Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Current anime episode comment + full episode eng subs - Zetman (9)


Episode 9

That shape shifting players were pretty interesting.
Looks like that pendant is really important and gone for now.
Without it, Jin can't get his complete form.
And here it is finally, the attempt to make Jin switch sides.
Jin & Tanaka, who knew they'd become an item, nice bonus.

Full anime episodes with eng subs - Hyouka (6), AKB0048 (5), Aquarion EVOL (22), Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (8), Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (8)

Hyouka Episode 6

AKB0048 Episode 5

Aquarion EVOL Episode 22

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 8

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Episode 8

Monday, May 28, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Hyouka, AKB0048, Aquarion EVOL, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san


Episode 6

Their little discussion about anger was interesting.
Seems like it was all related to that incident during class.
Looks like it was just a case of teacher mixing up some notes.
Wonder why I'm even watching this since it's not that interesting.
Guess I'll drop it if it doesn't get more interesting.
The characters are nice, but the story is kinda so-so.


Episode 5

Too many girls in one bathroom was just lol
Girls are getting used to living together.
It's kinda ridicules that this one is more fun than Hyouka.
When I first heard about it I though it would be kinda stupid, but it just opposite.
This time it was relaxed with them just having fun.

Aquarion EVOL

Episode 22

So Amata & Kagura were the same person split in two.
One went after their mom and the other stayed behind.
Good (Amata) vs Bad/Dark (Kagura).
The one in the worst position is Mikono.
Great episode with things seriously heating up.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Episode 8

Yuuko acting all weird.
Niiya all broken and feeling down about Yuuko's behavior.
She's acting like they never knew each other.
Looks like she she was getting too attached to Niiya and it triggered her bad side which, to protect him, resulted in a weird amnesia.
Amnesia aside, Yuuko subconsciously still isn't letting Niiya go.
It was sad watching her not know, but know.
Well, some boob fondling brought her memories right back ROFL

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Episode 8

The dating sim theme was really fun.
Mahiro was having a really weird day LOL
The events were pretty interesting and kinda cliche for dating sim.
It was a pretty cool idea to use this theme.
Never seen something like that in anime before.
The kiss part was really romantic.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Kuroko no Basuke, Space Brothers, Nazo no Kanojo X, Hiiro no Kakera

One Piece

Episode 549

Brooks new trick with soul leaving the body was pretty cool.
Those three sure had some LOL time in their cage ^^
Jinbei on the other hand was acting all weird trying to stop Luffy.
Hordy totally lost it. He's popping those strength enhancement pills like candy.
At least now, thanks to Jinbei, we got the full picture of the situation on the island.

Hunter x Hunter 

Episode 33

Gon finally continues with his training.
Wing sure explains a lot how each ability works.
Zushi, Gon and Killua training together..
Killua is as amazing as ever, can't wait to see his next fight.

Kuroko no Basuke

Episode 8

Both teams checking out the competition.
Seems like everyone was a bit tense 'cause of their next game.
Seirin vs Seiho!
They really struggled in this game.
Kagami was amazing as usual, but this will be an intense game.

Space Brothers

Episode 9

Mutta sure had an interesting dream on the plane home.
He was pretty out of it since he found his brother's will.
Pretty much obsessing over space related accidents.
The reunion with his fellow applicants was nice.
Just one more exam to go!

Nazo no Kanojo X

Episode 8

Tsubaki's boob obsession.
His imagination was totally running wild.
It's nice he finally got to see her place.
Interesting how her saliva = touching, feeling
Tsubaki totally got carried away after she let him do just one thing.
Looks like Urabe got turned on by Tsubaki's stunt the day before.
Their relationship sure is progressing.

Hiiro no Kakera

Episode 9

There was some serious trouble brewing.
Tamaki was persistent in her studying, but not with much luck.
Drei's attack was a surprise, but not that unexpected.
So Fiona-sensei showed her true colors too.

