Thursday, February 5, 2015

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. KAT-TUN: Dead or Alive

2. JYJ: Wake Me Tonight
3. B1A4: White Miracle

4. w-inds.: FANTASY

W[Fan] by heart9

5. Block B: Very Good(Japanese Ver.)

6. back number: Heroine


22. Rihwa: Snowing Day

26. Kuroki Nagisa: Koshitantan to Tantan to


1. Mad Clown: Fire Feat. Jinsil
2. Noel: Your Voice
3. Baechigi: Nightmare
4. Soyou: Pillow (With Giriboy & Feat. Kihyun)

5. Zia: Missing You With Heart B


1. JJ Lin: If Only
2. Jay Chou: What Kind of Man(Suan Shen Me Nan Ren)
3. T-ara: Little Apple (With Chopsticks Brothers)
4. Pets Ceng: Just Lose It
5. Magic Power: I still love you
24. Pets Ceng: Duo Nian Hou

27. JJ Lin: The Romantic

28. A-Lin Huang: Guilt

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