Thursday, November 28, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Strike the Blood, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 340

I actually felt happy when the dead shinobi got released form their cursed state.
Uchiha brothers dealt a serious blow to Kabuto's plans.
It's sad that they had to part now that they grew closer.
Looks like those shinobi did some good in death after all.
They god rid of Madara in such an easy & unexpected way, as if.
That guy is a real troublemaker in every way.
Pretty good episode.

Kill la Kill

Episode 9

The homeroom teacher steps in pretty rarely.
But when he does, he usually gives good advice.
Matoi is too stubborn to listen to him though..
Maybe she's also too confident.
Taking all of the student council members is a dangerous thing.
Even the "weakest" one is still quite a challenge.
Gamagoori's past looked rather interesting in the flashback.
Guess each of the council members has some kind of a past with Satsuki.
Matoi seems to be operating on pure willpower and stubbornness ^^"
Her plans are basically hail marys that luckily turn out right.

Outbreak Company

Episode 9

Looks like Shinichi taught Miusel well.
They sure could use another capable teacher ^^
Vacation time! Already?
Guess it was impossible to skip that much fan service.
A lake surrounded by mountains, nice one.
I prefer the seaside setting, but this was good too.
Shinichi finally got a chance to enjoy his personal harem.
Looks like he has a special place for Miusel in his heart ^^
So ecchiness seems to be contagious ^^"
Fun episode!

Strike the Blood

Episode 9

I had some high expectations of this anime..
It totally didn't live up to it.
If I had know there would be so much ecchi and harem in it..
Guess not every anime can be judged by its name. Disappointed.
Time to drop this 'cause there's no way I'm gonna suffer through another 15 episodes.

Log Horizon

Episode 9

Guild strategizing again...
It's shame it's so hard to unite the smaller guilds.
Guess the interests are far from being mutual..
Shiroe is pretty unusual for a player.
His ideas are interesting and noble, but he's too political.
Usually players are interested into leveling up and doing quests.
Shiroe is definitely a different type of player.
The one who'd rather do politics and deal with power balance.
That's ok, but still I was expecting more action in this anime.

Space Brothers

Episode 84

Underwater training progressing slowly..
Andy is a weird one, but pretty reliable.
Mutta's enginuety keeps surprising me.
His engineering ideas really do come in handy.
When he puts his mind to something, he makes it happen.
Kenji was giving me a negative vibe this time..
Guess he needed Mutta to remind him of the real reasons he's there.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 9

Teppei mush really love basketball a lot.
His resolve is very admirable.
Hyuga was all stressed over Kirisaki game.
I really dislike Makoto. He's a total jerk.
This is a very personal game for the founders of Seirin basketball club.
Hyuga was right to stress over it.
Teppei was also having a hard time dealing with it.
Those Kirisaki guys all play dirty.
Seems like they specialized in that kind of play.
Everyone on the Seirin team was high strung..
Very intense episode with lots of emotions flying all over the place.


  1. I agree about the dead shinobi but I never really understood the whole reanimation thing though since they get back all their powers/body parts.

  2. You're probably thinking that no one would ever have to die. they could just reanimate them and they would continue with their lives. I guess this jutsu is forbidden for a reason. Just look at Madara, he broke free of it and is now immortal with infinite chakra. That's probably why they forbade the jutsu, so that madmen couldn't be infinitely powerful and unkillable.