Sunday, September 30, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Shinsekai Yori, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Hiiro no Kakera 2

One Piece

Episode 566

Luffy vs Hordy! The final battle!
Those pills Hordy was taking sure made him insanely strong.
Straw Hats still fighting those fishman pirates..
Looks like it's still not over.. this fishman arc.

Space Brothers

Episode 26

So mom & dad came to visit their sons.
The final interview is here!
Mutta was a victim of a practical joke again...
His reaction to the whole chair thing was just weird.
The interview itself was nothing special though.
Seems like the party/dinner was the real test.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 49

The phantom troupe members were surprised by Uvo's disappearance.
Killua was the only one who saw their true strength.
Tailing those two was not a good idea, but I guess they had no other choice.
Gon & Killua walked straight into a trap.
They are no match to even one of those phantom troupe guys.
Being brought into their hideout means they're not gonna release them ever.

Shinsekai Yori

Episode 1

Hmm... this is an unusual, but so far interesting.
Saki awakens into adulthood and is transferred to a new school where she meets up with her friends.
Seems like all of the kids are telekinetic.
Saki was the only one who actually questioned what happened to the other kids.
Reiko wasn't doing well at all. At this rate ...
Saki wasn't taking her friends' horror stories for granted though.
It's probably 'cause she was close to one herself.
The adults are hiding some ugly truth...
Looks like it's the survival of the fittest only.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Episode 14

Yuuya in a serious pinch.
He was lucky backup showed up right on time.
Pinned by BETA and even bombed by their own bombers...
To top that laser class showed up as well.
Their day totally went down the drain..

Hiiro no Kakera 2

Episode 1

Life goes on for Tamaki and her guys.
Some flashbacks from the previous season..
Well, it was practically all about the flashbacks.
This episode was just a recap.
Wonder what's gonna be happening this season..
Probably something involving Aria Monado & her fighters.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Area no Kishi, Campione!, Dog Days', Kokoro Connect, Accel World EX, Sword Art Online

Fairy Tail

Episode 150

Everyone tried so hard to save Lucy...
All the fights were really nice.
Lucy's flashbacks were kinda sweet when it came to her childhood.
Well, except the part about her mom.
Lucy really is an amazing girl to take control over the Infinity castle.
I'm glad it's finally over.
Wonder what new adventures await them..

Area no Kishi

Episode 37 Final

The game continues..
It was a pretty intense game with lots of action.
Enoshima played well and with passion which payed off.
And off they go to the semi-finals.
Araki sure is making a brilliant career for himself and so is Seven.
It's up to Kakeru to catch up to those two!
Good final episode.


Episode 13 Final

Athena's evil twin Metis makes an appearance.
Seems like our Athena is just an ordinary girl now..
It's kinda sad too..
Godou vs Metis!
Now that was a good fight.
The merging of Athena & Metis was not a good thing.
Godou really became strong and is not a wuss anymore.
Pretty good final episode.

Dog Days'

Episode 13 Final

Making memories of their final summer days...
It was fun watching them enjoy themselves.
A surprise party was nice touch ^^
Sink and the princess + 2 other girls sleeping together.
Well, I didn't expect to see that, but it was kinda sweet.
The farewell part was nice too ^^
After that life moved on for all of them.

Kokoro Connect 

Episode 13

Taichi broke the rules.
That was not a good idea...
Now there's no way they could hide their transformations.
Iori's problems gets revealed this time.
It's lucky Heartseed ended his little experiment.
Heartseed's offer to Iori was tempting.
I was glad everything worked out.

Accel World EX


Haru sure was freaking out a lot in this OVA.
Dealing with a new problem of clothes stripping on the network.
Never thought the culprit could be a girl, interesting.
Kuroyuki Hime & team vs the last Assault Linker.
It was really fun watching them fight ^^

Sword Art Online

Episode 13

Kirito made an interesting friend.
Guess fishing is not Kirito's thing.
The big game fishing turned into a fight pretty fast!
Asuna she showed that fish who's boss.
Getting called back to fight on the front lines again was good.
It was about time for some serious action!
That skeleton boss was insanely strong!!
Looks like Kirito & Asuna will need to boost their levels if the plan on winning against other, stronger bosses.

