Of course the US had to interfere..
Shame both of them died, but that was to be expected.
Really good final episode.

Terra Formars

Episode 1

Hizamaru Akari vs a bear in a cage fight?!
Damn, that was just insane.
His drama wasn't that original, but was painful for him.
At least it explains how he got recruited.
Guess the point of first half was to get to know Hizamaru better.
But they are getting there slowly.
Still, the second half started to involve the Mars mission.
Team members were gathered,briefed & shipped off to Mars.
The adventure begins with episode 2.
Solid start.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 12 Final

The final showdown!
Minami vs Rinka.
It was fun watching them fight.
Of course they managed to put some drama into it as well.
Everyone was pretty busy with their fights too.
To think Rinka's dad would land that huge thing! Talk about impressive.
Rinka decided to give another go with the powers things.
Finally, she'd be able to fully fight!
In the end Kyotaro had to play knight in shining armor.
This final episode was lower than my expectations..

Fairy Tail

Episode 26

They sure got a nice welcome at their town.
Not surprising since they did win the games!
Looks like Gray might have realized the old woman was Ultear.
Still this was a celebration episode.
Geez, the town gave them an HQ castle!! Awesome ^^
Doing jobs again... it's sure been a while since they've done that.
Natsu really needs to get over his motion sickness.
The mole job was ROFL
Guess the old Fairy Tail is back ^^
Damn, Zeref...

Sword Art Online

Episode 13

With Asuna & Yui cheering him on things looked better.
He finally figured out who DG was.
No way, the bastard tried to cloak in the middle of battle.
Good thing Kirito snapped and finally got rid of him.
He got even closer with Sinon too.
Interesting way to win the tournament though ^^
Shinkawa, Sinon's RL friend turned into a true weirdo.
The real truth finally came out... damn.
Good thing Kirito decided to come after all..

Karen Senki

Episode 1

First thing I noticed was the CG animation.
The robots looked fine, but the human characters looked unnatural.
The action was nice though & funny at times.
It's short, not totally crappy with lots of action, but not my thing.
Skipping this.


Episode 12 Final

Damn, his mom really wanted him to stay..
Guess he thinks of that island more of a home than his real home.
His dad had some nice memories of that place as well.
Only his mom was throwing a fit about it..
The package from the island was nice ^^
Everyone was happy he was back yet he ended without being picked up.
I'm still fascinated by vending machines in the middle of nowhere.
At least he got a happy welcome back!
Think they placed him down on purpose thanks to his dad so he can learn more on the island.
The best thing was that it didn't bother him at all.
Wish this would get another season.
At least they left plenty of room for a sequel.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. Southern All Stars: Tokyo VICTORY

tokyovictory by Bored4Lyfe

2. E-Girls: Highschool ♡ love

3. B1A4: SOLO DAY -Japanese ver.-
4. Yuma Nakayama: Get Up!

5. Yumemiru Adolescence: Shoumei Teenager

6. May J: Hontou no Koi

hontounokoi by Bored4Lyfe

7. PrizmaX: REBORN


change by Bored4Lyfe

13. Tacica: Leo

17. MUCC: Yue ni, Matenrou

YueniMatenrou by Bored4Lyfe

23. Miyavi: Real?

real by Bored4Lyfe

26. WHITE ASH: Hopes Bright


1. Yoon Mirae: I Love You
2. SISTAR: I Swear
3. Gary: Bicycle With Jung In

4. Maroon 5: Animals
5. Ulala Session: Love Fiction
11. Jay Park: So Good(Feat. Common Ground)

14. LADIES' CODE: I'm Fine Thank You


1. Harlem Yu: Que Kou
2. Lin Xin Yi: Deng Yi Ge Ren
3. Magic Power: I still love you
4. Vivian Chow: Café·Waiting·Love
5. Zhou Xing Zhe (Eric): Yi Hou Bie Zuo Peng You
11. Guan Zhe: Miss You Tonight

26. Soo Wincci: Someone Like Me

30. A-Mei Chang: Tiao Jin Lai

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer

One Piece

Episode 662

It was disturbing how the people celebrated Doflamingo's victory over Law.
Damn, how is Doflamingo that strong?!
He's impossible to beat!
Poor Zoro & Kin'emon didn't stand a chance.
Doflamingo & that Navy admiral are working together.
That's bad on so many levels.
Now even Big Mama ship came to make trouble for Sunny..
Good episode.


