Saturday, September 6, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Akame ga Kill!, DRAMAtical Murder, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Fairy Tail

Episode 23

12 Gates of Zodiac vs The Portal = no damage
Future Rogue vs Natsu, the final showdown.
Guess nothing can be done without Natsu.
Rogue was defeated and portal destroyed in one swift move.
The dragons disappeared shortly after that. So did the everything from the future.
It kinda seemed too easy.
I'm thinking there must be more to it..
Future Rogue spilled some Frosch info to Natsu.
Still, that's not something mayor.
Guess that arc is over...

Sword Art Online

Episode 10

Sinon got saved in the last moment.
Of course Kirito came through for her.
Weird she couldn't shoot at the horse or DG.
Must have been the trauma of it.
Buggy vs Horse!
Thanks to Kirito's help Sinon managed to fire her shot.
At least they got him off their tail.
Sinon broke down and spilled the beans about her trauma.
Kirito did the same..
At least now everything is out in the open.


Episode 10

Rayet messed things up.
Still Inaho saved the day.
Rayet declared herself as Martian, not Vers. Interesting.
Princess actually forgave her attempted murder..
Inaho has skills. Wonder what his story is.
Saazbaum finally explained the Vers situation and goal.
Wow! Princess went live and finally showed her face in public.
It was nice she set things straight.
Seems like Saazbaum has his own plan.. That can't be good.


Episode 9

Seishuu looking for new inspiration.
He sure got defeated by a bathtub fast enough LOL
At least he learned how to do another new thing.
Damn, his fear of bugs always has such funny outcomes.
Naru on fire duty... not the best choice.
Poor Seishuu never has any privacy at all.
The bullying part was kinda weird-ish but funny too.
Naru just wasn't having a good day.. neither was sensei...
Still he managed to see some really nice nature & find his inspiration.

One Piece

Episode 660

Monet before she was a half bird creature.
Doflamingo's gang all in one place.
Princess Viola didn't stand a chance.
King Riku got the worst possible role by Doflamingo.
So much violence... not something typical for this anime.
At least not in that amount.
The ruthlessness and the suffering were horrible.
And then Doflamingo showed his face as a savior.
What an awful way to get a country.
OMG! Violet is actually Princess Viole.
We might see a Toys rebellion sometime soon.


Episode 23

Aoba Johsai had a few new tricks up their sleeve.
Still, Karasuno managed to keep up.
This was the last set so things got creative & intense.
Hinata gave it his all and then some..
All of them were slowly getting tired.
Yamaguchhi in, Hinata out. Did not see that coming.
The atmosphere on the court was serious as hell.
Damn... he messed up... but at least the mood changed for the better.
Amazing! This game was simply amazing!!

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 10

Tatsumi & Esdeath moment ROFL
That crazy bitch really likes him...
Esdeath's new team the Jaegers are pretty scary, but impressive too.
Tatsumi was pretty stubborn about converting Esdeath, but it was useless.
She does genuinely like him though.
Tatsumi used his chance to escape.
He got sidetracked by mystery man...
Luckily Akame came to his rescue.
Esdeath was so not happy about Tatsumi's escape.
The last scene of the episode was very interesting.

DRAMAtical Murder

Episode 10

Aoba save quite a few of his friends now.
Those experiences are starting to weigh down on him.
He got another invite to Platinum Jail..
Aoba sure is attached to his Allmate Ren.
Mink on the other hand is sometimes just too cruel.
Mink-Aoba operation didn't go that well.
Luckily Aoba used his advantage(voice) to control the security.
This time was Mink's turn to his head examined by Aoba..

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Episode 10

Yuzuki & Hori story.
As expected of Nozaki, he always uses his friends for a good story.
Damn, those two in the movies were LOL
Yuzuki's reactions were totally off to everything ^^"
She kept shocking Wakamatsu.
Poor Hori just can't take enough punishment...
OMG! Kashima is tone deaf. I thought she was perfect.
The school play seems to be coming along nicely.
Kashima & Hori had a nice fencing match but both wanted to win..
Mikorin totally fell for another trap.

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