Sunday, February 15, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, World Trigger, Kuroko's Basketball 3, Junketsu no Maria, Kamisama Hajimemashita 2, Yowamushi Pedal 2, Parasyte -the maxim-, Naruto Shippuuden

One Piece

Episode 682

Intro and recap seem to be getting longer & longer..
Everyone chasing Luffy & crew..
Isho snapped at World Government.
Guess the Navy is corrupt as well since they are helping Doflamingo.
Damn, it was hard to move with all those attacks.
Good episode, but it felt short.

World Trigger

Episode 17

Border Official Enlistment.
Divided into teams.
Let the games begin!
Time to show their power.
Some of the rookies were pretty impressive.
Yuma was epic!!
Kitora has an obvious crush on Karasuma ^^
Chika was epic as well!! Who knew?
Kazama vs Osamu. An interesting turn of events.

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 6

Midorima's background re-surfaces.
Damn, that pass to Midorima was epic!
That gave Shutoku new hope.
After that things went much better for Shutoku.
Akashi sure has an interesting incentive tactic.
Very intense game with lots of action!

Junketsu no Maria

Episode 6

Well, Maria prevented another fight with English forces..
Galfa tasked with killing Maria.
Things aren't looking well.
Ezekiel got put in her place by Michael.
And just when she was starting to see the human ways..
This is taking a turn to the dramatic.
Just not as interested in it anymore.
Dropping it..

Kamisama Hajimemashita 2

Episode 6

Getting a glimpse of Mikage deepened Tomoe's sorrow.
Nanami got praised by Lord Okuninushi.
Still, the future for her relationship with Tomoe isn't very bright.
Time seems to be biggest obstacle.
Kirihito can't seem to let go of his grudge towards Tomoe.
Nanami's fun time with Himemiko was nice to watch.
It was good for her to get away for a bit.
Guess Nanami relates to her since they are in the same boat..
Little Tengu was kinda cute.
Of course Nanami couldn't resist to help.
Kurama sure is quite a talented guy..

Yowamushi Pedal 2

Episode 18

Midousuji vs Manami!
That was an interesting duel.
Using nature to get ahead, what a brilliant move!
Onoda still holding on.. somehow.
Flashbacks to training days were well placed.
Looks like Midousuji was impressed/shocked that Onoda caught up.
Great episode!

Parasyte -the maxim-

Episode 19

Shinichi passed the Uragami test.
A human parasite detector, interesting.
That was a close one..
School life was kinda nice, but a blank line for Shinichi.
After all he's been through, it's no wonder..
Yet again the police need his help.
He just can't have a life of his own at all.
That x-ray machine is a good idea.
Hope they won't use it on Shinichi..

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 400

Shira's childhood days..
Not any easy time for him.
So much to prove without being able to use ninjutsu.
Lee and Shira have so much in common.
Damn, Lee sure got fired up.
Things took an interesting turn.
Guess all is well now.. and Lee has a new friend.

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