Friday, August 15, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, Haikyuu!!, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!

Tokyo ESP

Episode 6

Kyotaro ripped him own hand to save Rinka.
That bastard Professor just dumped the tanker in the middle of Tokyo.
Minami took Kyotaro.
Rinka made her choice between saving him or trapped people.
Rinka's dad helped with the aftermath a lot.
The whole thing got espers a bad name..
She didn't take it well... was hung up over Kyotaro.
Another mascot appears Panda-Roshi LOL
Seems like he has the power of clairvoyance.
That could certainly come in handy.
Thanks to all that happened Rinka decided to train hard & get stronger.
New character appears.
He looks promising ^^

Fairy Tail

Episode 20

Wonder why they were persistent in attacking when their attacks were useless.
Natus vs Fire dragon!
Itadakimatsu! ROFL but that's the Natsu way ^^
Lucy & future diary.
It's never good to know too much about the future..
Future Rouge is still delusional, but I wonder how far he'll get before he's stopped.
No way! The fire dragon switched sides. Didn't see that one coming! Cool.
Natsu & Fire dragon make a great team! They are perfect for each other.
Damn, our Rogue was dealing with his other self's temptation.
Things aren't looking too well for him.

Sword Art Online II

Episode 7

And we're back to reality.
That was rather sudden too.
One moment he was in the game & the next he's eating breakfast at home.
His sister is onto him as well.
He can't hide anything from Yui & Asuna LOL
Sinon is back too.
Kirito sure made an impression on her.
That girl was pissed as hell!
Because of it even her friend got a bit jealous of Kirito.
So Kirito is haunted by the people he killed in SAO..
Asuna spaced out in the middle of ALO fight.
Guess she's worried about Kirito.
Next time BoB main tournament!


Episode 7

Slaine got himself into some trouble.
Guess that Vers chick saw him as an intruder.
Inaho actually helped him out in advance, interesting.
Murito still going through his crisis.
Things aren't looking too good.
Ship damaged, Inaho defending them, Slaine circling aimlessly..
Still, that cave was more than just a cover.
It holds something much more interesting.
Inaho did something pretty cool again ^^
Looks like Inaho & Slaine make a great team!
Guess we finally got to see Aldnoah as well.


Episode 7

Seishuu's friends got stuck on the island.
It was fun watching them get to know the life there.
Fishing was a nice way to do it too ^^
Kousuke was so no good at it..
He can be such an annoying brat & a crybaby.
Naru always finds something to have fun with LOL
Kawafuji kinda went overboard with his monologue ^^"
Note to self: Don't make Naru mad!
That trio totally had it coming ROFL
So Kousuke was in a slump too, that's why he came.
Shame those two went back so soon..
Fun episode ^^

One Piece

Episode 657

Bartolomeo is definitely Straw Hats' biggest fan ^^
Damn, they sure treat losers as garbage..
Didn't expect they just dump them in some hole.
Rebecca was doing fine & then got into some trouble.
Luckily Agilia came to her rescue.
That Bartolomeo sure can make me laugh with his emotional response.


Episode 20

Kageyama sabotaged himself with that crappy serve.
Guess Oikawa managed to influence his play.
Luckily he managed to get a grip.
After Oikawa figured out their signs, he kinda lost it to the pressure.
That guy sure can read a situation and people..
Tanaka was pretty good this time.
Karasuno was struggling to keep up.
The way things are going they will lose 1st set for sure.
Switching out Kageyama was a good choice.
Wonder how will Hinata & the rest react to that & how it will affect their game.

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 7

 Esdeath is officially back and out for blood or not?
She's out for a husband... wtf?!
That was certainly unexpected.
Akame finally showed emotions.
Tatsumi punched himself?
Lots of unusual stuff in this episode.
Well, at least he got motivated to train hard.
Dsdeath's mustache & grey haired guy (general Liver) would be totally hot without the mustache.
She is playing dirty too.
Trying to get Night Raid to show their face & then get rid of them once and for all.
Luckily, they figured it out & made a trap of their own.
Now it's Esdeath's "dogs " vs Night Raid!
Wow! Bulat sure knows how to fight. Impressive.

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