Sunday, November 3, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Magi 2, Gingitsune, Diabolik Lovers, Yowamushi Pedal, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ravens, Coppelion, Kyoukai no Kanata, Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Strike the Blood

Magi - The Kingdom of Magic

Episode 5

Those magic pirates presented quite a challenge.
Seems like their leader collects/kidnaps children to work for her.
It's amazing how blindly they follow her orders.
Guess they just don't know any better.
Who knows what kind of lives they had before..
The action parts were really good.
Madaura sure used an interesting weapon to keep everyone in check.


Episode 5

Satoru really needs to loosen up a bit.
I get his family situation is really hard.
This way he's not gonna accomplish anything.
Haru also unnecessarily complicated things..
Guess she's really attached to Satoru, more than he realizes.
The story of Haru was a sad-happy mix.
Really nice episode.

Diabolik Lovers

Episode 7

New info about the brothers' past was interesting.
As kids they were totally different.
Wonder what caused them to snap.
At this point they are complete opposites of their younger selves.
Guess their mother had a lot to do with their transformation.
This was the most interesting episode since this anime began.

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 5

I think this anime is underrated.
Naruko sure loves cycling with all his heart.
You could feel the passion in his words.
Looks like Naruko's little plan stirred up serious interest.
It was about time for Onoda to make his choice.
Things are about to get really interesting.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 103

The blind kid was exactly what the king needed.
Seems like he found himself a good opponent.
Guess the kids' disability was actually an advantage here.
The most interesting thing this time was their game.
Well, at least it was for me.
Morel & Cheetu intro fight has potential.
That Morel seems to be a really smart guy.
Always evaluating the situation before rushing in.

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 5

Harutora didn't show much in that fight.
Guess it showed he's just a beginner.
Kon needs some restraining though.
Touji really knows how to stir up things with his comments.
Natsume was acting weird this time.
It certainly showed she has some more than friendly feelings.
Seems like Harutora is really good under pressure.
Great episode this time.


Episode 6

Those 1st Division guys are a menace.
Aoi was totally annoying this time.
She always gets into trouble and cries for Ibara ^^"
It was interesting to see Coppelion has male members as well.
Haruto was a nice surprise. He seems to be very capable.
Even though his methods are quite different from the girls'.

Kyoukai no Kanata

Episode 6

Kuriyama suddenly became brave and eager.
It sure is a nice change.
Also it's unusual to see her rush in a fight.
The new youmu case was actually pretty ROFL
It caused so much trouble, yet it really made me laugh ^^
Everyone went to such lengths it just left me speechless.
Really fun episode! Totally enjoyed it.

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