Thursday, March 20, 2014

Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Magical Warfare, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Noragami

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 356

Do those snakes creep you out of what?
I wonder if Orochimaru was a half snake from the start or he experimented it into himself..
Either way snakes suit him well as his villain calling card.
The unavoidable childhood flashbacks are back.
Kinoe played a dangerous game with Danzo.
3rh Hokage played Danzo like a fiddle, nicely done!
I totally enjoyed watching that ^^

Kill la Kill

Episode 23

Mako's assessment and all those zeroes ROFL
She is worth so much more than a bunch of numbers.
Sword scissors, now that's the ultimate weapon.
Matoi & Satsuki on the same side is still priceless.
Their mommy is still more than quite a challenge though.
Satsuki's ex-minions finally fully joined the fight.
Nui seems to be very evasive when it comes to dying..
Just one more episode left!
Can't wait to see how it'll play out.

Magical Warfare

Episode 11

Isoshima was dealing with her own weird situation.
Takeshi trying his best to do something.
Gekkou is playing the typical villain.
Shame Oigami got his memories back.
I liked him better when he was one of the good guys.
Maybe there's still some hope left for him.
Just one episode left.
Think it's mostly predictable how things will end.
Still, can't wait to watch it.

Log Horizon

Episode 25 Final

Today we say goodbye to Log Horizon.
Shiroe was definitely my fav character.
He never ceased to amaze me with his skills.
A great strategist who I'll definitely miss.
Even the final episode wasn't problem-free.
There is always something going on to keep Shiroe busy.
Wish they explored the going home plot earlier in the story..
Good final episode.

Space Brothers

Episode 99 Final

It was difficult watching Mutta's frustration.
Hibito's situation was hitting him hard.
Nitta helped a bit, but Hibito's message was bitter-sweet.
Skipping ahead was definitely a good idea.
At least we got to see someone go to the moon ^^
Not the ending we were hoping for, but there is still much room to continue it.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 24

Damn, Yosen guys were really determined to win.
It was definitely a battle of skills and determination.
Seirin is behind on the score board.
Things aren't looking good for them..
Kagami was amazing this time, like epic amazing!
He surpassed Murasakibara and his previous self.
Just where did he find the strength for it all? Awesome!
Kagami was pretty much a one-man-team.
I'm totally impressed. Great episode!

One Piece

Episode 637

Luffy's cover got somewhat blown.
That Don Chinjao is the last thing he needed.
"Grandpa" sure made things complicated.
Meanwhile, interesting things were happening in the arena.
Is it just me or are there a lot of new characters?
Most of them are crazy strong and dangerous.
It's hard to figure out who's stronger: them or Luffy.
Guess I'll have to wait and see.


Episode 12 Final

Rabo vs Yato.
The long awaited head-to-head fight.
Hiyori kinda stole that spotlight ^^"
As always she was just trying to help.
Rabo was too hung up on the past to see that things have changed.
Instead of forcing his desire on Yato, he should have changed himself.
So Yato had the power inside him after all. He just needed a push.
The fight was awesome ^^
Best part was Hiyori's comeback!
I liked all the blushing too, so sweet.
Wish this anime would get another season.

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