Thursday, September 18, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Zankyou no Terror, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo ESP, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 378

Jinchuriki makes an appearance.
He sure looked impressive.
Interesting how everyone just stared while he displayed his crazy power.
Maybe they're out of ideas..
Wonder how much Obito is left inside of it.
Maybe they could reason with it eventually.
Damn, those kage's sure have impressive aces up their sleeves.
Great episode!

Zankyou no Terror

Episode 10

WTF!? 9 just turned himself in.
Did not see that one coming.
Looks like 5 is out of commission too.
Shibazaki went back for the rest of the story..
At least 12 & Lisa managed to get away.
5 snapped and attacked transport vehicle with 9 in it.
Damn, now she's even killing her own.
Her move with 9 was totally unexpected.
They way she was hunting them... why the change of heart?
Still, it was nice of her.
The last scene was an interesting choice.
Wonder what final episode is gonna look like now..

Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 12 Final

Damn, that was a lot of torture..
In all the pain he kept going back to his childhood.
His "talks" with Rize were more like negotiations.
That Jason is a true monster and deserves to die horribly.
Finally he embraced Rize and went to full power!
Kaneki's fight with Jason was amazing!!
Things just started to get very interesting.
Didn't get the feeling of a final episode from this.
Hope this will get another season at some point in the future.

Tokyo ESP

Episode 11

The government declared a full out war with the espers.
No way, another bird with esp powers?!
Did not see that one coming.
Guess we have finally caught up with the 1st episode.
Was about time too..
Damn those bad espers sure wreaked havoc in the city.
Guess Rinka doesn't need powers to take an esper down.
Very nice, action filled episode!
Final episode should give us a well rounded ending.. hopefully.

Fairy Tail

Episode 25

Relaxed episode.
The old lady was nice.
Shame Ultear payed such a high price using that magic.
Still, without her most of them would be dead & dragons would destroy everything.
Guess some clean up was necessary after all that happened.
That letter was very touching.
Guess it was too much for her to say goodbye any other way.
Very nice, but bitter-sweet episode.

Sword Art Online II

Episode 12

Discussing the remaining players.
Also, their possible locations.
Strategizing about the game and Sinon situation in RL.
It's nice they switched from talking to some action.
Their trap was good, but was it good enough?
Well, it almost worked..
Sterben (Death) vs Kirito!
A battle of words, but very interesting ones.
The real battle will be shown next time.


Episode 12 Final

Nice, a mecha fight again!
That Saazbaum sure had a nice mecha.
He proved to be a challenge.
Slaine powered up the Aldnoah drive, interesting.
Looks like there is more to him after all.
Inaho proved to be a leader once again.
The amount of hate in that Saazbaum was incredible.
Damn, Princess shielded Inaho and got herself shot.
Slaine totally snapped at that.
Saazbaum finally got what he deserved.
Didn't expect Inaho to get killed by Slaine though.
On the positive side, the war ended.


Episode 11

Sensei back in the big city.
He's still as easily depressed as usual.
His ranting about his style change was unnecessary.
Finally face-to-face with the director he punched LOL
He got forgiven rather easily..
Seishuu's nerves got the better of him and he did it again!
Poor director just can't catch a break with him...
Can't believe he actually got praised after soaking the director.
Guess his inspiration was left behind on the island.
The way things are going he's probably gonna stay there forever ^^
The call from the island cheered him up significantly.
His destiny is that island.

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