Friday, August 29, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Jojo Stardust Crusaders, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah.Zero, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 22

Baka Polnareff got what he wished for.
No way, Avdol wasn't dead!?
Damn, that was a nice surprise.
At least he took care of his zombie self..
Cameo challenged Avdol to make his wishes.
Avdol had a different kind of wishes in mind LOL
It was very enjoyable watching him kick Cameo's ass.
Cameo's user sure was pathetic when discovered..
The rest of the guys accepted Avdols return as a normal thing.
That sure pissed Polnareff off LOL
Poor guy was totally out of the Avdol loop..
It wasn't nice they all kept such a big secret from him.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 8

Ayumu & mom talk.
I knew she was going to be ungrateful..
There sure were a lot of anti ESP propaganda around town.
Rinka is still feeling guilty about Kyotaro.
Flashbacks to time time together were nice.
Rinka got attacked at the amusement park.
Good thing she trained for something like that.
Minami seems to be recruiting newly made espers.
She is definitely up to something.
There is no way she would just let Kyotarou go..
Still, Rinka got her wish.

Fairy Tail

Episode 22

Zirconis sure has a thing for girls.
Laxus was too careless with him.
Rogue & Sting vs 2 dragons!
Our dragon slayers were having problems dealing with dragons..
More about Ultear's childhood got revealed.
Wow! She actually sacrificed herself to revert time.
Damn, didn't expect that from her.
That act at least saved Gray's life & much more.
It brought the edge that they needed to get serious & fight with more motivation.
Future Lucy's diary was of some help as well.

Sword Art Online II

Episode 9

A short recap through Asuna's & other ALO players eyes.
No way, DG avoided that shot?! Impressive.
DG killed another player...
Wish they'd make a theory about how he manages to kill people thought a game.
Asuna & Klein made the connection about who DG might be.
Not surprising since they were all in SAO..
Sinon got used again, but she also got intrigued.
Looks like both of them forgot the point of BoB
DG is just more important.
Still, Kirito & Sinon make a great team whoever they fight.
Their plan to ambush DG went sideways.
Sinon was the one to get ambushed... not good.
Really don't like cliffhangers..


Episode 9

Slaine is alive and well.
But, unfortunately in the hands of the real traitor.
Rayet sure is an unusual girl.
She holds a serious grudge towards the Martians.
Marito got some PTSD therapy.
At least we got to see how the whole thing went down.
Kinda slow episode dealing with some personal dramas.
Rayet got her chance to use her murderous intent..
Wonder what the consequences are gonna look like.

One Piece

Episode 659

That Bartolomeo is just too emotional..
Dressrosa's past finally revealed!
Tin soldier (Rebecca's dad) told the story.
Of course Doflamingo had to ruin 800 years without wars..
He ruined the country through calculated threats/demands/manipulation.
That bastard so deserves to die!
He is pure evil.


Episode 22

With Kageyama back in the game things got interesting.
His happy face was totally creepy.
Lets hope he won't get sidetracked again.
It was nice to see him try to change for others.
His high fives were ROFL
2nd set was much better for Karasuno.
Tsukishima's game was off.
Looks like it was 'cause he didn't like Kageyama.
Thanks to Kageyama's lenience today anything can be fixed!
It was awesome watching Karasuno function as a real team.
Flashback to Oikawa-Kageyama past was a nice way to understand some things.
Great episode with nice progress!

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 9

Tatsumi needs to train more to be able to use that armor.
Another naive youth comes to the big city.
Shame he's on the wrong side.
Seems like a nice guy.
Esdeath forms a new team - the Jaegers.
Judging by Esdeath's demands for her "husband", Tatsumi is the perfect for her.
That arena battle got Tatsumi noticed by Esdeath.
He just got himself a collar.
I bet she's into S&M and serious bondage.
LOL "poor" Tatsumi..
Nice episode.

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