Full anime episodes with eng subs - Fairy Tail (132), Area no Kishi (21), Accel World (8), Fate Zero II (8), Moretsu Pirates (21)

Fairy Tail Episode 132

Area no Kishi Episode 21

Accel World Episode 8

Fate/Zero II Episode 8 (21)

Moretsu Pirates Episode 21

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Full anime episodes with eng subs - Tsuritama (7), Natsuiro Kiseki (8), Sakamichi no Apollon (7), Eureka Even Ao (7), Sankarea (8)

Tsuritama Episode 7

Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 8

Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 7

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 7

Sankarea Episode 8

Music Time - This weeks' New Asian charts


1. SKE48: Ai Shite Love Ru!

SKE48 - アイシテラブル! (120509 SKE48 no Sekai... by wonderful-life1989

2. SHINee: Sherlock (Japanese ver.)

3. AAA: Still Love You

Still Love You by AyanoEtsuko

4. Arashi: Face Down

10. JUNO: Everything

14. KOTOKO: -unfinished-

19. Happiness: We Can Fly


1. IU: The Days End
2. Brave Guys: I don Care Feat. Seo SuMin

3. Baek Ji Young: Voice Feat. Gary Of Lessang
4. Taetiseo: TWINKLE
5. Ulala Session: Beautiful Night
8. Mighty Mouth: Bad Boy feat. Soya

15. Baek Ji Young: Good Boy feat. Jun Hyung (BEAST)

18. Infinite: The Chaser


1. Kimberley Chen: Ai Ni (Love You) Feat. Lil Jay
2. Della Ding: Bu Shi Ni De Cuo
3. Show Luo: Bu Ju Ming De Bei Shang
4. Jane Huang: Tu Zhong
5. Mayday: Wo Bu Yuan Rang Ni Yi Ge Ren
19. Zhang Yun Jing: Chuan Xi (IVVI Ban)

20. Fan Wei Qi: Zui Qin Ai De Ni

Friday, May 25, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Tsuritama, Natsuiro Kiseki, Sakamichi no Apollon, Eureka Seven Ao, Sankarea


Episode 7

Yui getting some nice fishing gear.
It wasn't cheap either..
Even Yamada got into fishing.
Guess it's pretty contagious since everyone got hooked so easily.
Looks like Haru was feeling a bit guilty about what happened last time.
Group fishing trip was nice ^^

Natsuiro Kiseki

Episode 8

Girls planning a trip together..
It was nice watching them prepare ^^
The boat ride was pretty interesting.
That suitcase full of snacks was a cool idea.
Saki was kinda feeling down the entire time.
Hope she'll cheer up in next episode.

Sakamichi no Apollon

Episode 7

Nishimi and Ri-chan do seem to hang out more lately.
It's kinda counterproductive since she rejected him.
At least he got more popular with the girls.
Sentaro is acting all weird too since Nishimi & him are on bad terms.
It felt like Sentaro betrayed them both.
It was nice how they connected again in the most unexpected way.

Eureka Seven Ao

Episode 7

Those new shape shifting guy is really strong and lethal.
It's one intruder that could do serious damage.
Truth... just what is that guy up to?
He sure is interesting, but why would Naru be interesting to him..
Looks like there is more to that girl that meets the eye.


Episode 8

Yay! We're back to Rea and undead diary.
Furuya was acting like a total perv with that video camera.
Those suspicious looking guys who tried to kidnap Rea were in for a surprise.
I'm totally glad she has super strength.
Poor Furuya, hope Rea saves him fast from her crazy father.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Medaka Box, Sket Dance, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead, Jormungand

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 264

Bee teaching Naruto a few new things about his beast.
It was not easy learning it.
The good thing about Naruto is that he doesn't give up.
Kabuto's new ability to create more living dead is just sick.
That guy will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Medaka Box 

Episode 8

It was really fun watching Disciplinary Committee girl have a cow about student council's dress code.
Onigase was really persistent too, but Medaka sure shocked her with her attitude.
That Onigase got totally defeated in her own game.
Being handcuffed to Hitoyoshi sure made her experience the legendary Medaka.

