Thursday, September 25, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Zankyou no Terror, Terra Formars, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Karen Senki

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 379

Madara vs Hashirama!
Now that was interesting to watch.
Everyone else could do only that... watch.
It would have been useless to interfere.
Was nice seeing Naruto & Sasuke work together.
They make a great team combined with the Hokage guys.
Still, Jinchuriki seems pretty unbeatable so far.
Seems like he has evolved quite a bit.
Luckily, Naruto always comes up with new ideas.
Wtf?! 9 tails in Naruto is only half of its true form.
Didn't see that one coming, but it would be cool to see it complete.

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 11 Final

An atomic bomb threat!
That definitely takes first place in their bomb threats.
A balloon with a bomb, interesting concept.
This bomb sure got everyone worked up to the max.
12 was in pretty bad shape..
Damn, this episode was the icing to the cake!
They actually did it, they detonated it.
It was nice to see those 3 hang out afterwards.
In the end they wanted to get caught and wanted Shibazaki to do it.
Of course the US had to interfere..
Shame both of them died, but that was to be expected.
Really good final episode.

Terra Formars

Episode 1

Hizamaru Akari vs a bear in a cage fight?!
Damn, that was just insane.
His drama wasn't that original, but was painful for him.
At least it explains how he got recruited.
Guess the point of first half was to get to know Hizamaru better.
But they are getting there slowly.
Still, the second half started to involve the Mars mission.
Team members were gathered,briefed & shipped off to Mars.
The adventure begins with episode 2.
Solid start.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 12 Final

The final showdown!
Minami vs Rinka.
It was fun watching them fight.
Of course they managed to put some drama into it as well.
Everyone was pretty busy with their fights too.
To think Rinka's dad would land that huge thing! Talk about impressive.
Rinka decided to give another go with the powers things.
Finally, she'd be able to fully fight!
In the end Kyotaro had to play knight in shining armor.
This final episode was lower than my expectations..

Fairy Tail

Episode 26

They sure got a nice welcome at their town.
Not surprising since they did win the games!
Looks like Gray might have realized the old woman was Ultear.
Still this was a celebration episode.
Geez, the town gave them an HQ castle!! Awesome ^^
Doing jobs again... it's sure been a while since they've done that.
Natsu really needs to get over his motion sickness.
The mole job was ROFL
Guess the old Fairy Tail is back ^^
Damn, Zeref...

Sword Art Online

Episode 13

With Asuna & Yui cheering him on things looked better.
He finally figured out who DG was.
No way, the bastard tried to cloak in the middle of battle.
Good thing Kirito snapped and finally got rid of him.
He got even closer with Sinon too.
Interesting way to win the tournament though ^^
Shinkawa, Sinon's RL friend turned into a true weirdo.
The real truth finally came out... damn.
Good thing Kirito decided to come after all..

Karen Senki

Episode 1

First thing I noticed was the CG animation.
The robots looked fine, but the human characters looked unnatural.
The action was nice though & funny at times.
It's short, not totally crappy with lots of action, but not my thing.
Skipping this.


Episode 12 Final

Damn, his mom really wanted him to stay..
Guess he thinks of that island more of a home than his real home.
His dad had some nice memories of that place as well.
Only his mom was throwing a fit about it..
The package from the island was nice ^^
Everyone was happy he was back yet he ended without being picked up.
I'm still fascinated by vending machines in the middle of nowhere.
At least he got a happy welcome back!
Think they placed him down on purpose thanks to his dad so he can learn more on the island.
The best thing was that it didn't bother him at all.
Wish this would get another season.
At least they left plenty of room for a sequel.

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