Friday, March 28, 2014

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. HKT48: Sakura, Minna de Tabeta


2. Acid Black Cherry: Kimi ga Inai, Anohi kara...

3. Sakura Apparition

4. 9nine: With You / With Me
5. Kis-My-Ft2: Hikari no Signal
9. Yui Horie: The♡Worlds♡End

堀江由衣 - The?World_'s?End[Official Music Video... by YinYueTai

10. KEYTALK: Parallel

12. Yu Takahashi:Pioneer

14. PrizmaX: Take me

18. Tokyo Ska Paradise: Nakareyuku Sekai no Naka de feat. MONGOL..


1. Soyou: Some(With Jung Gi Go)
2. 2NE1: Come Back Home
3. Lyn: Miss you...Crying
4. Girls' Generation: Mr.Mr.
5. Shin Yong Jae (4MEN): I Love You, Erase You, Cry Again
7. Orange Caramel: Catallena

22. Monday Kiz: Because Of You


Nothing new this week.

1. Stefanie Sun: Kepler
2. Jess Lee: Cliff to the Heaven
3. Queen: Rhythm Of The...
4. Mayday: Step by Step
5. Rachel Liang: Fen Shou Hou Bu Yao Zhuo Peng You

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