Friday, January 30, 2015

Current anime episode comments - Isuca, Fairy Tail, Durarara!!x2, One Piece, Kuroko's Basketball 3, Junketsu no Maria, Seiken Tsukai no World Break, Kamisama Hajimemashita 2


Episode 2

Shimazu sure can be stubborn.
Tama got lucky that Asano was so determined to save her.
Now he has a pet cat/girl.
By a weird twist of fate Asano got a job as Shimazu's housekeeper.
Guess those two are stuck together now.
Rat spirit made a mess this time.
Shimazu's fear or rats was ROFL
It was lucky for them that they have a cat now.
Taking life force was very ecchi *blush*
Our little trio is stuck together now.

Fairy Tail

Episode 43

Super monster transformation.
Damn, this felt so out of place for this anime.
The setting just felt wrong.
Don't like this arc.
Reminds me too much of Naruto fillers.
Hope Fairy Tail won't take the same direction..
Now that Natsu defeated the enemy things went back to normal.
Even the spirits were themselves again minus the memories of being bad.


Episode 4

Poor Celty just can't catch a break..
Mikado got into a trouble of his own.
Celty got a bit ruff with those bikers w/some help LOL
Well, that was one way of getting rid of their tail.
Watching Shizuo snap is always so enjoyable ^^
Things played out in a fun way.
Seems like everyone had a get-together at Shinr & Celty's place.
Looks like Izaya was a bit jealous that he missed out..
So Aoba is planning to enter discord into Izaya's world.
That should be interesting to watch.

One Piece

Episode 680

It's still unbelievable to me that this anime wastes more then 5 minutes on recap & OP.
Destroying that factory is gonna be really hard.
Luffy vs Doflamingo!
Luffy was getting his ass kicked.
That Doflamingo bastard used his power "parasite" again.
It was the same as when the king was dethroned.
This episode was full of chaos..
Doflamingo really is the devil.
Let the bounty hunter game begin!

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 4

Alex & Kagami morning situation was ROFL
It's been a while since the focus was on Kagami.
The shoes/sneakers situation was kinda funny too.
So Aomine & Kagami have the same shoe size... LOL
Rakuzan vs Seirin coming soon.
Looks like Rakuzan is gonna be a challenge for our guys.
Now Shutoku has to deal with them first!
Shame we don't get to see other games in more length.

Junketsu no Maria

Episode 4

Mercenaries playing bad & pillaging.
Of course Maria had to intervene..
Poor Maria stepped on Michael's & other witches toes.
Seems like Maria is really tempted in letting her virginity go.
Priapus & Ezekiel doing chores LOL
Nice episode.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break

Episode 4

Moroha & Maya roommates.
Well, the other girls certainly didn't like that.
Same poor Shizuno is bound by chains of family.
She's lucky to have a friend like Moroha.
He sacrificed his freedom for her.
Damn, didn't expect her to confess..
It was naive to expect that they would get away without a fight.
Moroha really pulled an ace out of his sleeve this time.
Great episode.

Kamisama Hajimemashita 2

Episode 4

Nanami sure is a persistent girl who only sees the best in everyone.
That's why she deserves to be the goddess of that shrine.
Kirihito's story got told.
It was an interesting twist of fate.
Getting out of the Netherworld was not easy.
No wonder Tomoe freaked when he heard what happened to her.
Poor Tomoe had a hard time reasoning with War God.
Things ended well, but I foresee problems with "Kirihito" in the future.

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