Thursday, October 31, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Strike the Blood, Outbreak Company, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2, One Piece

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 336

More about Kabuto...
As a kid he was quite different from the monster he has become.
Looks like the orphanage was the only thing he cared about.
Well... after that point his life was not rosy at all.
It was interesting to find out more about him.
The dark side seems more appealing when you're desperate enough..

Kill la Kill

Episode 5

Lots of amazing fights this time as well.
Matoi was really cool this time, but a bit too cocky.
She was grounded pretty fast.
The new serious opponent looked different than those school thugs.
Mako rules so far! Her explanations are just ROFL
She's a great friend too.
Really interesting and fun episode.

Strike the Blood

Episode 5

Pretty regular school stuff with some supernatural add-on.
The unavoidable sports tournament this time (well, just the prep part).
This episode definitely felt more harem-like..
Those two looked even more like a couple ^^
It all felt like intro into the main event.
Guess we'll see more next time..

Outbreak Company

Episode 5

It's always interesting and fun watching Kanou teach ^^
Those "kids" sure have adapted to otaku ways rather easily.
Miusel truly is like a real life game/visual novel/manga/anime character.
I kinda like her the most of all the girls.
Elbia is sort of ok, but she totally has a scary side.
Fun episode.

Log Horizon

Episode 5

The mystery of food taste was finally revealed LOL
They sure made a big deal out of it.
The camping part was fun to watch, also relaxing.
NPCs were really interesting and totally different.
We also got to see a bit of Shiroe's past in the game as well.

Space Brothers

Episode 80

Finally, some Mutta focus.
Butler was totally funny with his reaction to Mutta ROFL
It was nice seeing Kenji and Nitta again.
Looks like the swimming pool isn't Mutta's thing ^^"
He's also totally clueless about Hibito's situation.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 5

Looks like Kagami and Kuroko were having problems this time.
The game with Shutoku was really intense.
Midora was forced to change his game style quite a bit.
That means that Kagami and the rest rose their game to a new level.
Both teams were equally determined to win.

One Piece

Episode 619

So it's time for Franky to shine.
It's been quite a while since we saw him in action.
His ingenuity amazes me every time.
Also, it's very practical that he's a robot.
I really hope they'll get the kids off the island soon.
They've spent more than enough time there.
Looks like this arc is almost over.

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