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Current anime episodes comments - Ao Haru Ride, Hunter x Hunter, Free! Eternal Summer, Bakumatsu Rock, Love Stage!!, Naruto Shippuuden, Tokyo Ghoul, Zankyou no Terror

Ao Haru Ride

Episode 10

Study session went relatively well.
Futaba coming back out of curiosity for Yuuri situation last time.
She couldn't get much out of Kou though..
At least she finally found out why Kou changed so much.
That was what Yuuri found out... about Kou's mom's death.
Futaba's little breakdown led to a nice moment with Kou.
Sensei totally ruined that though..
He kinda made up for it with the story of their past.
Yuuri spilled her feelings about the Kou situation.
Yeah, it sucks when friends fall for the same guy..

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 146

Gon x Ging reunion.
It was so not what I expected.
Their talk didn't have anything to do with their relationship.
I was glad the crowd pointed out some things about it.
Gon's choice for the chairman was a surprise.
Seems like Ging isn't all bad after all..
Pariston got officially elected.
Damn, Killua & Something situation even made me sad.
Who knew Something loved him too..
It was such a touching moment.
Great episode! Especially the Killua part.

Free! Eternal Summer

Episode 11

Swim club just got instantly famous & popular.
Haru still has issues with swimming only to win.
Even his teammates can see a change in his swimming..
Rin was a booming success with the scouts.
It's nice to be able to choose any team you want.
Obon festival... nice & a basic part of almost every anime.
No matter how many times I've seen it, it's still beautiful.
Haru's team gave him a nice ego boost.
Still, that was not enough to snap his out of his depressed state.
His fight with Makoto was rather dramatic.
Looks like Haru has a crisis of future occupation.

Bakumatsu Rock

Episode 11

The Ultra Souls vs the Government plans.
Let the final fight begin!
Cindy got hypnotized... not good.
Things got really serious fast.
Battle of the bands, nice!
Ryouma managed to snap him out of it.
Looks like Naosuke wasn't the ultimate bad guy.
With him out of the picture an even worse guy will come out of the shadows.

Love Stage!!

Episode 10 Final

Izumi got himself into serious trouble.
Guess he's irresistible even to guys..
Was a nice surprise that he could put up a fight.
Ryouma gave him the strength to break free.
Izumi finally found out how Ryouma got his manuscript autographed.
It sure was a really sweet and selfless thing to do.
Kuroi was nice enough to share all those details.
This episode had quite a few flashbacks.
Lala-Lulu part where she gave her approval of Izumui-Ryouma relationship was really nice.
Such a spicy, fan service, very yaoi ending ~kyaa
The real confessions after that were so so sweet ^^

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 376

Orochimaru & Kabuto's experiment.
Not surprised things went very wrong.
Naruto & his clones training..
Sasuke completely indifferent.
So we're thrown back into the past..
Naruto mecha was a weird one.
Guess they're promoting the new Naruto game like hell.
It was ROFL seeing Naruto's friends being used as bearers.
Being cramped inside with a person about to puke was very amusing.
Well, at least I had a few laughs.

Episode 377

The Naruto getaway continues.
That Mecha sure was persistent.
It also had a lot of transformation modes.
Damn, it was weird watching these episodes.
Not even Gaara or Jiraya could help him.
Mecha-me mode was just over the top..
They totally ripped off the Iron Man thing.
This episode was just too much...

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode  11

Kaneki being tortured.
The background about Jason made some things more clear.
Anteiku, the Doves & his friends all at the same time!
Amon showed some nice moves.
Lots of censored blood again..
Things got pretty intense, but interesting too.
Still waiting for Kaneki to snap and come out of his cocoon.

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 9

More info about the duo's past got revealed.
The Athena plan were experiments on savant brain function drug.
They've done some horrible things to those kids.
Guess the lucky ones were those that didn't go insane or die.
No wonder 9 & 12 escaped the first chance they got.
5 gave 9 a nice challenge with the bomb on Lisa.
Still, I though it was gonna something that involved face-to-face with 5.
Very interesting episode!

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