Thursday, October 24, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Kill la Kill, Strike the Blood, Outbreak Company, Log Horizon, Space Brothers, Kuroko's Basketball 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 335

That Kabuto really is a snake. His new look suits him well.
He's really good in making people doubt themselves and others.
Well, it was interesting to see how his mind works.
Looks like all 3 of them have a lot in common..
After learning more about Kabuto's life, it's kinda hard to hate him..
Lost, abandoned and lonely child yearning for kindness.
Never would have guessed..
Very enlightening episode.

Kill la Kill

Episode 4

Mako is totally LOL
She makes me laugh quite a lot.
This anime wouldn't be as good without her goofy character.
Matoi had quite a challenge this time.
Damn, that school is never boring!
Great episode, loads of fun!

Strike the Blood

Episode 4

Things got pretty interesting this time.
It was nice to see the plot got a move on.
They also released some new info about the island.
It sure explained quite a few things.
Was interesting to see those two working like a true team.
Action parts were really good and the episode was the best so far.

Outbreak Company

Episode 4

Kanou became a real school teacher LOL
Seems he's been teaching them pretty obscene things.
And he's not the only one... ^^"
They are trying really hard to bring the otaku culture.
Kanou has been collecting girls... his personal harem.
Well, at least there his dreams can come true..
I like the new character, looks interesting.

Log Horizon

Episode 4

So they finally reached their destination.
I don't get why everyone was so intent on having Serara.
The poor girl is truly in a lot of trouble.
She's so sweet, I never would have guessed..
The intro fight was nice, but they could've dropped the explanations.
Main fights were pretty much awesome!

Space Brothers

Episode 79

So far Hibito's stellar career has been taking a nose dive.
Mutta is going up, while his brother is falling down..
How the tables have turned.
I wish they'd finished this Hibito drama by now. It's been stretched for too long.
Or maybe they're doing it to slowly introduce Olga as his love interest.
Think she's way too young for him.. She's just a kid who's still in high school.

Kuroko's Basketball 2

Episode 4

Kuroko's new move looks impressive.
He needs to practice it some more though.
Looks like other teams are advancing nicely as well.
This anime is revealing the secret world of basketball.
First there was the "Generation of Miracles" and now the "Uncrowned Kings".
It's like they're some kind of scary gangs or something LOL
Each season a new "gang" appears.. Well ,they have to make things interesting ^^
New game certainly sent the sparks flying all over the place.

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