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Current anime episodes comments - Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Sword Art Online II

Episode 8

Kirito pumping Sinon for info... again.
He would totally be out of the loop if it wasn't for her.
Looks like Kirito got famous & popular fast!
Him pretending to be a girl again was kinda lame though.
Guess he has to keep his cover..
Kirito is gonna use BoB main tournament to find Death Gun.
That is if he is even participating.
Surprise, of course he is!
It was fun watching Kirito & Sinon observe the situation on the bridge.
Interesting ending.


Episode 8

The missing piece is here.
It was nice they showed us how they got the ship & how the Princess revealed herself.
Poor Slaine got captured and tortured 'cause of Inaho.
He definitely did not deserve that!
Revealing that Princess was alive would be dangerous.
At least for now since they don't know who exactly wanted her dead.
Slaine so did not deserve the misfortune that fell upon him.
In the end he let it slip the Princess is alive.
Luckily, it wasn't to the wrong guy.
The true traitor made his move rather quickly though..


Episode 8

Naru having a birthday.
Seishuu was having problems getting her the perfect gift.
Looks like he has a fear of beetles..
Still, he teamed up with the kids.
That wasn't going so well for him ^^"
It was nice to see kids took pity on him in the end..
Damn, he's hopeless..
It's unbelievable how Naru actually loved Seishuu's present.
Damn, their Bon customs are pretty unusual.
Still, it was nice to see it in more detail.
Seems like Seishuu got quite attached to Naru & she to him.
Nice episode ^^

One Piece

Episode 658

OMG Bartolomeo *facepalm*
Damn, his view of Luffy is just too bishounen.
He's worse than any fan girl..
The fighters junkyard is just too cruel.
Doflamingo sure is a heartless bastard.
Even the former King is there.
I thought he was dead..
There are some pretty strong guys there yet they can't get out.
Wonder how will they escape that place.
So they are using the losers to turn them into toys!
Damn, what a cruel fate.
Wonder how they do it though..
Seems like King Riku is loved by his people.
He's not the bad guy they paint him to be.
Doflamingo & his minions are the true bad guys!


Episode 21

Kageyama got booted off the field.
Koshi came in instead of Kageyama.
Looks like changing players was a good choice.
Koshi is pretty cheerful and nice.
Such a nice change from Kageyama.
Seems like he lifted the teams spirit too.
Thanks to that things got back on track.
Oikawa made sure to ruin Karasuno's streak.
2nd set is their chance to take the lead.
Nice! Karasuno broke Oikawa's streak!
And Kageyama comes into the game again.
Guess he's gotten pumped up enough.
Intense episode!

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 8

Tatsumi was obviously impressed by Bulat's fighting.
Bulat vs General Liver!
That Liver has an interesting imperial arms.
On the sidelines Tatsumi vs Nyau.
Bulat sure suffered a lot of damage.
His imperial arms just deactivated.
After imperial arms became useless swords came in handy.
Damn, those two really wanted to kill each other.
Damn, just realized Nyau is a guy *facepalm*
Nyau's ability turned him into a pumped up muscle man.
Wonder if Bulat will survive.. guess not.
At least he gave Tatsumi his imperial arms.
Didn't know that armor was actually a dragon! Cool.
He sure showed Nyau who's boss.
And with that only the boss = Esdeath is left.
Her and that justice girl (just for the sake of revenge).

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 8

Noiz was just trying to help, but Aoba overreacted.
It wasn't necessary to injure him.
So their goal is to awaken the other Aoba..
Guess they're gonna keep putting him in stressful situations to do that.
Noiz's hands are full of scars.
He's either very clumsy or a sign of his not so happy past.
At least Aoba & Noiz managed to spend some quality time together.
In the end he got saved by Aoba too.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 8

Kashima was surprised Hori read shoujo manga with so much attention to detail.
Mikoshiba spilled too much info about it too.
Now she thinks all the guys are obsessed with shoujo manga.
Damn, that Kashima would be an awesome male manga protagonist.
OMG! The amount of misinterpreted reactions was just epic & ROFL
Kashima was totally unintentionally bullying Hori with clothes LOL
On the other hand Nozaki wasn't making things easier for him either.
Kashima & Hori rodeo... wtf was that? It was hilarious!!
Great episode!

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