Thursday, July 11, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Free, Brothers Conflict, Gin no Saji


Episode 2

Kou was totally LOL when seeing Haru in swimsuit ^^
I was kinda expecting the swim club to happen and I was right.
It was the pretty much obvious next step.
Looks like Rin is nostalgic about the childhood days with his friends.
I like this anime 'cause it had nice pace and strong motivation.

Brothers Conflict

Episode 2

*Sigh* those brothers really need time to adjust.
This reverse harem has some really nice potential.
Wish they would translate the visual novel.
I'd love to play this game ^^
Looks like more than one is already blushing severely ^-^
Fuuto was the annoying one this time.

Gin no Saji

Episode 1

So this is an agricultural/vet anime.
This is definitely something new.
Never seen an anime like this before.
The main character is a total good-for-nothing moron.
Aki was rather nice, though.
At least this one offers a few laughs ^^"
I might actually watch this, it's certainly weird and fun enough.

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