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Current anime episodes comments - Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride


Episode 5

So we finally got to see how Slaine met the Princess.
He finally got a bigger spotlight.
Inaho got the recognition he deserved.
Looks like things are changing with Vers.
I admire Inaho's calmness.
He sure got rid of that plasma sword mecha with ease.
Slaine made an attempt to stop the meaningless war.
It's a shame his majesty got fooled..
Now Slaine is in a world of trouble..


Episode 5

He really has nice neighbors.
I think he would die of hunger if it weren't for them.
Konomon thing was kinda LOL
Saishuu as a caligraphy teacher...
He was working the kids too hard.
It was just like him to take things too far.
Naru does seem to like Seishuu a lot.
The whole sensei's girlfriend thing was funny as well.
Yay! Trip to the beach! (Most anime seem to have those..)
It's never boring when everyone is together ^^
He sure knocked himself out quite a lot... he's hopeless.
So Seishuu learned responsibility.. nice.
Can't wait to see what'll happen next time with the new visitors.

One Piece

Episode 655

Sanji vs Doflamingo!
Everyone on the ship was cheering ^^
Sanji's attacks didn't seem to matter.
It was like Doflamingo was playing with him.
Luckily Law interfered!
But that didn't discourage Doflamingo..
Double the trouble.
Doflamingo from one side & flying Marines from the other.
Rebecca actually knows how to fight. Didn't expect that.
Still, that Block D fight just can't seem to finish.
Interesting episode.


Episode 18

Karasuno got the 1st set, but it's still far from over!
Guess Dateko isn't invincible after all.
2nd set was intense as hell! and rather tied too.
Hinata stole all the attention again.
Guess that was according to Karasuno's plan.
Hinata was tireless..
Dateko's #7 was the most troublesome player.
Asahi was having serious problems with their defense.
Noya's save was amazing!!
Damn, they won! Awesome!!!
Great episode!!

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 5

Tatsumi is still missing his deceased friends.
That's a good reminder of his purpose.
Sheele as Tatsumi's new teacher.
Damn, megane is just such a clumsy airhead..
As a teacher she's pretty strict though.
Her life story was interesting.
Guess her only talent is killing.
Tatsumi will have to wait for his Imperial Arms a while longer..
Sheele is pretty good at comforting people too.
Seryu & Coro, what a pair...
She might be an imperial soldier with imperial arms, but she's kinda clueless.
Good episode.

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 5

Aoba got himself kidnapped.
Mink & his crew were a bunch of pretty serious guys.
Aoba's suppressed personality is very interesting.
That medicine was probably suppressing it.
Grams still missing. Taken by that Morphine group.
I was surprised that they let Aoba go.
Joining forces was the smart thing to do.
As a team they managed to make a lot of progress.
Still, something weird was definitely going on with Dry Juice.
Looks like their leader made the wrong judgment call..

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 5

Nozaki sure was excited about a visit from his editor.
Damn, that guy wasn't notable at all..
I honestly don't get why Nozaki thinks he's cool.
The stories about his editors were fun.
That Maeno sure was a unique one..
Sakura meeting Miyako... weirdness.
That mangaka girl really needs to ditch Maeno as an editor..
Nozaki sure can't stand the guy!
His idea of testing his ideas was a bit off LOL
Still, a fun episode ^^

Ao Haru Ride

Episode  5

Orientation time!
Kou's face when tasting that juice ROFL
They are finally trying to function as a team.
It was nice to see them all so into it ^^
Futaba was feeling kinda left out..
Yuuri was totally hopeless when it come to crossing the river.
Futaba messed up her ankle.
Kou offering to piggyback her was sweet ^^
She really enjoyed that part <3
Also, they were walking around aimlessly looking for that lake..
Took them a while to find it too.
Still, they all had a good time & that was the whole point.
Futaba borrowing Kou's jacket for the sunrise viewing... awwww
The cat thing showed us Kou's other side.
Yuuri vs Futaba over Kou, damn.
Another sweet & fun episode with less Kou's moody behavior.

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