Monday, February 2, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Yowamushi Pedal 2, Parasyte -the maxim-, Naruto Shippuuden, Tokyo Ghoul 2, Assassination Classroom, Death Parade, Isuca, Fairy Tail

Yowamushi Pedal 2

Episode 16

Naruko went down.
Now Sohoku is riding with half of their team left.
Imaizumi is the new ace now.
Things got pretty heated up with Hakone guys.
Imaizumi kept attacking & Fukutomi was at his wits end.
Damn, that Imaizumi sure is something.
The flashback to his past was interesting too.

Parasyte -the maxim-

Episode 17

Parasites' inner society conflicts.
Tamura sure is one tough cookie.
She might be off her rocker too.
Or she just evolved into something more.
Satomi ran into Tamura unexpectedly.
Luckily both of them didn't know each other.
P.I. finally bought the farm..
Now the police knows about Tamura.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 398

Chunin exams part 2 - the land of sand.
Dinner time was fun to watch ^^
Who knew nights at Hidden Sand could be so dangerous.
This was actually a pretty fun episode.

Tokyo Ghoul 2

Episode 5

Juzo... damn.
That censor was completely unnecessary.
Seems like they are totally overdoing it with censoring everything lately.
The twins got very unlucky in that fight..
Kaneki's fight with Shinohara was enjoyable.
They way he evolved into a crazy bastard is amazing.
Still, Amon revealed his true side.. a pathetic one.

Assassination Classroom

Episode 4

Looks like even Koro-sensei isn't immune to feminine charms.
That Irina sure can act..
Doubt her method will get any results.
She wasn't popular with the students at all.
Koro sure put Irina in her place ROFL
She was finished off by the students though.. ^^"
That Koro-sensei just keeps impressing me.
Guess Irina is here to stay.. at least for a while.

Death Parade 

Episode 5

2 guys this time, an adult & a boy.
An unusual duo this time.
That glasses guy sure was a paranoid freak.
But it looks like the kid was not as he appeared to be.
So Ginti masked himself 'cause he had a beef with Decim.
Luckily Nona intervened.
So it was all just a some kind of a test..


Episode 3

Asano moving in ^^
Haunted tree situation was intense.
Visiting relatives put an interesting twist to the whole situation.
Shimazu changed, that's a fact, but it's definitely for the better.
That Suseri sure was stubborn and cold.
Poor Asano got "molested" in the bathroom ROFL
So Suseri came to actually steal Asano from Shimazu..
Mutated cars attack! LOL
Those scenes looked like they were from some horror comic book.

Fairy Tail

Episode 44

Asuka episode.
A bridge between the arcs..
Relaxing and mildly amusing.
Natsu playing babysitter.. he was pretty good at it.
Watching them do job was fun ^^
Erza in strawberry mode LOL
Fun episode.

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