Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KDrama - Vampire Prosecutor 2

Just finished watching second season of Vampire Prosecutor 2. Didn't think it was possible but second season was even better than the first season. Lots of action, cliff-hangers and even some hints of romance are the foundations of season 2. After finishing each episode I was immediately craving for more. Somehow they managed to make the endings of episodes so interesting that you just can't wait to see how it continues in a new episode. I must admit that second season was very intense and they managed to put in things that I never would have guessed or hoped to see.
After season 1 when they added those hints of romance between Min and Yoo, I was hoping their relationship would develop into something more than just coworkers. Suddenly, the story took quite an unexpected turne. Somehow, I got the feeling like they dropped the romance part on purpose. Maybe it influenced the ratings in an unfavorable way. They suddenly turned to action, mystery and unexpected plot turns. 
I didn't mind the change in the direction of the story, but I was also hoping they wouldn't drop the romance part so suddenly. Believe me, I like action, but the sudden turn of events took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting something like that. Maybe it's for the better. The way season 2 ended it's very possible we might be watching season 3 very soon. I sure hope so :)

In the second season of Vampire Prosecutor, Min Tae Yeon is back as the prosecutor who heads up a new division that investigates unsolved murder cases. No one, except for Detective Hwang Soon Bum, knows that Tae Yeon was bitten seven years ago and acquired vampire powers, which allows him to taste a victim’s blood and know exactly how the victim died. While he uses his powers for good, can Tae Yeon also try to track down the person responsible for his unhuman condition?

Director: Yoo Sun-Dong 
Writer: Han Jung-Hoon, Kang Eun-Sun 
Network: OCN 
Episodes: 11 
Release Date: September 9 - November 18, 2012 
Language: Korean 
Country: South Korea 

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