Thursday, August 21, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Tokyo Ghoul, Zankyou no Terror, Kuroko's Basketball, Terra Formars, Jojo Stardust Crusaders, Tokyo ESP, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Fairy Tail

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 8

Hinami missing.
Doves on the loose.
It's like just asking for trouble.
Of course the worts kind of trouble found them.
Kaneki decided to be a diversion.
He sucked at that.. was weak even against a relative newbie dove.
Touka was up against the old guy. Not an easy task.
It was nice to see Kaneki get serious after all those displays of weakness.
Hinami showed she can fight too!
This episode had a nice amount of action.
Finally, those doves are finished.
Well, at least the older one is done for.
The younger might return seeking revenge..

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 7

Our guys are smart, but 5 was hot on their trail.
That game of chess felt more like a game of tag.
It was fun watching them run around the airport.
The music made the suspense even greater.
Lisa got her first task.
9 pulled a checkmate on 5 or so he thought.
Guess 5 pulled a fast one on them after all.
Lisa found herself in the middle of ultra serious trouble.
Wonder how they're gonna get her out of that mess..
With some instructions from our duo she almost saved herself.
Without Shibazaki that crazy bitch would've blown up the whole airport.
Damn! She is totally insane.
Lisa was stupid to take her ID with her.. such a rookie mistake.
That mistake is gonna come back and bite the on the ass.
Great episode!

Kuroko's Basketball

Episode 22.5

Kise's modelling career.
Guess that's what he was up to before devoting himself to basketball.
All of them sure were huge for middle schoolers..
So this is how the best of the best came together as a team.
It was nice seeing all of them on the same side.
Kuroko was not as impressive when compared to others..
Well, Kise sure joined the the first string fast.
Little ice-cream adventure was fun ^^
It was fun watching Kise's confused face about Kuroko being a regular.
He realized why soon enough.
Teiko vs Komagi game showed what Kuroko does best ^^
Very nice episode that filled some gaps.

Terra Formars


Interesting anime.
Guess the locals has something to say about humans invading their teritorry.
Earth became too small and they had to terraform.
Sent roaches to make it habitable.
500 years later roaches evolved into human-like creatures and became locals.
First victim was claimed.
It was interesting to see the humans had some hidden powers too.
The roach rebellion kept dropping humans like flies..
Damn... too many victims in such a short time.
After seeing this wonder what the anime series is gonna be like.

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 21

Another interesting detour.
This time thanks to Joseph.
Seeing Avdol's dad was especially hard on Polnareff.
You find a creepy ass Aladdin lamp on the beach.
Of course you're gonna rub it.. *facepalm Polnareff*
It was amusing watching him think about his wishes.
The resurrection wish actually came true!
Damn, but wasn't that kinda too easy?
Of course that was a trap.
That Cameo stand sure pulled a fast of on Polnareff.
Very interesting.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 7

Rinka was getting her ass handed to her by Ayumu.
Master Roshi sure paired her with an interesting guy.
Guess he can see things before they happen; precognition.
It's ironic how Ayumu's mom is against ESP users.
Rinka sure was serious about training..
Was fun when she realized his power & kicked his ass.
It was surprising to see Murasai show interest in training too.
Kyoutarou-Minami drama continues..
Ayumu's mom got herself attacked.
It's no wonder since she's against ESP so openly & actively.
Wow! Didn't expect Murasaki & Ayumu to make such a good team.
Damn, now the skeleton is out of the closet.
Wonder if his mom is gonna be ungrateful and judge him or the opposite..

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Episode 7

That "Father" is one creepy guy.
Circus is packing up..
Things got too hot for them to hang around longer.
Sebastian trying to spoil Ciel kinda backfired ROFL
Ciel & Sebastian went straight into the lion's den, dangerous!
That mansion was as creepy as its lord.
All those missing kids... damn!
That lord has one weird, creepy and deranged fetish.
Ciel instantly got flashbacks to his torture...
Trauma from the past rose to the surface once more.

Fairy Tail

Episode  21

Millianna - Jellal - Ultear circle of negative emotions.
Flashbacks to their captive days were a nice reminder of things past.
Rogue got his spirits up after pairing up with Sting.
Erza & Jellal fighting together ^^
That's always a pretty sight.
Looks like some of the fighters are getting tired..
No wonder since they can't do any damage to dragons.
Our dragon slayers were practically nowhere to be seen this time.
Gray took a few shots for Juvia... don't think he's gonna recover from that..

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