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. SKE48: Kiss Datte Hidarikiki

2. Kiyoshi Hikawa: Saigo To Kimeta Hito Dakara
3. Porno Graffitti: Kageboushi
4. Bump Of Chicken: firefly
5. 2NE1: I Love You (Japanese Ver.)

iloveyoujapanesehd by Bored4Lyfe

8. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN: Linear Blue wo Kikinagara

9. Mika Nakashima: Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Nara

ashitasekaigaowarunara by Bored4Lyfe

10. SuG: sweeToxic

11. Dragon Ash: Run to the Sun

15. ACIDMAN: Alchemist


1. Naul: Memory of the Wind

2. G-Dragon: Missing You Feat. Kim Yoon Ah
3. Seo In Guk Eunji: All For You
4. G-Dragon: Crayon
5. G-Dragon: That XX
18. G-Dragon: ONE OF A KIND


1. Jolin Tsai: The Greatest Artist
2. Fish Leong: Ai Jiu Jian Ren Xin
3. Yu Ke Wei: Happiness Is Difficult Or Not
4. Freya Lin: Living Alone
5. Kimberley Chen: Ai Ni (Love You) Feat. Lil Jay
6. Jolin Tsai: Wandering Poet (Shi Ren Man Bu)

7. Li Wei Feng: You do not Know

17. Shin: An Cang Hou Hui

29. Fish Leong: Hui Guo Qu De

30. Wanting Qu: You Exist In My Song

Friday, September 28, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Binbougami ga!, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Eureka Seven Ao

Binbougami ga!

Episode 13 Final

It was nice seeing Sakura fight to save Momiji's new form.
That Bobby sure is a naive pervert ROFL
Sure was nice seeing Sakura & new Momiji bond.
Ranmaru vs Momou!
Now that was a pretty cool fight... until he turned perverted again *sigh*
Kitty vs Teddy! That was the shortest fight in history LOL
Sakura in a dilemma over Momiji, that was a new one.
Seems like she likes Momiji no matter what! ^^
Really nice final episode.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Episode 12 Final

Yuuki got the run around.
Chisato getting kidnapped was not good on any day, but it just had to be election day!
Yuina sure did a lot of wrongs to a lot of people.
I'm glad she was finally caught.
That girl was seriously disturbed to go that far...
Yuuki's speech was really good, not matter how bad he looked at the time.
He really does have the potential to be a great president if he does what he said.
Really nice ending scene ^^

Eureka Seven Ao

Episode 22

Truth totally lost his mind.
That is a really really bad thing.
Ao vs Truth! Nothing new there.
Well, at least we learned some new stuff about Truth.
The experiments with coral carriers went out of control.
Looks like Truth has his own plan and isn't as controllable as they thought.
Ao- Naru relationship has potential if only they'd relax some more.
The future part was interesting.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Sket Dance

Naruto Shippuuden 

Episode 281

This sure was a filler....
Konohamaru and his friends have amazing imagination.
It's a good thing it was only a circus.
The attack of the sumo fighters was just ridicules.
Well, I was impressed with Konohamaru's rasengan.

Sket Dance

Episode 77 Final

Saaya still hung up on Bossun - Himeko relationship.
Her brother still misunderstanding the whole thing...
Bossun as basketball stand-in was interesting to see.
Saaya finally confessed to Bossun. Now that was a big deal.
There sure was a lot going on in this episode.
Seems like all the characters from previous help requests were in it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Asian Movies - Quick

Now this is a movie after my own taste! Hot bikes, hot guys and even hotter action scenes. Kinda reminded me a little of Fast and Furious, just with bikes. Guess the proper comparison be to that Torque movie about bikes and bikers. It was a nice treat to see that they slipped in some humor which made this movie even more fun to watch.
The whole crazy bomber thing went to completely new lengths with this movie. Talking a about being in a serious pinch. It was really fun to watch the male-female duo going together through life threatening situations. The best part was that it turned out she was a part of a popular idol girl group which made things even more impossible. Their past together as well as personality issues sure made things even more complicated.
The panic, the adrenaline, the fun, the humor, the danger and the general craziness of the situation really make this movie stand out. This is definitely the best Korean movie I've ever seen.