Sket Dance

Episode 59

Bossun & Tsubaki are so totally alike it's amazing.
Both have the same need to help people.
That student council secretary sure is an interesting girl.
Asahina sure attracted some unwanted delinquent attention.
Tsubaki, her knight got himself in a huge pinch, good thing Sket club appeared.
Really cool episode.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead

Episode 8

Aikawa gets molested by girls a lot ROFL
His fairy girl sure has a sweet/evil personality.
Dried up Aikawa was LOL
That fairy kinda reminded me of Yuno from Mirai Nikki.
The mixer was fun and full of weirdos lol


Episode 7

Interesting episode.
Koko enjoying a business lunch.
The rest of the team chasing doctor Minami.
It was great watching them fight and take down the enemy with ease.
Looks like Africa is over with for now..
Jonah was totally LOL with his final statement!

Full anime episodes with eng subs - Naruto Shippuuden (264), Medaka Box (8), Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead (8), SKET Dance (59), Jormungand (7)

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 264

Medaka Box Episode 8

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode 8

SKET Dance Episode 59

Jormungand Episode 7

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san, Zetman

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san

Episode 7

Nyarko was totally mean to Mahiro.
It was amazing & LOL how everyone just went along with her cruel joke.
She was overdoing it and made Mahiro angry.
Well, at least she was trying to make up for it with the festival.
The ending was really nice and the confession was surprising.


Episode 8

So Kouga is now in on the whole Jin's thing.
Interesting how he still looks at Jin like he did when they were kids.
Kouga & Jin could make a great team if the joined forces.
Looks like they made a monster out of dead Kanzaki.
That was cruel and really disturbing.

Full anime episodes with eng subs - Hyouka (5), Aquarion EVOL (21), AKB0048 (4), Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (7)

Hyouka Episode 5

Aquarion EVOL Episode 21

AKB0048 Episode 4

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 7

Monday, May 21, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Hyouka, Aquarion EVOL, AKB0048, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia


Episode 5

Oreki contemplating Jun's motives, way of thinking and history.
Guess this case got him really interested.
The librarian got the third degree from the Classics club.
Looks like Jun was the forced hero of the cultural festival and scape goat for the whole incident.

Aquarion EVOL

Episode 21

Andy still refuses to give up on Mix, what a stubborn guy.
It was sad watching him mope around.
Amata's dream was seriously weird, but not that unbelievable.
Mikono is in the middle of everything that's happening, the epicenter.
Running around that ruined town brought them nothing but more tragedy.
Amata & Kagura, brothers or one person split in two..


Episode 4

The cursed 75th generation's sad story.
Guess those two just didn't have good enough charisma.
Unlike them the newest generation set the crowds on fire.
The girls finally got some more permanent accommodations.
They sure have a lot of work ahead if they plan to be successors.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Episode 7

Okonogi sure is a naive and silly girl LOL
Niiya & Yuuko's little prank on her was kinda mean.
She sure is clingy recently.
Niiya can't get a break from her at all in school.
Looks like Yuuko also doesn't like other girls around him either.
So she does have two sides, the normal one and the other filled with negative emotions.
Yuuko should just accept and merge with her bad side.
At least now she has someone and is not alone anymore.

Manga Special - Noblesse

Noblesse is actually an online manhwa written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang Su. I started reading it recently and became somewhat addicted to it. It has a really interesting and very worked out story that is pretty unique. I know the whole vampire thing has been worn out to the bone but Noblesse is really something else. The story developments will always bring a new dose of surprises and it never gets boring. The characters are something special too. Each and every one has as an intriguing history. This Webtoon Manhwa started on the 30th December 2007 and is still publishing.

Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi, Supernatural

Noblesse is about a powerful, noble vampire - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (also called Rai) - who has been asleep for 820 years with no knowledge of mankind's advancement and scientific successes. He has recently woken up in an abandoned building in South Korea and is starting to get used to the modern world. He goes to a school where he meets his loyal servant Frankenstein. With Frankenstein's help, Rai enrolls into Ye Ran high school, and inadvertently befriended Shinwoo - an athletic teenager, Ik-Han - a computer geek, Yuuna, Shinwoo's crush, and a few others. Noblesse follows the group's often dangerous adventures against a secret organization while uncovering Rai's past.

Here's a part from one chapter. Hope you like it.

