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Anime Series Episode Comments - Air Gear

Air Gear

Episode 1

Story revolves about a 13-year old Ikki.
After getting beat up by an Air Trek gang he got motivated.
Realized he'll have to join them to beat them.
His first Air Trek experience was ROFL yet fun!
He also managed to stumble upon something interesting.
Of course he got into trouble again over a girl *facepalm*
A total rookie against the pros!
Luckily the girls came to his rescue.

Episode 2

Ikki sure got fired up for AT.
He still has a lot to learn to master AT.
Simca is definitely his weak spot.
So far it's a pretty straightforward anime.
Ikki is slowly assembling his team.
They're all rookies so far.
Seems like where's Simca, there's trouble!
She tricked him again, such a bad girl.
Simca is totally playing with him.
He's just too goo goo eyes for her to notice.

Episode 3

Ikki managed to impress and win.
Simca took the cream again ^^"
He learned about the emblems.
Simca totally has Ikki hooked with her "prizes".
Ringo was pissed off about that.
He was reckless with the gear, but he's getting real good.
Looks like Ikki is a natural.
Another interesting guy appeared - Buccha.
He seemed harmless, but that was only pretense.

Episode 4

Yaoh Storm Riders leader was actually Buccha.
Damn, that guy sure is scary.
He was pretty agile for such a huge guy.
That encounter turned into a brawl in no time!
Ikki's friends sure took a beating.
That certainly pissed him off.
It's time for Parts Wars E-class!
Memorizing the map of school was the best thing he did.
Still, a few aces up his sleeve helped.

Episode 5

Track club & Ikki's friends came to the rescue.
Without them Ikki's victory wouldn't have been possible at all.
Spitfire seems like an interesting guy and Ikki's new opponent.
He obviously saw the potential Ikki has.
Him showing up was a recognition of Ikki's talent.
Seems like Ikki's biggest motivation is Simca though..
Damn, she gave him an ultra nice surprise too.
Ringo sure has a problem with Simca.
She's the only one who doesn't like her.
That Simca is just too liberal and too confident and gets away with it too.

Episode 6

Ikki meets Agito, another strong AT rider.
He was pretty creepy too.
The Sleeping Forest legend/myth appears.
Skull Saders were up to their usual tricks.
3rd party pitted Ikki & Skull Saders.
Someone obviously thought it was a fun thing to do.
Ikki vs Skull Saders head jerk!
It was nice to see them loose and get disbanded.

Episode 7

Ikki keeps breaking his AT's.
That became a totally normal thing.
Their homeroom teacher is totally hopeless.
Buccha finally delivered the Parts War winnings.
Still, it was totally not what we expected.
Those crazy mushrooms made them crazy.
Buccha made a switch, parts for mushrooms and gave Ikki the wrong one.
Luckily that mistake was corrected soon.
It was nice watching Ikki & Ringo ride together.
OMG! Onigiri got himself a hot girl, no way!!
He acutally staged a traumatic event for her so she could get over her trauma.

Episode 8

Their homeroom teacher is totally useless..
This episode had lots of fan service.
Buccha had some girl trouble this time.
Those 3 made an enemy out of the head teacher.
Not a smart move.
Still, he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Episode 9

Ikki has made  a few enemies along the way.
Homeroom teacher Tomita seems to have become a part of their group.
A-class Parts War.
No wonder everyone came to watch!
It was pretty brutal too.

Episode 10

Agito sure is brutal and cruel.
Ikki rolling naked on AT  ROFL
The kid seems to have a split personality.
Agito is the bad one & Akito is the good one.
They all fell straight into the police trap.
So even the police has an AT team now.
That's very problematic.
Ikki got quite a few kisses from Akito ROFL
Guess the kid really really likes him now.
The girls were SO not happy about it.

Episode 11

Akito's brother is the police.
Damn, that makes thing more complex.
Still, Ikki is warming up to Akito.
Now Akito transferred into Ikki's class.
That was to be expected.
Mikura sure showed ex-Gunz members who's the boss.
Ikki's team is finally coming together!
Team Kogarasumaru has now been officially founded.

