Monday, March 17, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Witch Craft Works, Magi 2, Buddy Complex, Yowamushi Pedal, Hamatora, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ravens, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Witch Craft Works

Episode 11

Seeing Takamiya's mom & Kazane way-back-when was fun.
Now I get why she likes Kazane so much ^^
The whole hanging out with Mikage was weird.
Didn't quite get the point of it.
Guess it was a part of the healing process.
Ayaka was pretty busy with her own problems.
Things are quite chaotic at this point.
Wonder what they'll do in the final episode?
Should be good.

Magi 2

Episode 23

Finally, Aladdin shows his full power.
I must admit it's really impressive.
After pulling those aces from his sleeve, Kou empire should reconsider.
Guess the fight has been put on hold after all.
More serious problems have appeared.
Solving this one is not going to be easy at all.
The reunion was nice.
They are going to need all the help they can get.

Buddy Complex

Episode 11

Something strange was going on this time.
It's discouraging when the switch from that to flashback from the past.
The timing for that was not chosen wisely.
Well, on the bright side, the action is back!
Hina and Aoba seem to be getting closer as well.
With only 2 episodes left, I can't help to wonder..
What happened with the whole time travel thing?
I really do hope they answer that before it ends.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 23

It was strange to see Onoda's family.
His mom was quite weird.
So it has officially begun!
Onoda was feeling the pressure.
Not surprising since it's his first time.
He's lucky to have friends that support him ^^
You could really feel the intensity, awesome!
Sprinters were very impressive.
Can't wait to see the rest as well.
Great episode.


Episode 11

Nice was being awfully nice to Moral.
Things sure are getting strange.
Relationships between humans & minimum holders are getting worse.
I was surprised Moral would be so open to sharing.
Just what kind of a criminal mastermind is he?!
Guess a pretty weird one.
Well, at least most of the things got nicely explained.
Takahiro part was rather sad.
Didn't see that one coming at all.
Maye that'll be enough to get Nice moving..

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 121

Pouf, Pitou and Gon.
Now that's a dangerous bunch.
Starting confusion went away quickly.
Youpi's growth was impressive and clearly on more levels.
Didn't think he could pull any more surprises.
Guess I was wrong.
Seems like all the hunters that were in more serious battles came out hurt and unable to beat their mark.
Hmm... hope the same won't happen to others.
Really good episode.

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 23

Must admit I got lost along the way somewhere.
Seems like I was more focused on action and less on power struggle.
Well, at least the action is pretty fiery now.
Not that surprising since there is just 1 more episode left.
Things have heated up nicely.
Can't wait to see how it'll play out in the end.
Harutora & co were kinda late to the party.
At least they know how to make an entrance ^^
Good episode.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Episode 10 Final

Inari finally realized what's going on.
Having powers sure was fun, but not without consequences.
There was a lot of pressure on Uka.
I was impressed she would not falter in her decision.
It was amazing watching them open those gates.
Such willpower and group effort.
Returning the divine power was unavoidable, but still sad.
Such a bitter-sweet ending...
I'd love another season of this ^^

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