Full anime episodes with eng subs - One Piece (548), Space Brothers (8), Hunter x Hunter (32), Kuroko no Basuke (7), Nazo no Kanojo X (7), Hiiro no Kakera (8)

One Piece Episode 548

Space Brothers Episode 8

Hunter x Hunter Episode 32

Kuroko no Basuke Episode 7

Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 7

Hiiro no Kakera Episode 8

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter, Kuroko no Basuke, Nazo no Kanojo X, Hiiro no Kakera

One Piece

Episode 548

And we're back to reality.
So Hordy's got some serious plans.
That guy sure made certain people angry.
Spouting all those threats and lies for everyone to see was just sleazy and evil.
Brook, Zoro, Usopp part was fun to watch ^^
Shirahoshi... it'd be cool if she could use her powers over sea kings to resolve everything.

Space Brothers

Episode 8

Mutta, the American national hero!
Good thing that robber decide to rob the place when Mutta was there.
The second exam results finally came too. Not much surprise there.
Just one more exam to go. At least he's going home for now.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 32

Kastro vs Hisoka!
Hisoka was just amazing.
Sacrificing both of his arms like he didn't care at all.
Seems like no one can beat him.
That doctor girl and her Nen stitches were pretty cool.
The explanation of the fight was really interesting.
Killua and Gon still have a lot to learn.

Kuroko no Basuke

Episode 7

Kagami & Kuroko = amazing duo
Shutoku High looks like a pretty strong and serious team.
That Midorima guy is really dangerous.
His long shots are just amazing, he never misses.
Playing two games a day will drain their strength.
Wonder how they'll counter that "little" problem.

Nazo no Kanojo X

Episode 7

Urabe's running ability gets discovered.
Hmmm... looks like Ayu has some other feelings towards Urabe, not just friendship.
At this rate Urabe will be the next track star.
The only thing holding her back was Tsubaki.
Guess Urabe likes him more than the track team.

Hiiro no Kakera 

Episode 8

Seems like pretty much everyone dropped this anime.
Guess making anime after a game is not a very smart thing.
Tamaki sure has it tough lately.
The visit from that suspicious guy just put more pressure on everyone.
Seems like the answer and help they're looking for might be in those old books.
Morale is also one of the problems.
Tamaki will have to cheer the hell up of her guardians.

Full anime episodes with Eng subs - Fairy Tail (131), Area no Kishi (20), Accel World (7), Fate/Zero II (7/20), Moretsu Pirates (20)

Fairy Tail Episode 131

Area no Kishi Episode 20

Accel World Episode 7

Fate/Zero II Episode 7 (20)

Morestu Pirates Episode 20

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Area no Kishi, Accel World, Fate/Zero II, Moretsu Pirates

Fairy Tail

Episode 131

Natsu vs Byro & Sugar Boy.
That was an epic fail. Guess Natsu's flames aren't the solution for everything.
Being stubborn as he is, he never gives up trying.
Lucy's Taurus was totally useless, but still LOL
Lily, Wendy and Charla vs Coco.
Gildarts vs Byro. That fight looked as the most serious one.
Everyone had their own battles.
These new opponents and story looks really promising.

Area no Kishi (The Knight in the Area)

Episode 20

After receiving that hit to the head Kakeru brought out his best play.
Seems like he should get hit on the head more often ROFL
It was awesome watching him go!
Enoshima got themselves into a serious pinch for a while.
That Tsukumo kid sure played really well.
Kakeru's new feint was just amazing.

Accel World

Episode 7

Aqua Current sure helped Haru out with a bunch of new strategies.
This time seems like everyone was fighting with someone.
Taku was acting pretty rashly. Guess he was on his own guilt trip.
Silver Crow's fight was really nice to watch.
That Aqua girl sure has an interesting ability.

Fate/Zero II

Episode 7 (20)

Kiritsugu sure got a nice gift from his wife Iri/the vessel.
Avalon... a tool for revenge or means to end this war.
It was still sad watching Kiritsugu with his emotionless face.
That guy sure had a lot of tragedy in his life, even too much..

Moretsu Pirates

Episode 20

The 19th Nebula Cup.
That Kane sure pushed the girls really hard in practice.
Since they have no real experience with those small boats it's no wonder.
That tournament will not be easy, especially for beginners like them.
To top it all off Marika was torn between her pirating job and club, which will pose even a bigger problem as the tournament nears.