Episode 25 Final

Our team was obviously in an angry-depressed state.
The tournament continued without them.
Aoba Johsai made it to the nationals after all..
Flashbacks to Karasuno's last game were a reminder of the heavy loss.
There came a point where older members need to put more time into studying and their future.. but they still chose volleyball over it ^^
Guessing volleyball days are pretty much over for them.
Kageyama and Hinata vented their frustration in the gym.
Preparations for spring tournament gave them new wings!
Nice final episode.

Akame ga Kill

Episode 12

Flying on that thing sure is convenient.
There were quite a few changes.
Even a new base & new member.
Susanoo seems VERY useful.
He's my new favorite ^^
Justice bitch makes an appearance with her new mechanical arms.
Hope Mine will be the one to take her down.
Chelsea has quite an interesting power too.
But she can be a biatch at times.
Esdeath is still not over Tatsumi..

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 12 Final

So in the end he used Scrap on himself to save Ren.
I liked Ren's human form ^^
Aoba - Ren heart-to-heart was very deep.
It was personal, kinda sweet and touching too.
Aoba vs the final boss!
That was short, but intense.
At least Platinum Jail is no more.
After that things went back to normal.
Sei managed to escape safely too, nice.
Now Aoba won't have to be alone with Grams anymore.
Good final episode.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 12 Final

Final episode...
Poor Sakura had no luck with giving chocolate to Nozaki.
Guess he doesn't care about anything if it's not manga related.
That part in the hallway was such a misunderstanding, but LOL
Sakura & Mikorin at the festival... they are so alike at times.
Everyone was at that festival.
It sure was fun ^^
Flashback to the 1st day of school was sweet.
OMG! Sakura confessed to Nozaki!! (´ ▽`).。o♡
Damn... why does he always misunderstand..
*sigh* I was really hoping for a more mutual confession end.
Still, it was a really nice anime.

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 12 Final

Kou showed emotions for real this time.
It was even more then she hoped for.
Those moments near the river were so sweet and romantic.
Kou finally realized she isn't going to give up on him.
The whole thing even changed his situation at home.
Guess he realized quite a few things..
Things went to normal after that.
He started socializing and studying.
Looks like there's still hope for sensei & Tanaka as well.
Very nice & sweet final episode.
Everything felt just right.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 148 Final

Lots and lots of flashbacks at first.
These were pretty enjoyable too.
A short summary of Gon's greatest hits!
So he's off to a new adventure.
Finally, he met his dad.
Ging opened up a bit too... finally more info about him.
He truly is an adventurist through and through.
Family is family, but heart wants what is wants... in this case adventure.
Still, some quality time with dad was nice.
Awesome final episode. Well rounded up!
Gonna miss this anime..

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 13 Final

Everyone was back for the nationals.
Looks like Haru finally found himself & his goal in life!
Makoto realized what he wants to do in life too.
Guess they will stay connected to swimming.
The mood before the nationals was pretty relaxed.
Flashbacks to their beginnings were nice.
Their swimming performance at the nationals was the best they could give.
Pool fun with Rin was really nice ^^
Good final episode. Don't think there's gonna be a 3rd season though..

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Zankyou no Terror, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 378

Jinchuriki makes an appearance.
He sure looked impressive.
Interesting how everyone just stared while he displayed his crazy power.
Maybe they're out of ideas..
Wonder how much Obito is left inside of it.
Maybe they could reason with it eventually.
Damn, those kage's sure have impressive aces up their sleeves.
Great episode!