Ki-Soo (Lee Min-Ki), Myung-Sik (Kim In-Kwon) and Ah-Rom (Kang Ye-Won) were members of the same notorious motorcycle gang. They enjoyed their days roaming the streets recklessly on their motorcycles.
Now, Ki-Soo works as a motorcycle delivery man, Myung-Sik is a motorcycle cop and Ah-Rom is a member of pop idol group. One day, Ki-Soo has Ah-Rom riding on the back of his motorcycle as he makes a delivery. To his surprise the delivered package explodes as he leaves the building. Ki-Soo's cellphone rings and he hears a voice telling him that their is another bomb planted in his helmet which Ah-Rom is wearing. Ki-Soo is ordered to take another delivery. If the delivery is late or he attempts to run away the helmet will explode...

Director: Jo Beom-Gu
Writer: Park Soo-Jin
Genre: Action
Run time: 115 min
Release Date:
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Hakuouki Reimeiroku

Episode 12 Final

Serizawa getting worse.
Hijikata's getting-on-Serizawa's-good-side party was an interesting tactic.
Didn't think they were bold enough to kill Serizawa.
At least the weather was well suited for it...
Guess they had enough of his bad ways.
Interesting how only Ryunosuke was on his side.
Serizawa turning rasetsu was kinda expected due to his condition and situation.
Serizawa's end was not a surprise, but Ryunosuke "leaving" kinda was...
No wonder he wasn't in the main series.
Good final episode.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Tari Tari

Tari Tari

Episode 13 Final

First the rainy day and then the denied entrance.
Their day wasn't off to a good start.
The principal's monologue was a surprise.
Didn't expect him to stand up to the chairman.
The biggest surprise was the help of the vice principal.
It was a truly wonderful White Festival!
Looks like everyone continued following their dreams after that.
Really nice final episode!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Rinne no Lagrange 2

One Piece

Episode 565

Brook and info about his powers were interesting.
It's also kinda sad that he's stuck like that forever.
Luffy vs Hordy.
I wish they would move the fight to land so Luffy could properly kick his ass.
The water battle was pretty impressive too.
Chopper kinda overdid it with his size ^^"
That Hordy just refuses to die...

Space Brothers

Episode 25

Hibito's problems with Azuma.
It was actually kinda sad for Azuma.
Being there before Hibito and getting skipped for the moon landing.
That totally sucks.
Mutta really admires his brother.
Just one last interview left.
Mutta training really hard, that was a surprise.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 48

Looks like Leorio needs to spend more time learning Nen.
Gon & Killua playing traders was kinda interesting to watch.
It was a nice change.
Zepile was very suspicious to me.
Maybe his looks are deceiving...

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Episode 12 Final

 Monkey hurt.
Nobuna worried.
Enemies plotting Nobuna's demise...
Their world on fire.
The final fight was awesome!
Very nice ending of this anime ^^

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Episode 13

A blast from Takamura's past.
Seems like things weren't much different than the present.
The only difference is the she was much more impulsive then.
At least now Yuuya & Yui are getting closer.
Looks like this time she's haunted by the similar events of the past.

Rinne no Lagrange 2

Episode 12 Final

Everyone was seriously freaking out.
If it weren't for those three girls the world would have ended for sure.
After all that they sure deserved some easy time...
Well, most of the issues were dealt with and things got on the right track.
Nice final episode.

