Thursday, September 4, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto Shippuuden, Zankyou no Terror, Kill la Kill, Ao Haru Ride, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Jojo Stardust Crusaders, Tokyo ESP

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 10

Aogiri Tree made their move.
Clumsy Ken managed to knock put a guy by accident ROFL
Search for Rize is getting more intense and closer to the truth.
Ayato & Touka, brother & sister reunion.
It wasn't a happy one though..
Government guys were practically throwing a fit over Aogiri Tree.
Suzuya's little visit
Seems like they are looking for Rize and poor Kaneki smells just like her...
Ayato vs Touka. She's so weak compared to him.
Yamori/Jason kicked the shit out of Kaneki & kidnapped him too.
Aogiri Tree is the summary of the strongest ghouls.
Getting Kaneki back is gonna be nearly impossible.
Tsukiyama is back in the game too..

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 375

I just love watching Naruto & Sasuke fight together!
Obito vs Kakashi continued..
Part present, part past yet still amazing.
That fight was one of the highlights of this episode.
Madara used Obito again just after he got his ass kicked by Kakashi.
Hashirama and Tobirama running clone interference for Madara.
Naruto's dad went straight to the source but seems it was too late.
Ten Tails changed form again into Ten Tails Jinchuriki.
This is a never ending fight..

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 8

Finally, it's back!
Shibazaki & his team got suspended.
5 found Lisa pretty fast.
Send her a nice "gift" too.
With that 5's intentions have once again been made clear.
Shibazaki found something interesting.
Looks like their past might get revealed at last.
Lisa realized she was too much trouble and left the guys.
Leaving them didn't mean she was off the hook with 5.
Just the opposite, our Lisa got kidnapped.
5 laid out her trap nicely.
Lisa just might be the duo's undoing..

Kill la Kill


Sanageyama vs Satsuki!
That guy was attacking like crazy.
Still, he was no match for her.
He was obviously delusional from the start.
The Academy is done for too.
Satsuki was obviously a pale image of herself.
Everyone is moving... leaving that place.
Guess there is not life there without the Academy.
Mako was EPIC for one last time..
Things were peaceful... until the Elite 4 got new life fiber uniforms or their clones did.
Rei, Satsuki's "sister" was the cause of all this mess.
The originals were having trouble dealing with the copies.
Ryuko is awesome when she in fight mode!!
As usual, she saved the day.

Ao Haru Ride

Unwritten OVA

Futaba's life summery.
Middle school days..
Futaba - Kou first encounter & feelings.
It was nice to see more of their beginning together.
She got a festival date with Kou & then messed it up..
At least she thought it were her words.
He vanished after that until that day in high school..
Nice ova.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Episode 9

Ciel's servants had a fun time.
Those circus guys had no way out.
They just didn't stand a chance.
Finny sure demolished the mansion though..
He wasn't the only one either.
Grell's fit was ROFL while watching dead circus girl's record.
That crazy doctor used the dead kids to make prosthetics.
Ciel lot it when doc stabbed that girl.
Guess the trauma is still too big.
Damn, Sebastian sure is a handy tool ^^
Burning the place down is fine, but I hope they won't burn the kids too.

Jojo Stardust Crusaders

Episode 23

Yay! A submarine adventure!
Polnareff was like a kid.
He totally enjoyed every second of it.
Joseph actually called to delicately inquire about Holly.
Looks like her condition is getting worse..
Not a surprise since it's been a month.
Finally in Egypt! Well, almost.
The shape shifting stand sure was a nuisance.
With 2 more episodes left there is gotta be another season.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 9

Minami reminiscing about her childhood days.
No wonder she became strong.
School under esper attack..
Minami got her powers in just the right time.
I knew they did something to Azuma.
He never would have helped the bad guys.
Seems like they were all being mind controlled by the blonde girl.
Poor Rinka got too much of beating..
She lost her fish and with it her powers.
The government meddle in as well & that's never a good thing.
They're rounding up all the ESP users.
Now they have more than one enemy.
Murasaki was awesome with those nunchucks.
Things went downhill really fast...

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