Thursday, February 12, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Naruto Shippuuden, Tokyo Ghoul 2, Death Parade, Assassination Classroom, Isuca, Fairy Tail, Hybrid Child, Durarara!!x2

Naruto Shippuden

Episode 399

Back to Chunin exam - from Hidden Sand's perspective.
Teams got a bit lost in the desert with help of some genjutsu.
Shira was pretty good.
Konoha vs Hidden Sand teams!
Lee & his team were taken by surprise..
Still the unexpected enemy appeared which gave them a chance to unite.

Tokyo Ghoul 2

Episode 6

Rei/Juzo history got revealed a bit.
So Shinohara was his first partner..
Damn, that kid is just too messed up.
The merciful thing to do would be to put him out of his misery.
Kaneki is getting less and less screen time...
Amon managed to have a life this time ^^

Death Parade

Episode 6

Ginti gets customers.
Another pair plays a game.
Arita & Harada, a fan and an idol.
They got to play a version of Twister this time.
The poses were pretty hilarious, but they got tired quickly.
Second part of the game was more serious & dangerous.
Ginti's games are way more cruel than Decim's.
This was a weird one. No elevator doors or anything.. unfinished?
Maybe it'll continue? Kinda confusing.

Assassination Classroom

Episode 5

Okuda's assassination attempt was bold & naive at the same time.
Certainly used a different approach.
At least we got to see a few new faces of Koro sensei.
Guess it was her time in the spotlight.
The class trip was very amusing ^^
School assembly was demeaning..
Until the other students became jealous of their teacher-student relationship.
Koro sensei just couldn't seem to stay away.
Fun episode ^^
Looks like E class students learned something useful after all.


Episode 4

So Suseri transferred in.
Sakuya didn't like that one bit.
Looks like a harem is forming.
A case of undead samurai this time.
Suseri took him on by herself.
A bold move, but too confident.
Not a ghost, but a Golem situation.
Asano got the hardest task.
Once more it proved that they function best as a team.
That western mage pulled a fast one on all of them.
Censoring was LOL

Fairy Tail

Episode 45

Juvia sure is obsessed with Gray..
Looks like every day is an anniversary.
Getting gift ideas from other members was LOL
Poor Juvia was hopeless with cooking..
Damn, her timing with that gift sucked too.
Fun episode.

Hybrid Child


Worries and fears of a hybrid child..
Yuzu's ideas of growing up were LOL
Still, they gave it a try..
Guess his reaction time was a bit slower.
It was sweet to see him react like that ^^
Going shopping with Ichi was nice.
That attack kinda spoiled everything..
Well, at least their feelings for each other came through...


This one was more about the upcoming war & duties.
Also about hidden feelings and denial.
It always takes something big for people to show their true feelings.
Shame they weren't more straightforward earlier...
Still, a very nice OVA.


Episode 6

Shizuo stuck with that Akane girl.
Came to Shinra for help..
The irony being Celty's job to find her.
That explains how Celty got into trouble..
Aoba getting even more imbedded into Mikado & Sonohara's circle.
Not sure if that's such a good thing..
Looks like trouble is brewing for Dollars.

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