Episode 12

Territory & emblem race!
Buccha & Onigiri were useless this time.
Masked Croissant came and saved the day.
Onigiri went to perv mode...
Fan service went through the roof in this episode.

Episode 13

Kogarasumaru won their first official battle.
They're moving up in the world.
Women's wrestling part was something I didn't hope to see in this anime.
It was pretty intense though.
Their perv minds were at it again.
They went too far this time though...

Episode 14

The story about Ikki's background was interesting.
Wheelchair AT, sweet!
Ikki can be so thick sometimes..
Rika's background was shown as well.
This anime is pretty liberal when it comes to love.
Ikki challenged Rika to an AT battle.
Damn, that kid is persistent about his dream.

Episode 15

In the end Ikki proved his point.
There was never a doubt in my mind.
Ikki sure is a meat glutton LOL
Rika pulled a fast one over Ikki.
Not that he didn't deserve it...
Seema like she has found her happiness after all.
Akito made himself at home too..

Episode 16

Agito was the one terrorizing other teams.
Guess he likes to beat people up.
Masked Croissant made an appearance again..
To think she'd actually confront him.
He's actually expanding the Kogarasumaru territory.
Buccha can be pretty sharp at times.
Still, wonder what Agito's agenda is.
Behemoth sure did a number on Ikki's team.
Damn, Ikki got his revenge.
Even though smashing the other teams bikes was not a good idea.

Episode 17

Kogarasumaru vs Behemoth!
A D-class battle.
Those Behemoth guys sure were unusual.
The crowd was totally loving it.
Our guys managed to get a grip and fight back.
The battle was progressing rather well.

Episode 18

Simca stole Ringo's role LOL
Guess both girls were eager to help out.
Lots of fan service this time too.
Wish they concentrated more on the battles though.
Ikki's & Agito's fights were most interesting.

Episode 19

Agito & Ikki in a pair fight!
That added an interesting twist to the battle.
It sure was impressive to watch.
Seems like Agito knows some of the people from the battle.
The past always comes out, sooner or later.

Episode 20

This last battle was very intense and long too.
Some flashbacks were thrown in again.
Still, it was impressive watching them fight.
The match was pretty much tied until the very end.
Of course the police showed up and interrupted everything.
Wanijima is the one I like the least.
He's always so cruel and heartless.
Agito finally realized that he is loved.

Episode 21

Kogarasumaru area grew to a huge size.
Now everyone wants a piece of them.
It's taking its toll on our team.
Still, they got lucky & got a special hideout!
Simca changed her image, unusual.
She & her team want to join Kogarasumaru.
Ringo got totally upset by that.
Damn, Ikki was offered a whole army of AT riders & Simca herself.
Can he say no?

Episode 22

Ikki sure was enjoying all the attention.
That is until he realized he'd have to fight his own roommates.
School trip to Kyoto sounds nice.
I bet there's gonna be trouble there as well.
Get Akito's bank book back project was fun.
Is it possible? Wanijima just let them go.
Guess he has some other plan for later.

Episode 23

Field trip to Kyoto.
They've gone nuts there.
Also, they were pretty popular too.
Pulled a fast one over the head teacher and went out.
He totally flipped when he realized they were gone.
Trouble found them in a flash.
Ringo tried to confess...
Ikki was totally clueless.
His brain is all about AT.

Episode 24

Ikki got challenged to a battle.
No surprise there.
Orihara proved once again that he's not that bad of a guy.
The Devil 30/30 battle is cruel and dangerous.
Still, loosing would throw the AT world in chaos.

Episode 25 Final

Ikki's backup has arrived.
Flashback to his childhood was nice.
It was nice watching them fly.
Yoshitsune turned out to be not that bad.
Ikki hurt his knee while trying not to hurt Ringo.
Still, Ikki jumping with an injured knee was painful to watch.
He kept trying and he succeeded. Even broke the record.
Nice final episode!
It felt like there there would be more, but nope.
25 episodes were all this anime got.

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