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. KAT-TUN: Fumetsu no Scrum

2. Bump Of Chicken: firefly

firefly by Bored4Lyfe

3. NMB48: Virginity
5. AKB48: Gingham Check
6. 2AM: For You ~Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto~

foryoukiminotameidekirukotohq by Bored4Lyfe

8. Ieiri Leo: Bless You

9. SCANDAL: Pin Heel Surfer

20. Hilcrhyme: Jigsaw Puzzle

26. BIGMAMA: Mr. & Mrs. Balloon feat. GEROCK


1. Seo In Guk Eunji: All For You
2. G-Dragon: That XX
3. Baek Ah Yeon: Sad Song

4. Seo In Guk Eunji: Just The Way We Love
5. Huh Gak: I Need You Feat. Zia
9. F.T. Island: I Wish

14. Secret: Poison

17. Orange Caramel: Lipstick

19. Huh Gak: It Hurts

22. G-Dragon: Crayon


1. Jolin Tsai: The Great Artist
2. Fish Leong: Ai Jiu Jian Ren Xin
3. Yu Ke Wei: Happiness Is Difficult Or Not
4. Freya Lin: Living Alone
5. Kimberley Chen: Ai Ni (Love You) Feat. Lil Jay
6. Jolin Tsai: Wandering Poet (Shi Ren Man Bu)

7. Li Wei Feng: You do not know

17. Shin: An Cang Hou Hui

30. Wanting Qu: You Exist In My Song

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Accel World, Fairy Tail, Area no Kishi, Campione!, Dog Days', Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, Kokoro Connect, Kuroko no Basket, Sword Art Online

Accel World

Episode 24 Final

Haru vs Nomi!
A flying battle, that was pretty cool.
At first I thought Chiyu betrayed him again, but getting the wings back was the best thing that he could' ve hoped for.
Seems like Haru has even cooler version of wings now.
Hope Chiyu will you her power to turn back time for good from now on.
Nomi finally out of Brain Burst world for good.
I'm glad Nomi's personality totally changed after the game disappeared from his head.

Fairy Tail

Episode 149

Lucy dangerously close to losing herself.
Natsu vs Imitatia.
That girl just doesn't listen to reason.
Samuel's sudden urge to kill Lucy was a surprise.
I thought he was getting along with the other exceeds.
Imitatia's sudden change of heart was kinda sweet.

Area no Kishi

Episode 36

Sagamigaura vs Enoshima continues.
Kakeru played a really good game.
It's lucky Enoshima has a very good goalkeeper.
Enoshima somehow keeps falling into game traps from Sagamigaura.
They are a strong team that doesn't give up easily.
This was a pretty intense game!


Episode 12

Godou ended up in a really strange place.
The whole thing was unusual, especially that Susano guy.
Well, at least Godou learned a few useful things.
Interesting how now even Athena has started showing her feelings.
It's was nice for a change that Godou saved Erica.
Really good episode!

Dog Days'

Episode 12

Hero trade was kinda fun ^^
Every nation got an exchange Hero service.
It was nice each nation got a different nation's hero for a day.
Girls getting themselves into maze full of traps was LOL
The final stage was really nice.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Episode 12 Final

Akki vs  the dragon.
That was a seriously epic fight!
That guy really is an amazing hero.
So there are men in the shadows plotting here as well.
Not too surprising.
Looks like everyone is going to Alazzard.
The way things are heading season 2 is very possible.

Kokoro Connect

Episode 12

Things are getting pretty ridiculous.
Lots of misunderstandings and funny situations.
That Heartseed really knows how to make their lives interesting.
Yui... needs to face her problems head on.
Well, at least Aoki dealt with his problem.
Yui still has a way to go, but is at least making progress ^^

Kuroko no Basket

Episode 25 Final

The final episode was really good.
That Aomine vs Kise game was just awesome!
Those guys really know how to play.
It seems like just those two were on the court playing.
Exhaustion was getting to the rest of the team.
That kind of rivalry was just amazing.
Hope there will be a second season.

