Thursday, July 10, 2014

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. J Soul Brothers: R.Y.U.S.E.I.

r.y.u.s.e.i. by Bored4Lyfe


DISH__ 『FLAME』 (Naruto Shippuden Latest Ed) by jasonwade12

3. SHINee: Lucky Star

S[LS] by heart9

4. Shota Aoi: Uta No Prince Sama Idol Song Ai MIkaze
5. Team H: Take Me (Japanese Ver.)

6. Nightmare: Taboo

N[T] by heart9

9. X21: Koi Suru Natsu

11. The Bawdies: NICE AND SLOW


1. Maroon 5: Maps
2. San E: A Midsummer Nights Sweetness
3. Bumkey: Home
4. BEAST: Good Luck

5. Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips
6. Dynamic Duo: Summer Time

10. Davichi: Pillow

11. AOA: Short Hair

29. The One: Wistful with Sonnet Son


Nothing new this week.

1. Lala Xu: Missing Person
2. Wilber Pan: Da Hu feat. Rainie Yang
3. Queen: Rhythm Of The...
4. Jess Lee: Cliff to the Heaven
5. Aaron Yan: 1/2 Feat. G.NA

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