Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. B'z: Uchouten

uchoten by Bored4Lyfe

2. Nana Mizuki: Eden

3. Hachi: Flowerwall

4. SOLIDEMO: Rafflesia
5. CROSS GENE: Future

CG[F] by heart9

6. Ling Tosite Sigure: Who What Who What

8. Silent Siren: KAKUMEI

14. Nothing's Carve: Gravity

25. Hanae: Kamisama no Kamisama

27. Miliyah Kato: Shounen Shoujo


1. Baechigi: Nightmare
2. EXID: Up & Down
3. Zia: Missing You With Heart B

4. Turbo: White Love
5. Kim Gun Mo: Jalmotdoen Mannam
6. Mad Clown: Fire Feat. Jinsil

7. Noel: Your Voice

8. Uhm Jung Hwa: POISON

9. Monday Kiz: Love

15. Jinusean: Telephone Number

17. COOL: Aesang

19. Jonghyun: Deja-Boo Feat. Zion.T

29. COOL: Seulpeojiryeo Hagi Jeone


Nothing new this week.

1. JJ Lin: If Only
2. Jay Chou: What Kind of Man
3. Pets Ceng: Just Lose It
4. T-ara: Little Apple(With Chopsticks Brothers)
5. Mayday: Your Legend

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