Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!!, Naruto Shippuuden, Tokyo Ghoul, Zankyou no Terror, Uchuu Kyoudai

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 141

Chairman candidates announced.
Leorio actually got nominated after punching Ging, sweet!
That clip sure went viral LOL
Killua's Alluka connections chart summed up things.
So family members are off limits for killing.
Since they don't consider Alluka as a person, but as a thing, she's not family.
Damn, they are ruthless and cruel...
Wow, Illumi wasn't kidding about the family off limits thing.
Hisoka sure pushed his buttons on purpose.
Killua is amazing with Alluka.
Guess he's the only one who loves her.
Butlers vs Hisoka. Dangerous!

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 6

Prefecturals are here!!
Now we'll get to see just how much did they prepare for it.
Harauka & Makoto swimming beginnings were sweet.
Rin & Gou payed their respects..
Wow! Nagisa's parents actually cam to watching him compete, cool!
Guess they finally recognized his efforts.
Looks like it payed off to! Go Nagisa!
Makoto managed to show his power too! Great!
Gou seems to be excellent motivator for Momo LOL
Rei was amazing as well. He must have worked hard!
200m freestyle was the best since both Haruka & Makoto were in it.
That went as expected.
The real battle was after that - Haruka vs Rin!
That was amazing!! Damn, they were pretty tied too.
Best episode so far!

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 6

Rock is making its mark-
Even the shogun & higher-ups are worried.
Looks like Ryo & his band are under surveillance.
That's to be expected though.
Kondo got worried about Soji and with good reason too.
The shogun is obviously using him as a tool.
Ryo sure can be hopelessly stubborn..
That huge concert was obviously a trap.
The crowd sure was easily turned.
It was a shame Kondo had to sacrifice himself to fix things.

Love Stage!!

Episode 5

Izumi's dreams are very amusing.
He's a total megalomaniac in them..
Also, he's completely delusional about his manga.
Ryouma was totally overreacting about the e-mail block LOL
Izumi won't be able to get rid of him... ever!
Ryouma is practically stalking him.
Damn, that guy really is a piece of work.
It was fun watching Ryouma's shocked face over the art.
Those two really do exist only in their own worlds..
Izumi actually invited Royuma to help out, a shocker... not.
Still, it's interesting how casually he invited him to his room.
In the end Ryouma seems to have more art talent than Izumi.
Looks like he got into some other trouble on his day off.
He still managed to take advantage of passed out/sleeping Izumi ^^
Guess he's so gonna get yelled at next time!

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 371

Reality, finally!
Naruto's chakra cloak came in handy.
It was pretty hard on Naruto though.
10 tails sure is one ugly looking monster.
After everything Kakshi still had second thought about killing Obito.
He totally fell for the guilt trip Obito sent him on.
And then we got a conveniently placed flashback..
Isn't it about time Kakashi got over Rin's death?
He thought he killed her, but it turns out it was a suicide.
That should make things easier for Kakashi after the shock wears off.
So Obito did the exactly same thing since as her..
Next time we get to see 10 tails transformation.
Hopefully into something less ugly...

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 6

Touka taught Tsukiyama a lesson.
Nishiki was persistent even in his state.
Guess he really cares for Kimi a lot.
Kimi managed to surprise Touka ^^
So the coffee shop got another employee.
For Nishiki it's definitely a change for the better.
So Hinami's dad was a ghoul too until he became collateral damage.
Wow! Doves vs Jason! Sweet weapons & fight.
Touka was feeling down for being soft.. what a weird reason.
Damn, in the end the rest of the family became a target too.
That felt kinda unfair.

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 5 

As expected 9 & 12 don't get along in their opinion about Lisa.
OMG! No wonder! Lisa is a walking disaster.
Another bomb has been planted & riddle given.
Shibazaki is a clever one, but even he has trouble with higher-ups.
That signal block messed up things.
Their past is coming to haunt them.
Things should become even more interesting from now on.

Uchuu Kyoudai


The animation was different.
Music reminded me of some old Italian or French movies.
Apo was the main character.
It was entertaining.
Still, it just felt weird..

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