Thursday, November 21, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shipuuden, Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Strike the Blood, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 339

Honestly, I totally forgot about the 5 kage vs Madara.
That break with Uchiha brothers made me forget all about it.
Those two were much more interesting on so many levels.
Guess those hokages are gonna run out of energy before Madara does.
Ohnoki is the one keeping them together, the strongest link.
I think without him, they would have lost a while ago.
This fight is like watching a game of tug of war.
You never know which side is going to prevail.
Looks like Uchiha brothers managed to accomplish something after all.
An interesting/messed up/painful part of the past has finally been revealed.
Amazing episode.

Kill la Kill

Episode 8

New rules at the academy sure made things brutal.
Satsuki is one ruthless student council president.
I don't think mercy exists in her dictionary.
Things went from weird to just simply crazy in one day.
While everyone was busy killing each other, our girls were reminiscing.
It was nice to learn more about Matoi's past.
Gamagoori is an interesting character as well.
Looks like his powers are no joke..

Outbreak Company

Episode 8

Looks like sometimes even royalty feels vulnerable.
Didn't expect she'd suddenly act like this.
Something must have triggered it..
Shinichi had his hands full this time.
Instead of helping with the situation he kinda did the opposite.
I know he likes to show off his otaku knowledge, but still..
Anyway, it was nice to learn more interesting things ^^

Strike the Blood

Episode 8

I was kinda surprised to see this anime got 24 episodes.
No wonder the plot is pretty slow-ish.
And it's starting to look like harem too.
Was expecting more of this anime..
No I'm just considering of dropping it.
I could've handled a normal 12-episode season, but 24 seems too much.
Also, it's interesting how the main character is doing the least fighting.
Guess he has enough girls around him to fight instead of him.

Log Horizon

Episode 8

Merchants... such a pain.
Always having their own agendas..
Crescent moon will need to draw a line soon.
Since their business is booming, there will be plenty of interested in buying in.
Luckily Henrietta is a smart one ^^
She really has talent for doing business.
Guess it's not all about the business, there is something more going on.
Looks like all preparations are going smoothly.
Shiroe really is a genius. He planned everything from the shadows.
Interesting how his plans are spot on.
Nice intro into a new adventure.

Space Brothers

Episode 83

Yeah, everything was kinda bleak after they heard the news.
It was to be expected, but still... it seems unfair.
Looks like things won't ever be the same...
The morale totally dropped after that.
Guess Mutta took it the hardest.
Never thought he was such a softie.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 8

Interesting how they took a little break from reality to show the beginning of it all.
Well, it is interesting to see how it all began.
Those guys had quite the resolve to make it a success.
Poor Teppei... now it all makes sense.
Damn, that uncrowned king Makoto sure is a huge jerk.
They should totally be really careful around him on the court.

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