Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Hunter x Hunter, BlazBlue - Alter Memory, Tokyo Ravens, Kyoukai no Kanata, Coppelion, Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Strike the Blood, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 100

It's ridicules how much time hunters need to take out the ants.
Compared to the Phantom Troupe's swift justice, they're like snails.
The situation keeps getting worse and worse all the time.
Watching Killua fight was just awesome this time!
I must admit I like him more than Gon..
The octopus was just LOL ^^"

BlazBlue - Alter Memory

Episode 2

Starting off episode 2 with a fight.. not bad at all.
Well, can't say it was an easy fight, but it was nice to watch.
Chick fight was a nice bonus though.
This anime hasn't been lacking action at all.
On the contrary, so far it seems to be lacking plot.
Still have a feeling like I'm watching it from the middle..

Tokyo Ravens

Episode 2

Love problems are the worst..
It always complicates thing, especially when when more parties are involved.
That chibi girl sure is powerful and dangerous.
Action wasn't lacking this time.
That girl need some serious therapy.. maybe confused blondie might be able to help..
Wonder if those two will be friends or enemies considering what happened to Hokuto.
Poor guy lost something he never even knew he had all along.

Kyoukai no Kanata

Episode 3

So the scaredy cat girl decided money was worth overcoming her fears.
Interesting how necessity make you do things you don't want to do.
Their school stuff conversations are pretty basic though.
The best part is definitely youmu hunting.
I also like the Kuriyama - Akihito relationship.


Episode 3

Who knew the city would be that lively.
It appeared to be abandoned at first..
Who knew delivery man would be such a nice person.
Yeah, nice, but with a terrible past.. I knew there had to be a catch somewhere.
Those 3 girls are like help central for all in need of saving and evacuation.
This anime is looking more and more like what things would be if Fukushima had a meltdown..

Kill la Kill

Episode 3

Nice, finally some new info about the suit.
Looks like that homeroom teacher isn't half bad.
Seems like making a Kamui isn't as easy as one would expect.
So Satsuki pulled a desperate move.
Guess that explains just how much she feels threatened.
Watching those 2 fight was just epic!!

Outbreak Company

Episode 3

Petrarca sure can be annoying at times...
Luckily she show signs of normalcy once in a while.
One the other hand Miusel is much nicer and I like her more.
Little queen seems to be competing for Kanou's attention.
First day of school definitely didn't go well as planned.
Guess it was time for the first rebels to appear.

Strike the Blood

Episode 3

Lots of problems after the ordeal last time..
Guess they made a mess of things directly and indirectly as well.
Kojou and Himeragi do make a nice team despite the situation.
It was nice seeing Kojou angry again ^^
He has so much fighting potential, but needs a lot of practice.
At the moment, he just has the guts, but not the know how.

Log Horizon

Episode 3

Every rpg game has them, so why not this anime.
Guess skipping the cave/tunnel/crypt part is inevitable.
Well, it does make things more interesting.
Serara was totally LOL
Being a maid class totally suits her ^^
She was lucky that cat-guy saved her..

Space Brothers

Episode 78

I'm glad there aren't many episodes left or I would have dropped it.
Now, I'm gonna suffer till the end and hopefully get to see Mutta on the moon.
Looks like Olga's ballet struggle will help Hibito get a grip and move on.
It was totally fun watching Hibito pass "levels" ROFL
Mutta sure has been sidelined in the past few episodes..

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 3

New basketball season, new uniforms and hopefully better play.
Looks like the competition has been training hard.
We'll see soon enough if Seirin is better this season.
So far, that Winter Cup talk sounds awfully serious when it comes to competition.
Must admit that Teppei was a nice surprise and Kagami was pretty LOL

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