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Current anime episodes comments - DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride, Magi, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!!

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 9

Clear comes to Aoba's rescue.
The shower part was a big deal.
Clear finally showed his face!
To think he was hiding such a pretty face..
The brainwashing music was having a negative effect on Aoba.
He sure is a special guy.
Hope Clear won't wear that mask again.
He doesn't need it at all.
Wtf?! Clear has clones? And they work for Toue!
Looks like he isn't even human..
All that explains why he had the mask on all the time.
Still, shame that his role ended so soon..

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 9

Sakura is the same idiot as Nozaki.
Those two really are for each other.
Everything is a manga story opportunity for Nozaki.
At least Kashima didn't have any umbrella problems.
Yuzuki saved the day with her umbrella LOL
Wasn't Nozaki supposed to be carrying the umbrella? ROFL
Miyako mangaka was still having tanuki problems..
There is no way she could get rid of her tanuki crazed editor.
Good episode.

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 9

Futaba observing Kou.
Seems like his grades are not good..
Those 3 girls are so much closer now.
It's good they are sharing info about Kou.
Looks like Kou doesn't like make-up on Futaba.
Little talk with sensei made things clearer about Kou's behavior.
Study session at Kou's place took him by surprise.
It was more of an intervention though.
Not that he was in the mood to cooperate..
It was nice when he finally caved in though ^^
Kou & Yuuri had a moment in the kitchen.
Something definitely happened between them.
Now I'm dying to know what exactly!!

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken


Sinbad, from birth to childhood.
He sure was an amazing kid.
Yunan was a good match for unusual kid like Sinbad.
For such a young guy he was the carer of his village.
The forced military service came at the worst time.
Yunan put an interesting bug in his ear.
That was motivation enough to inspire him for greatness.


Drakon & Sinbad, what a duo LOL
They were so different that they were actually alike.
It's always nice to see enemies turn into firends.
Sinbad totally grew on Drakon.
Think he even started to admire him.
Sinbad managed to conquer the tower, but lost his sickly mother.
A sad ending after such an accomplishment.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 145

OMG! Leorio is in the lead!
I half saw that coming, but still..
Killua & Alluka finally in Gon's hospital room.
Gon sure was in a horrible state. Totally unrecognizable.
Even Killua was horrified and shocked by his condition.
Killua made the wish. Alluka fulfilled it. Scary powerful.
The elections got pretty intense too.
It came down to Leorio vs Pariston.
In the middle of it all Gon appeared!
Healing worked, Alluka did it.
I just wonder at what price..
Gon - Ging reunion! More next time I guess..
Great episode!!

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 10

Sousuke and his shoulder...
He was still very defensive about the issue.
I regret that he's injured because I think he could show so much more.
More flashbacks to Sousuke and Rin's childhood.
Sousuke was forced by Rin to spill the beans.
Finally his story was revealed.
Looks like he's determined to give his all even if it's the last time!
Rei & Nagisa didn't generally do that well, but they at least tried.
Relay time!! The thing we've all been waiting for.
The race was intense as hell!!
It was amazing watching them swim.
Iwatobi is the king of relay! <3
Off to the nationals for them.

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 10

Government is moving against the rockers again.
This time their measures have escalated.
Looks like their concerts had consequences for the fans as well.
New Government's idol group Justice looks interesting.
Especially so when they are practically kids.
The Ultra Souls crashed yet another concert.
Battle of the bands was nice ^^
Ryouma had some kind of a breakdown.
Seems things aren't looking well for their band.

Love Stage!!

Episode 9

Izumi got popular fast!
The story about him was all over the media all the time.
Rei sure was full of himself now that his plan succeeded.
Suddenly Izumi is obsessing over Ryouma.
Rei giving his blessing to Izumi-Ryouma relationship was a shocker!
Ryouma was dealing with the misfortune of everyone liking Izumi.
His cuteness was out in the world & there was no privacy anymore.
Ryouma can't have him all to himself anymore.
All the worrying got him to a hospital 'cause of exhaustion.
Izumi was turining into a shoppingholic..
Rei sure was open minded about Izumi swimming in BL waters.
Things sure are going in an interesting direction.
Being famous just backfired on him..

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