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Current anime episodes comments - Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!!, Naruto Shippuuden, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 8

Futaba's confession to Yuuri was delayed at first.
Previous friend reminded her that she's a changed person now.
Somehow things kept preventing her to spill the beans already..
Damn, she actually did it!!
Wow, that took some guts.
Luckily, Yuuri didn't react badly at all, just the opposite.
I was glad things turned out that way since both of them are nice.
Seems Yuuri just put on a brave face, but with no hard feelings.
Murao found herself in the middle of it all.. so she confessed too.
Didn't see that coming! Interesting though, but not surprising.
I already suspected she had a thing for Tanaka sensei.
Well, now all the girls have one thing more in common ^^
Futaba somehow ended up following Kou.
She confronted him about his whereabouts and that kinda backfired.
Yet, he still cared enough to try get her home.
Surprisingly she was stubborn enough to keep following.
Their midnight talk was interesting & nice ^^
Guess she got her hopes up too soon..

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 144

That Ging sure has a terrible personality.
But sometimes he is right though.
Pariston is a sly and devious guy.
Have a feeling things won't be good for hunters if he wins.
So Leorio actually made it to the last 4 candidates!
Seems like the final election is gonna be a marathon..
Leorio was all about Gon.
Still, his unusual speech got through to the voters.
Killua & Alluka finally made it to the hospital.
This episode was all about the elections.
Next time, hopefully, we'll see more Killua & action.

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 9

Nitori finally showed he can swim for real.
Guess all the training payed off.
With Regionals just around the corner Iwatobi is training hard too.
Iwatobi & Samezuka in the same hotel ^^
A scout makes a personal appearance.
Haruka didn't look that thrilled about it.
Rin was well aware of the scouts & he was very serious about them.
Haruka was feeling cornered by all the pressure..
Guess other people's expectations were messing with his head.
Regionals were on a totally different level than Prefecturals.
Makoto didn't make it to the finals. Haru quit.
Rin was amazing!
Haruka got strangled by the water... he just couldn't take the pressure.
Rin confronted Haru and he snapped..
Damn, that's so not the Haru we're used to seeing.
Wonder what is his trauma & fear...

Bakumatsu Rock

 Episode 9

Wow! Ryo's band sure is popular now!
Fan are cheering around every corner, but so are the government guys.
They keep preventing their rock concerts.
In the end they were forced to perform under masks LOL
Still, the appearances don't matter, only the music that fans love.
Guess they have more of a future under than masks then without them.
Heaven's song is just not working anymore.
Interesting that even the government is switching to rock.
Our band is in the big leagues now.
Things were not as simple as before.
In the end the masks fell and their hearts were free again!
(Don't you just love then their clothes rips off)
The band has an official name now: The Ultra Souls!

Love Stage!!

Episode 8

Izumi makes a debut.
Looks like he has feelings for Ryouma..
It was fun watching him freak over over his feelings.
Short summary of his life so far was nice.
Shougo & Sagara totally spoiled Izumi ^^
This part totally felt like some kind of documentary about Izumi's life.
Part about Sagara's past was interesting info.
The cat is out of the bag & there is no choice but to go public.
Ryouma's calming technique for Izumi was a good one ^^
That debut was a smart one.
Things should calm down a bit for Ryouma after that.
Doubt Izumi will have any free time after his debut though..

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 374

Wait.. Sakura can summon?
I either missed it before or it's a new thing.
Sakura's healing powers have truly evolved to a high level.
Summoning the familiars was a good move.
Naruto & Sasuke make a great attack team.
Tsunade got seriously injured and reverted to her true form..
Suigetsu and the snails ROFL
That was a nice comic relief for a very serious situation.
It's nice they managed to re-attach her.
Still, it's a miracle she managed to survive that..
Orochimaru is still suspicious to her.
That flashback about their past was pretty interesting.
He's too good to be true now. I don't trust his "change"..

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode  9

Mado & Amon history.
That Amon sure was naive at first.
Just like any newbie, I guess..
Hinami seems to be holding up well.
Her & Touka roommates. At least they won't feel as lonely.
Ken got pickpocketed by some weird guy.
Amon got a new partner & a transfer.
Touka's childhood flashback was sweet.
Looks like Touka's brother is gonna visit next time.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Episode 8

Grell is baaack!!
Sure has been a while since we've seen him.
Lord Kelvin is a very twisted man.
Vincent looks similar to Sebastian.
They finally showed us how things progressed.
Ciel snapped with good reason.
Shame some parts were censored..
Joker was obviously suffering from delusions & misplaced loyalty.
Those Phantomhive servants sure a re a dangerous bunch.
Damn, the action parts were awesome!

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