Sword Art Online

Episode 12

Yui really is a mystery.
Asuna & Kirito on a rescue mission.
Watching those two fight over toad legs was LOL
Looks like that mission was not a breeze at all.
At least we got to see what kind of powers Yui has.
It was just amazing!!
I was suspecting she'd be some kind of a program.
Looks like I was right. This totally reminds me of .hack// again.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Eureka Seven Ao

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Episode 11

So finally the background of the whole election thing is revealed.
Who knew there would so many intrigue behind the scenes.
Yuuki seems to be having all kinds of problems...
Chisato was guilt tripping herself an awful lot this time.
Well, Yuuki - Chisato relationship is pretty unique and interesting.
At least something good came from the whole ordeal ^^
Wonder how things will be moving forward now...

Eureka Seven Ao

Episode 21

The coral carriers thing was pretty interesting.
Eureka makes another appearance.
Seems like when she shows up things get even more complicated.
Secrets attacking other secrets, interesting.
Elena vs Ao.
Things are getting slowly out of hand.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Sket Dance, Naruto Shippuuden, Binbougami ga!

Sket Dance

Episode 76

Tsubaki & Katou joined at the him LOL
Bossun really seems to enjoy teasing Tsubaki.
Katou's attitude sure is unique most of the time..
Looks like student council will come to appreciate his ninja skills.
Katou proves to be the best & most efficient member student council ever had.
That guy is just wow!
Usami's problem with men sure got a unique approach ROFL
Guys dressed as girls were really cute!! Especially Tsubaki who totally looked like a real girl.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 280

White Zatsu still playing his transformation games.
Lots of flashbacks this time.
Deidara free again, not good.
Luckily the caught him pretty quick.
Wow, Sasuke made an appearance after a long time.

Binbougami ga!

Episode 12

Momiji's sudden transformation was just wow!
That bath Sakura gave her did wonders on her attitude and appearance.
Sakura was suspicious of Momiji's little story though.
Death Note analogy was really good!
Even Momou missed the real Momiji.
Sakura is a total tsundere girl LOL
The new, nice Momiji was really amazing.
Shame it didn't last longer......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

K-pop group - Chaos

Winning InSight, the label behind girl group Piggy Dolls, made the debut of their first boy group by the name of Chaos early in 2012. Chaos made their debut in both Japan and Korea at the same time.
It consists of five members including Heejae, Hyunsun, Taeyang, Doohwan, and Dongmin. Taeyang ended up in controversy even before the debut because of his name. Big Bang’s fanclub asked for a name change due to him having the same name as one of the Big Bang members. Chaos’s company responded to the plea, saying that Taeyang will be including his last name, Park, in his stage name. Members Hyunsun and Taeyang were revealed earlier through teaser pictures. 
They have been gathering much attention and popularity with their new hit single and music video which were released on January 6. Their popularity is not limited to only Korea, it goes worldwide. Also, they are called “machodolls” for their manly appearance and style with a funky sound. “CHAOS” refers to the formless state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in Greek mythology. The early stage of chaos and disorder. The group was named Chaos because they want to put some ‘chaos’ in the music industry. They released their first studio album on July 27th with the title track [RACER]. The concept showed them as rugged and manly guys, which was a 180° transformation from their sleek and playful debut look. The album also included the songs from their debut single.


Name: Park TaeYang
Birthdate: March 31, 1988
Height: 183cm
Weight: 68kg
Bloodtype: A 


Name: Jang HyunSun
Birthdate: June 22, 1988
Position: Rapper
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg 

Name: Park HeeJae
Birthdate: July 15, 1990
Position: leader
Height: 178cm
Weight: 57kg
Hobbies: football 

Name: Kim DongMin 
Birthdate: February 28, 1992
Position: sub vocalist
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Hobbies: fishing, reading 

Name: Lee DuHwan
Birthdate: January 13, 1993
Position: main vocalist, maknae
Height: 180cm
Weight: 58kg 

Hobbies: listening to music, watching movies 


The 1st Single

1. She is Coming
2. Last Night

The 1st Mini Album

1. Racer
2. Hurry
3. Icy Lady
4. Last Night
5. She is Coming

Music Videos

Chaos: She is Coming

Chaos: Racer