Sunday, September 21, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer

One Piece

Episode 662

It was disturbing how the people celebrated Doflamingo's victory over Law.
Damn, how is Doflamingo that strong?!
He's impossible to beat!
Poor Zoro & Kin'emon didn't stand a chance.
Doflamingo & that Navy admiral are working together.
That's bad on so many levels.
Now even Big Mama ship came to make trouble for Sunny..
Good episode.


Episode 25 Final

Our team was obviously in an angry-depressed state.
The tournament continued without them.
Aoba Johsai made it to the nationals after all..
Flashbacks to Karasuno's last game were a reminder of the heavy loss.
There came a point where older members need to put more time into studying and their future.. but they still chose volleyball over it ^^
Guessing volleyball days are pretty much over for them.
Kageyama and Hinata vented their frustration in the gym.
Preparations for spring tournament gave them new wings!
Nice final episode.

Akame ga Kill

Episode 12

Flying on that thing sure is convenient.
There were quite a few changes.
Even a new base & new member.
Susanoo seems VERY useful.
He's my new favorite ^^
Justice bitch makes an appearance with her new mechanical arms.
Hope Mine will be the one to take her down.
Chelsea has quite an interesting power too.
But she can be a biatch at times.
Esdeath is still not over Tatsumi..

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 12 Final

So in the end he used Scrap on himself to save Ren.
I liked Ren's human form ^^
Aoba - Ren heart-to-heart was very deep.
It was personal, kinda sweet and touching too.
Aoba vs the final boss!
That was short, but intense.
At least Platinum Jail is no more.
After that things went back to normal.
Sei managed to escape safely too, nice.
Now Aoba won't have to be alone with Grams anymore.
Good final episode.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 12 Final

Final episode...
Poor Sakura had no luck with giving chocolate to Nozaki.
Guess he doesn't care about anything if it's not manga related.
That part in the hallway was such a misunderstanding, but LOL
Sakura & Mikorin at the festival... they are so alike at times.
Everyone was at that festival.
It sure was fun ^^
Flashback to the 1st day of school was sweet.
OMG! Sakura confessed to Nozaki!! (´ ▽`).。o♡
Damn... why does he always misunderstand..
*sigh* I was really hoping for a more mutual confession end.
Still, it was a really nice anime.

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 12 Final

Kou showed emotions for real this time.
It was even more then she hoped for.
Those moments near the river were so sweet and romantic.
Kou finally realized she isn't going to give up on him.
The whole thing even changed his situation at home.
Guess he realized quite a few things..
Things went to normal after that.
He started socializing and studying.
Looks like there's still hope for sensei & Tanaka as well.
Very nice & sweet final episode.
Everything felt just right.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 148 Final

Lots and lots of flashbacks at first.
These were pretty enjoyable too.
A short summary of Gon's greatest hits!
So he's off to a new adventure.
Finally, he met his dad.
Ging opened up a bit too... finally more info about him.
He truly is an adventurist through and through.
Family is family, but heart wants what is wants... in this case adventure.
Still, some quality time with dad was nice.
Awesome final episode. Well rounded up!
Gonna miss this anime..

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 13 Final

Everyone was back for the nationals.
Looks like Haru finally found himself & his goal in life!
Makoto realized what he wants to do in life too.
Guess they will stay connected to swimming.
The mood before the nationals was pretty relaxed.
Flashbacks to their beginnings were nice.
Their swimming performance at the nationals was the best they could give.
Pool fun with Rin was really nice ^^
Good final episode. Don't think there's gonna be a 3rd season though..