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 10

WTF!? 9 just turned himself in.
Did not see that one coming.
Looks like 5 is out of commission too.
Shibazaki went back for the rest of the story..
At least 12 & Lisa managed to get away.
5 snapped and attacked transport vehicle with 9 in it.
Damn, now she's even killing her own.
Her move with 9 was totally unexpected.
They way she was hunting them... why the change of heart?
Still, it was nice of her.
The last scene was an interesting choice.
Wonder what final episode is gonna look like now..

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 12 Final

Damn, that was a lot of torture..
In all the pain he kept going back to his childhood.
His "talks" with Rize were more like negotiations.
That Jason is a true monster and deserves to die horribly.
Finally he embraced Rize and went to full power!
Kaneki's fight with Jason was amazing!!
Things just started to get very interesting.
Didn't get the feeling of a final episode from this.
Hope this will get another season at some point in the future.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 11

The government declared a full out war with the espers.
No way, another bird with esp powers?!
Did not see that one coming.
Guess we have finally caught up with the 1st episode.
Was about time too..
Damn those bad espers sure wreaked havoc in the city.
Guess Rinka doesn't need powers to take an esper down.
Very nice, action filled episode!
Final episode should give us a well rounded ending.. hopefully.

Fairy Tail

Episode 25

Relaxed episode.
The old lady was nice.
Shame Ultear payed such a high price using that magic.
Still, without her most of them would be dead & dragons would destroy everything.
Guess some clean up was necessary after all that happened.
That letter was very touching.
Guess it was too much for her to say goodbye any other way.
Very nice, but bitter-sweet episode.

Sword Art Online II

Episode 12

Discussing the remaining players.
Also, their possible locations.
Strategizing about the game and Sinon situation in RL.
It's nice they switched from talking to some action.
Their trap was good, but was it good enough?
Well, it almost worked..
Sterben (Death) vs Kirito!
A battle of words, but very interesting ones.
The real battle will be shown next time.


Episode 12 Final

Nice, a mecha fight again!
That Saazbaum sure had a nice mecha.
He proved to be a challenge.
Slaine powered up the Aldnoah drive, interesting.
Looks like there is more to him after all.
Inaho proved to be a leader once again.
The amount of hate in that Saazbaum was incredible.
Damn, Princess shielded Inaho and got herself shot.
Slaine totally snapped at that.
Saazbaum finally got what he deserved.
Didn't expect Inaho to get killed by Slaine though.
On the positive side, the war ended.


Episode 11

Sensei back in the big city.
He's still as easily depressed as usual.
His ranting about his style change was unnecessary.
Finally face-to-face with the director he punched LOL
He got forgiven rather easily..
Seishuu's nerves got the better of him and he did it again!
Poor director just can't catch a break with him...
Can't believe he actually got praised after soaking the director.
Guess his inspiration was left behind on the island.
The way things are going he's probably gonna stay there forever ^^
The call from the island cheered him up significantly.
His destiny is that island.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. Hey! Say! JUMP: Weekender

2. B.A.P: Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.)

3. GENERATIONS: Always With You

alwayswithyou by Bored4Lyfe

4. Porno Graffitti: Oretachi no Celebration

5. AKB48: Kokoro no Placard
7. IDOLING NEO: Kimi to Ita Nasu

12. T.M. Revolution: Phantom Pain

phantompain by Bored4Lyfe

13. Takoyaki Rainbow: Zessho! Naniwa de umare ta shojo tachi

14. Plastic Tree: Mime

19. Rei Yasuda: Mirror

mirror by Bored4Lyfe

28. 04 LIMITED SAZABYS: swim


1. SISTAR: I Swear

2. Yoon Mirae: I Love You
3. Ulala Session: Love Fiction
4. Shin Hye Sung + Lim: Doll
5. Winner: Empty
8. Wheesung: How Much is Your Love


1. Harlem Yu: Que Kou
2. Lin Xin Yi: Deng Yi Ge Ren
3. Zhou Xing Zhe (Eric): Yi Hou Bie Zuo Peng You
4. Vivian Chow: Café·Waiting·Love
5. Elva Hsiao: Shut Up & Kiss Me
8. Magic Power: I still love you

20. Bai An: What Is Next?