Friday, January 23, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Death Parade, Assassination Classroom, Fairy Tail, Isuca, Durarara!!x2, One Piece, World Trigger, Kuroko's Basketball 3

Death Parade

Episode 3

A new pair plays a game.
This time it's bowling.
It's nice to see the new assistant play her part.
This new pair didn't seem like a couple at all.
Their behavior was innocent... like they had some hidden feelings.
Guess they don't have to be a couple after all.
Maybe just have some feelings for each other..
This episode wasn't as dramatic as first, but was more sad.

Assassination Classroom

Episode 3

Koro sensei sure is a fun creature ^^"
New gym class looked more like combat training.
Guess it will do them good in the future.
Karma is back... I kid you not.
Damn, that kid sure is a trouble maker.
He's probably the only one who can be a real threat to Koro sensei.
Karma seems to be exploiting all of his weak spots.
Koro retaliated with doing the same.
That kid was seriously damaged.
Koro just might rehabilitate him with time..

Fairy Tail

Episode 42

Celestial Spirit King out of control.
Guess that's the target for our team.
That 13th spirit went down rather easily.
It's time for a boss fight!
This is gonna need a serious team effort.
Maybe this arc will finally end in the the next episode or two..


Episode 1

Interesting beginning.
That Asano guy is a monster magnet..
Or just has extremely bad luck.
The fight parts were pretty good.
This anime has potential.
I might give it a try.


Episode 3

Looks like Ruri is that monster killer..
It does make sense.
Yuhei got himself in an interesting situation.
Doctor got himself into a mess as well.
The twins are Izaya's sisters?! No way!
That makes things even more interesting.
Fun episode ^^

One Piece

Episode 679

Sabo needs to learn some control of his new power.
That flashback gave us a nice reminder of the past.
Looks like the Revolutionary Army was also here.
Bartolomeo was throwing his usual fan boy fit.
Law was being unreasonable, but funny.
Pica was just being a nuisance.
Damn, I knew it was too easy for Doflamingo to die that way.
Not good at all..

World Trigger

Episode 15

Jin's sword was very cool looking.
His black trigger is impressive.
Tachikawa vs Jin continues..
It was pretty obvious he's way better than the team that attacked him.
Action filled episode with nice explanations.

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Episode 3

More info about Shougo.
He sure was a big middle schooler..
Kise was off his game for some time.
Looks like Shougo got to him in a bad way.
It was nice to Kise get a grip & find new strength.
Good episode.

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