Music Time - This weeks' New Asian charts


1. Arashi: Face Down

2. NMB48: Nagiichi
3. Super Junior: Opera (Japanese version)

4. SID: S

s by Bored4Lyfe

5. Mr. Children: Inori ~ Namida no Kidou
7. May'n: Chase The World


1. Baek Ji Young: Voice feat. Gary of Lessang
2. Taetiseo: TWINKLE
3. SISTAR: Alone
4. IU: Peach

5. Park Jin Young: You Are The One
6. Ulala Session: Beautiful Night

10. IU: The Days End

20. A Pink: HUSH

26. December: She is Gone feat. Taewoo of CO-ED School

28. IU: I Really Do Not Like Her


1. Kimberley Chen: Ai Ni (Love You) feat. Lil Jay
2. Della Ding: Bu Shi Ni De Cuo
3. Show Luo: Bu Ju Ming De Bei Shang
4. Mayday: Wo Bu Yuan Rang Ni Yi Ge Ren
5. Della Ding: Yi Ge Ren Bu Ke Neng

Watch full episodes with Eng subs - Natsuiro Kiseki, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead, Eureka Seven Ao, Sankarea

Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 7

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode 7

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 6

Sankarea Episode 7

Friday, May 18, 2012

Current anime episodes comments - Natsuiro Kiseki, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead, Eureka Seven Ao, Sankarea

Natsuiro Kiseki

Episode 7

Girls preparing for a singing competition.
Guess those four are still aiming to be idols.
The festival was really nice.
Seems like the girls want to do something special like their parents who were participating in the festival.
The flashback was fun... water balloon fights lol
It was a shame it started raining... lucky for them, the stone fixed that ^^
They made their wish come true and won the competition and without using the stone.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead

Episode 7

Haruna & Eu mana switch.
That was just totally cool and unexpected.
It was amazing seeing Eu talk and behave normally.
On the other hand it was just weird seeing Haruna dress like Eu & with notepad.
I think Aikawa & Eu at the cultural festival fantasy was just sweet.
Seems like Aikawa's fairy's intentions were all but good.

Eureka Seven Ao

Episode 6

The beginning of this episode left me surprised.
I didn't watch the original series and don't know if the same characters appear here or not, but those ultra strong, shape shifting guys are certainly not a joke.
Ao was right in the middle of it all as usual.
Looks like he and his Nirvash had a fiery christening.


Episode 7

Ranko kinda reminded me a little of Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha.
So she and Furuya were childhood friends...
The flashbacks to their childhood days was nice to watch.
The failed kiss attack made her even more determined to win over Rea.
This was a pretty uneventful episode.

Anime Special! - Persona: Trinity Soul

What to say about this anime? When I first started watching it, it was pretty interesting with the police investigations, weird deaths and persona's popping out of "innocent" teens. The more I watched the less stuff actually happened and by the middle of the season it was more about the sibling's relationships with their brother and the actual persona fights were sort of in the background of the dysfunctional family relationships and emotional issues of the characters. The big change happens in the last few episodes were things get heated up and the quality of this anime gets boosted.
The 26 episodes with the slow pace kinda downgraded the quality which is a shame... if only they made it a 12 episode anime, it would have been a blast.
Persona: Trinity Soul anime is based on the game, so I would recommend playing the game instead of watching the anime 'cause it'll be way more interesting.

The stage is Ayanagi City, a city near the Japan Sea. It is a futuristic city that was built to carry out the recovery from the calamity caused by the "Apathy Syndrome" ten years previous. High school student Shin Kanzato with his little brother Jun, meet with their elder brother RyM, who is the chief of the Ayanagi City Police, again after ten years. At that time, a series of strange incidents happen in Ayanagi City such as the crew of a submarine that suddenly disappears while in their submarine, or a spiritless symptom which disturbs the world after ten years, or the case of the inside out corpse where a student took on a cruel appearance. RyM tracks down the organization behind the string of incidents, and having become involved in the incidents, Shin awakens the "Persona".

Director: Jun Matsumoto
Writer: Yasayuki MutM
Music: ShMji Meguro
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Original run: January 5, 2008 – June 28, 2008
Episodes: 26 (List of episodes)