Thursday, March 13, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Magical Warfare, Kill la Kill, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Noragami

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 355

Bigger Kakashi, nice.
It was about time they switched to adult version.
Still dealing with Orochimaru and his secret labs.
Well, it was a usual filler episode.
This one was not that special either.
Danzo managed to annoy me frequently, though.
Wish the filler arc would end already...

Magical Warfare

Episode 10

Takeshi was having a hard time dealing with Isoshima's kidnapping.
The next step should be getting her back.
Wonder what kind of a plan are they gonna think of?
Things sure are getting more complicated.
Looks like Takeshi is gonna try harder to control/learn magic.
The last few seconds were very intriguing!

Kill la Kill

Episode 22

Senketsu and Ryuko reunited!
That was a touching moment ^^
Fight with Nui was awesome.
It was about time someone kicked her ass.
Shame she bailed when things got interesting.
Nudist beach newest weapons were kinda ROFL, but it surprisingly worked.
It was a rare sight, Satsuki & Ryuko working together, damn!
How the tables have turned...
Great episode!

Log Horizon

Episode 23

Economics and politics have definitely prevailed.
Such a shame it wasn't well balanced with fights.
This could've been such a great anime.
The goblin thing improved the action part, but the tug-of-war with People of the Land is now simply annoying.
It puzzles me how this got a double season when so much better anime didn't.
Just one more episode left and still not much is happening.
I won't miss this when it's gone.

Space Brothers

Episode 98

Parts of Mutta's & Hibito's childhood.
Mutta was obviously concerned about Hibito.
Hibito was dealing with it in his own way.
The situation is not looking good.
Well, kinda uneventful episode.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 23

Only a few episodes left.
I wonder if we'll get to see the Winter Cup finals.
The way they are stretching the games now, it's not very likely.
I actually like the prolonged games, but at this rate it needs way more episodes.
As it nears its end I kinda want to watch it more.
Murasakibara sure was on fire this time.
Flashbacks to middle school days were interesting.
They definitely provided the info needed to better understand the current situation.
This was another intense episode.

One Piece

Episode 636

Bartolomeo looks like a unique character.
He wasn't very popular with the audience either.
Bellamy, Bartolomeo & King were the only real competition.
Well, at least for this round.
Everyone else was just cannon fodder.
So the fun has finally started, nice ^^
Can't wait to see Luffy fight.


Episode 11

Seems like Rabo & Yato have a past.
Hiyori's sudden amnesia was weird.
It's a shame Yato isn't using his art to make money.
But I don't think that's the point of being a god..
Guess Nora had something to do with Hiyori's condition.
Things got pretty dark when Yato & Rabo confronted each other.
The info about their past was interesting.
Ending of this episode was pretty sad.
Hope things will get back on track in the final episode.

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