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Anime episodes commments - Ouran High School Host Club

Episode 1 

Haru got himself into an interesting school.
Right after that he got snatched up by the host club.
Poor people were ridiculed practically all the time..
The other guys from the club totally had  all the girls in the palms of their hands.
Haru's total makeover was swift and effective ^^
His new life as a host was not bad at all..
Suddenly, he was so cute that the guys started to like him a bit too much.
The girls got jealous... especially one.
Interesting how the club guys now look after him.

Episode 2

So Haru is actually a girl.
He totally fooled me.
The tropical theme of the club was kinda nice ^^
Still, it's weird for her to work as a host and charm other girls LOL
Tamaki was totally in despair that Haru isn't like she was before.
Also, she snatched his fav girl away just like that...
Looks like the hosts also help to bring people together, how nice ^^

Episode 3

Honey sucks at making tea..
That club is never boring ^^
Physical examination time!
Tamaki was in despair again of losing Haru.
Once again they showed a caring side.
They are not just rich kids having fun.

Episode 4

Kimono theme was really nice.
Tamaki got rejected by a newcommer.
Kyouya's fiance sure didn't like Tamaki.
That was a hard blow to his pride.
Taking her as a new manager was a bit much..
Still, it was fun to see a different side of the club.

Episode 5

Hikaru-Kaoru twins took the spotlight this time.
They totally saw Haru as their toy.
She didn't like that at all.
It was amazing how Haru could tell which twin is which.
After that things kinda went downhill.
The twins completely lost it..
It was all just a hoax anyway..

Episode 6

An Elementary school kid wants to be an apprentice host.
The kid was more trouble than he was worth.
It was all because of a girl he liked, of course.
Despite all the stupid stuff the kid did, Tamaki still helped him.

Episode 7

Tropical theme park time!
Guess even they have to relax once in a while.
Tamaki was so LOL
Renge intervened again..
Of course it had to turn into some weird jungle adventure..
Mori-Honey relationship got somewhat explained.
Damn, Honey isn't weak or incompetent at all.

Episode 8

Beach time = Okinawa!
Tamaki's imagination was running wild again.
That guy's incorrigible.
Haru seems to be attracting even more fan girls ^^
Finding Haru's weak spot was pretty much impossible.
Tamaki actually got seriously mad at Haru for the first time.
Everyone else was worried too.
Standing up to a couple of thug guys was not a good choice for her.
Seems like the thunder storm brought Tamaki & Haru a little closer.

Episode 9

The rich kids took a liking to commoner things.
Those female academy girls sure were interesting.
Zuka club vs Host club!
The girls wanted to snatch Haru for their school & club.
Tamaki sure has some unusual ides sometimes.

Episode 10

Host club came to visit Haru.
Or so was Tamaki's dream...
He just couldn't help himself and had to go visit for real.
Those rich kids sure attracted a lot of attention.
The commoner's world is a mysterious place for them.
Haru's dad sure was a surprise..
It was loads of fun to watch this episode ^^

Episode 11

Tamaki just gained a little sister.
Looks like her real brother is Nekozawa the creepy rope guy.
No wonder Kirimi is afraid of him when he looks scary.
He just needed to overcome his fears.
Well, at least his sister accepted him as is.
Very nice episode ^^

Episode 12

Honey's bunny situation.
Mori sure knows how to deal with him.
His tooth ache lead to ban on eating sweets.
That totally got him going crazy.
He even rebelled against Mori..
Luckily it didn't last long.

Episode 13

Haruhi's first time at Ouran Academy.
And that's how the weird Haruhi in Wonderland started.
It was an Alice in Wonderland with an Ouran theme.
Not one of my fav episodes, but it was fine.

Episode 14

Another themed club episode.
This time the newspaper club jumped in.
They were desperately trying to keep their club going.
Wanted to find their salvation in Host club.
Guess their jealousy got the best of them..

Episode 15

Summer vacation. Haruhi missing. Tamaki exaggerating.
She was actually doing a part time job elsewhere.
Unfortunately she didn't know part time jobs aren't allowed by her school.
That created yet another chance for club members to run interference.
They all ended up working there.
Mystery boy Arai made an appearance.

Episode 16

Arai's just a middle school friend.
Still, the guys weren't happy about it.
Hikaru got a little too jealous.
So Kaouru set Hikari a date with Haruhi.
Looks like it was just what he needed.
Leaving Haruhi alone in the storm was a mistake.
Still, it did wonders on Hikaru.

Episode 17

Commoner department store adventure.
Kyouya got left behind & found by Haruhi.
Being forced to spend the day together was interesting.
At least she got to see a different side of him.
Haruhi is very perceptive.

Episode 18

Honey vs Chika!
So Chika is Honey's younger brother?!
Damn, I could never have guessed.
More of Honey's background got revealed.
He & his brother are more alike then they seemed.

Episode 19

Lobelia girls strike again!
Guess they didn't give up on the idea of getting Haruhi.
Infiltrating that school was rather easy.
Haruhi got thrown into a play.
She was doing her best too & wasn't half bad.
Luckily, she got "rescued".

Episode 20

More about Hikaru & Kaoru.
Those two were pretty mean before.
Lucky for them, Tamaki didn't quit easily.
Guess they were as lonely as all the other host members.
Joining that club was the best thing for them.

Episode 21

Halloween time!
It was nice seeing them dressed up as vampires.
Class Rep and his fear of all things horror... kinda LOL
That guy was a total scaredy cat.
There sure was a lot of fear going around ROFL
Fun episode.

Episode 22

Shinsengumi club theme.
They actually really nice ^^
The girls were pretty crazy about it too.
Suddenly, Mori got himself an apprentice.
Kasanoda just wanted a change from his Yakuza ways.
So he was liked even more than he could've hoped for.

Episode 23

Haruhi's secret is out.
Kasanoda is in trouble now!
He totally fell for Haruhi.
Can't believe he actually went to the club as a customer and asked for Haruhi.
The girls there had a field day LOL
Tamaki totally lost it...

Episode 24

Kotatsu theme this time.
We finally get to know why the club was founded.
More about Kyouya's background before the club.
Tamaki was as weird then as he is now... *sigh*
He sure annoyed the hell out of Kyouya.
Later on things just fell into place.

Episode 25

Festival parade time!
Tamaki's dad makes an appearance.
Damn, he really is like his son.
Kyouya's dad is merciless and scary.
Tamaki's grandma sure is cruel.
Looks like she's setting him up with that Eclair girl.
So Tamaki's circumstances were finally explained.

Episode 26 Final

Tamaki got engaged to Eclair.
Even announced the dissolution of the club.
That means Haruhi is free..
The fact that didn't make her happy.
Haruhi actually stood up to Kyouya's dad.. admirable.
The stuff happening in the background showed who the real bad guys were.
In this case it was Tamaki's grandma and that Eclair girl.
Mission "Get Tamaki back" was set in motion.
It wasn't easy, but Haruhi managed to get him back!
Nice final episode.

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