Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, Magi 2, Gingitsune, Yowamushi Pedal, Diabolik Lovers, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ravens, Kyoukai no Kanata, Coppelion

One Piece

Episode 621

Franky is just amazing.
His new upgrades sure made him very resilient.
It was really fun watching that fight.
Luffy and the others sure took their sweet time to get out of the lab complex.
Hope they get those kids home soon. They suffered through enough.
Good episode.

Magi 2

Episode 7

Mogiana was totally LOL with her seal attitude ^^
Everyone sure was having fun this time.
It was nice watching them enjoy themselves.
The love triangle didn't help with the fun though.
Interesting how I didn't notice it before..
I don't like that Aladdin has turned into a perv.
To rack up humor points, they made him this way.
They could've done it differently and not mess up the main character.
Seriously, no wonder this season's popularity dropped.
Well, at least the plot is moving forward.


Episode 7

Haru can't seem to get rid of her temper.
New episode was loads of fun ^^
It's always interesting to see different types of heralds.
On the other hand it was kinda sad they were without humans with Sight.
They were also quite annoying, but that's probably 'cause they're brats.
Well, all is well with the world again ^^

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 7

Onoda finally got the chance to enjoy himself to the fullest!
It was inspiring to watch him ride with such passion.
I really admire his willpower.
He knows what he wants and he will chase it.
Onda was very persistent to catch up.
Awesome episode!

Diabolik Lovers

Episode 9

Wonder what mystery is surrounding Yui..
There must be more to her than just a scared heroine.
It's kinda sad she never learns that those brothers are just using her.
The brothers are interesting, but also diabolical.
The plot seems to be unraveling slowly..
Wtf just happened?! Never saw that plot twist coming.

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 105

I don't really understand that King.
He keeps on playing games and nothing else.
So far, he's been pretty much useless..
His underlings are doing all the work.
Well, at least the Gungi match was very interesting this time.
Once again the King made an unexpected move.
Looks like the Hunters are finally making their move..

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 7

Natsume has been training Harutora really well ^^"
That guy is just not cut out for studying.
Touji has been acting weird this time.
Considering the situation and his past, it's not surprising.
Oh man, that Harutora is pretty hopeless sometimes..
Interesting how their little exam turned from easy to extremely dangerous.
Guess that happens when mistakes are made & weird people get involved.

Kyoukai no Kanata

Episode 8

Sakura sure has an interesting personality.
Looks like she senses something between Mirai and Akihito.
Guess Mirai has a special place in her heart for him..
So... a new adventure is coming ^^
This "Calm" sounds very mysterious and full of potential.
Yup, I was right. It's pretty awesome!


Episode 8

Looks like other coppelion are nothing like our girls..
Those sisters sure made a lot of trouble.
Interesting how every coppelion has unique abilities.
Never thought I'd see evil clones here.
Well, at least they made things kinda intense.
Ibara just keeps on surprising me.
That girl is impressive in every way.
Honestly, why do all the psychos get the best powers?!

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