Friday, March 28, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Kill la Kill, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece, Free, Buddy Complex, Magi 2, Brothers Conflict

Kill la Kill

Episode 24 Final

Honnouji Academy final showdown.
It sure was flashy ^^
Mommy dearest dominated with ease.
That was to be expected.
I only waited to see how what tactics they'll use to bring her down.
Looks like the nudist beach tactics was only a part of the solution.
Ryuko + Satsuki & their "minions" = total victory
Just when I thought they won, a bigger challenge arose.
It was like watching a double trouble challenge. Awesome!
We finally got to see the Scissor Blade in action too ^^
Amazing final episode! Highly enjoyable.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 25 Final

Murasakibara almost giving up was priceless!
Shame it didn't really happen..
This game went to a whole new level again.
Kagami was on fire!!
The score was pretty tight and the atmosphere was intense.
It's incredible how much Kagami has evolved.
This season was awesome and full of great games.
Looking forward to a 3rd season ^^
Since it ended in the middle of Winter Cup there's gonna be one for sure!

One Piece

Episode 638

Bartolomeo is my current favorite too.
He's a special kind of monster.
Poor Bellamy never stood a chance against him..
I think his ability is to reverse the opponents attacks.
The harder they punch Bartolomeo, more hurt they get.
Boxer guy sure packed a punch, impressive.
Guess it wasn't enough to take out my fav!
Awesome episode!! First round is over.
Next time, hopefully, a new round will start.


Short Movie 3

Another flashy and fun special ^^
This one was about Rei and his dilemmas.
Picking a swimsuit was LOL
Nagisa's choices for Rei were just too funny.
Haruka tickle party was fun.
It was nice to hear him laugh ^^

Buddy Complex

Episode 13 Final

It's pretty much safe to say I won't be watching season 2.
Yes, there is one... seems like they split it in 2x13 episode seasons.
Why, oh why, isn't there a decent mecha anime out there.....
I had such high hopes for this one, but was disappointed.
Well, at least the final episode was action filled all the way!
Aoba-Hina coupling was nice. Bison's fit was not.
Well, they did manage to explain everything, that's a plus.
As final episodes go, this one was actually really good.

Magi 2

Episode 25 Final

Final episode was epic!
So much power, yet it wasn't enough.
Who knew one talk could resolve more than a bunch of fighting.
This, 2nd season of Magi was much better than the 1st one.
I liked the increase in action and seriousness of things.
The best part was the amazing return of Titus.
I really like his character ^^
Hope it gets a 3rd season!

Brothers Conflict


Chi taking a break in a messy room.
That was so not like her.
The magic lamp story was kinda weird.
Then again, not much is weird when it comes to this anime.
Their wishes were pretty much the same... so predictable.
Well, it was nice to see all the brothers again ^^

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