Thursday, November 14, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Strike the Blood, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 338

Those Uchiha brothers have so many powers.
It pretty amazing when you give some thought.
Usually, shinobi have a small, limited number of jutsu.
But those Uchiha's are an exception, a very powerful one.
Guess only the gifted ones are lucky to have that much power.
Those two are also a nice example of how easy it is to go to the dark side.
The unavoidable flashbacks were nice.
Looks like Sasuke has some resentment towards Itachi.
Well, that's hardly surprising...

Kill la Kill

Episode 7

I really love this anime.
It makes me laugh every time.
Those club presidents are a joke.
Matoi takes them down every time without fail.
I don't know why they even bother.
Hmm... an interesting twist took place.
Never saw that one coming.
It was actually a pretty good idea.
Things changed literally over night.
Never knew it meant that much to be one star.
Mako has gotten serious about keeping the lifestyle..
Guess it wasn't as good as it looked at first.
Everyone changed so much it was actually sad.
Seemed only Matoi was unaffected by the lifestyle changes.
Looks like Satsuki had set quite an interesting trap.

Outbreak Company

Episode 7

Kanou was pretty LOL, but I get how something like that would anger an otaku.
I was surprised he'd get to go home at all.
His dream was very interesting and very ecchi.
Pop-up Miusel was a nice surprise, but kinda cool too.
It was fun watching her enthusiasm about everything ^^
Since he got back, his mind is totally in the gutter..
I really enjoyed watching this episode.
So far, this episode is my favorite ^^

Strike the Blood

Episode 7

Kojou sure has a lot of girls trailing behind him.
It was bound to drag along some trouble sooner or later.
This is slowly starting to look like a harem..
While they were busy dealing with their trivial stuff, real problems came along.
Guess it was time for Kojou to get serious and play the hero.
Second part of the episode was pretty exciting.

Log Horizon

Episode 7

Things sure took an interesting turn.
I thought they're gonna fight and go on adventures all the time.
Instead, they take a break and do guild related stuff.
Guess this is where is differs from SAO.
Since it was all food related it kinda reminded me of Toriko.
They sure thought of a great business.
Shiro is always full of all sorts of plans.
Wonder what his true goal with all this is..

Space Brothers

Episode 82

New tasks and challenges for Mutta & team.
They did get a pretty interesting assignment this time.
The ideas they had flying around were rather useful as well.
Each of them had their own unique ideas of what to add.
It was nice to see more about Kenji's family.
Looks like everyone needs time to adjust to a new country..
Shocking, yet half-expected news made a nice ending of this episode.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 7

That was one hell of a game!
Seirin is gonna have to step up their play.
Shutoku was a good and challenging opponent, but they're not the hardest.
There are better teams out there and much tougher too.
If Seirin wants to win it all this time, they need to work really hard.
Info on some members was nice. Hope they show more next time.

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