Monday, March 24, 2014

Current anime episode comments - Buddy Complex, Witch Craft Works, Yowamushi Pedal, Magi 2, Hamatora, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ravens, Mahou Sensou

Buddy Complex

Episode 12

After 11 episodes I figured out this was a huge waste of time.
I decided to finish it just to see if they'll explain the time travel thing.
And to see what'll happen with Aoba & Hina.
Their relationship was problematic to say the least so far.
Now even Hina is doing coupling...
Seems like things are getting even worse.
There is only one episode left, so no surprise there.
Looks like it's gonna be an action filled ending.

Witch Craft Works

Episode 12 Final

Was hoping to see an evolved Takamiya.
It was the final episode, but nope.
That guy can't even blow his nose without Kagari.
Almost all his attempts to be strong ended as failures.
Well, this time turned out to be slightly better.
The underwater part was visually enjoyable ^^
It totally distracted me from their conversations lol
Interesting final episode.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 24

Looks like this time Kinjou gets to settle his battle with Fukutomi.
That should be really interesting to watch.
Izumida is a terrifying opponent.
It was interesting to see his story of hard work.
Just like everyone else, he has his own reasons to excel.
Naruko & Jin were impressively persistent.
It was awesome watching them.
They even made me feel fired up!

Magi 2

Episode 24

All the characters have noticeably evolved.
This have significantly heated up as well.
Looks like there's just one more episode left according to AniDB.
So guess well get to enjoy a lot of fighting ^^
And what's a better cause than saving the world?
It was awesome seeing them all work together.
Their was opponent was hellbent on not dying.
Seriously, how do you kill something like that?
It was encouraging to see Solomon & reinforcements finally join in!
Final episode should be a blast now that everyone's here.


Episode 12 Final

It was interesting to see Hajime's power.
Shame it didn't last longer..
Moral's twisted planned kept piling trouble.
Making minimum holders fight each other and regular people wanting their powers.
He created a vicious circle, even gave himself new power just to be equal to Nice.
And maybe to become something like a god?
His disturbed assistant was no better than him.
Well, at least some things got explained.
Final Moral vs Nice battle was unusual, but also somewhat satisfying.
Wtf?! Art's alive. What? How?
The ending was a shocker, to say the least.
Are they planning a 2nd season?

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 122

Is it possible?
Finally some King action!
Can't wait for Gon to make his move as well.
The explanation of their mental state was interesting.
Chibi Pouf's are so cuteee ^^
Everyone has changed a bit, but only Pouf is skeptical of that change.
Damn, since when is the King a pacifist?!
Looks like Komugi has made quite an impact on him.
Netero made his move. Impressive!
Seems like the King should not be underestimated.
Netero offered him a nice incentive.
Things are heating up!

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 24 Final

Final episodes are always the best ^^
This one was not an exception from that.
An abundance of action and resolution of the story.
It was highly enjoyable watching them fight.
Harutora's bravery was finally truly shown.
Looks like he has really evolved from the Bakatora image.
That's the Harutora I've been wanting to see.
Really good final episode with a sweet end.

Mahou Sensou

Episode 12 Final

Takeshi vs Gekkou.
The fight we've all been waiting for (well, at least me).
Truth about the accident got revealed too.
Seems like mommy knew everything all along.
Everything got even more intense when others joined in.
Isoshima payed a steep price for bravery.
At least that motivated Takeshi quite a lot.
Trip to the past was intriguing.
The ending was: "Oh, come on...!" *hits the desk*
Looks like there's gonna be another season of this.

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