Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Brothers Conflict, Free, Ryo, Naruto Shippuuden

Brothers Conflict

Episode 3

That Fuuto is seriously getting on my nerves.
I really can't stand guys like him.
Of all the guys he is the most annoying one.
Yusuke was kinda sweet this time ^^
It's nice watching him stress over his feelings.
Hikaru was an interesting surprise.
So finally she met all of the brothers.


Episode 3

This is such a refreshing anime.
Every time I watch it I'm reminded of how this anime is on a whole different level.
Even though it's not hard to predict where the plot is going, it's still so fun and relaxing.
Kou is still so funny when she drools over muscles ^^
Rei was totally ROFL but I'm still glad they managed to get him.
Nice episode ^^
I just love the OP and ED of this anime, they're really good.


This is a short one from the Young Animators project.
It's a pure samurai story which makes it interesting to watch.
The first part of the story is mostly about training and enjoying youth.
The second part brings the harsh reality mixed with happy days.
West was pushing further into East and the internal conflicts didn't help much.
Basically it's a story about Ryoma and Ryo in the middle of it all.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 321

Not being able to distinguish fake from real shinobi is a pain.
It's also causing a whole bunch of different problems.
"Madara" collected a nice bunch for his unit.
It's nice to see Naruto again too ^^
Lots of action and cleanup of the fakes.

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