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Current anime episodes comments - Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!!, Kiss x Sis, Naruto Shippuuden, Tokyo Ghoul, Zankyou no Terror, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 7

Hijikata & Okita blamed for Kondo's death.
So basically they're fugitives now.
Those 2 in Ryo's band LOL
Not everyone was for that.
Rock concert in the middle of the day was not a good idea.
Shoin trap was such a convenient thing.
Of course our fools fell for it.
Looks like even Shoin got pacified..
Thankfully rock is cure for everything!
I especially loved the part when their clothes ripped off <3
That was nice fan service ^^
CGI parts kinda ruined the mood..
And the band is formed!

Love Stage!!

Episode 6

Sagara was happy Izumi had a friend.
He just wasn't happy when he realized it was Ryouma.
Well, he was relieved when he saw it was about manga.
Those paparazzi pics with Izumi got Ryouma into trouble.
Sagara cooked up something with Ryouma's President.
Now poor Izumi needs to make a debut..
It was about time someone told him how much his drawing sucks.
His depression was to be expected..
I was kinda surprised he went directly to Ryouma's place.
Guess he felt like not going home.
The bathroom part was sweet, LOL & total nosebleed material ^^
Izumi sure was acting strange.. totally not like his usual self.
Ryouma was the one that suffered the most, but managed to be a true friend.
That ending, OMG! Things could take a very interesting turn!

Kiss x Sis

OVA 10

All the girls managed to bump into each other.
Let the public bath games begin!
There sure was a lot of competition over Keita.
And baka Keita went to the female bath by mistake.
Fan service wasn't lacking.
Ako & Riko kinda went a bit far with their curiosity.
Keita got into so much trouble ROFL
In the end it turned into a weird conversation about his preferences..

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 372

Shinobi finally decided to fight as one!
10 tails transformed again.
He's crazy powerful too.
I'm glad Naruto's dad & other hokage came to help out!
Looks like Sakura reminded him of Naruto's mom.
Guess both father & son like firey women.
That one form of help they sure could use.
Damn, those hokages sure are an impressive bunch!
Sakura's face when she saw Sasuke, priceless...
He didn't get much of a welcome though.
Sasuke wants to be the next hokage, wtf?!
He'd better stand in line after Naruto.
All in all, it was nice to see all of them back together.
Great episode!!
Next one should be epic!

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 7

Hinami managed to get away.
Her mom wasn't so lucky.
It was a good thing Kaneki was in the vicinity.
If it wasn't for him, she be dead too.
Touka had the strongest reaction to the whole thing.
It was nice to see Doves got attacked for a change.
That older guy sure can dodge.
Was not surprised Touka did the attacking..
Guess it was too much for her to not do anything.
They showed us how the other side lives.
The younger half of the doves pair seems like a good guy.
Looks like they just think of ghouls are monsters & nothing else.
Finally, Kaneki is changing his image.
About time too.

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 6

9 burned his back pretty bad in that explosion.
Now that 5 caught their scent, it's not gonna be easy anymore.
So 5 works for US, interesting.
Lisa was feeling like a burden again.
Guess she liked 12 more 'cause he's more relaxed & kinda childish.
9 is serious all the time..
That 5 seems to be one step ahead of our duo.
She anticipated their moves & laid a trap.
Americans took away Shibazaki's spotlight.
Lisa finally put in a request to join the duo.
That was to be expected.
I wonder if they would go so far to detonate the trap bomb even if our terrorists didn't show up.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Episode 6

Ciel's past emerging through nightmares.
Damn, he sure has been through a lot.
That meddling Reaper is always in the way..
At least Ciel is feeling better.
Wonder what that Reaper is up to.
He is definitely investigating something.
I was kinda surprised they already returned home.
Their business at the circus doesn't feel finished at all.
First the Reaper and now his Asian friends.
There is always someone in the way..
Next episodes promises action. Can't wait to see it!

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 20

Poor Kakyoin got labeled as a almost baby killer.
Everything he told them about the "baby" just made him look insane.
It truly sucks when you're telling the truth and no one believes you..
Damn, it's inconvenient not to remember anything outside of the dream.
All 3 of them soon realized the truth in Kakyoin's words.
With Death 13 rule, it's a good thing Kakyoin had summoned his stand before he was knocked out.
In the end he was the one to save the day.
Finally that baby got what it deserved ROFL

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