Saturday, July 13, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Danganronpa The Animation, Gatchaman Crowds, Space Brothers

Danganronpa The Animation

Episode 2

Looks like the mind games have begun.
Naegi seems a bit too gullible.
So the first victim is found.
Wonder who the killer is?
Things are not as simple as Monobear lead us to think.
Guess there are a whole bunch of scary rules.

Gatchaman Crowds

Episode 1

Wow, this is so Tiger & Bunny meets Devil Survivor 2.
Don't think I'm gonna like this one.
It's just to weird, but not in a good way that I usually like.
Think I'm gonna skip this one..

Space Brothers

Episode 65

Mutta is still down about Sharon.
At least this time we get to see some new developments.
Looks like the training is moving on to the flight part.
It was nice seeking Mr. Young again too ^^

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